The Reasons Why ESTPs Are Such Dynamic Individuals

ESTPs are known as charismatic and often likable individuals. They can be a bit harsh to some people, but they are always unbelievably fun to be around. The ESTP is one of the most amazing and fun types to go on an adventure with. Here are a few reasons why we believe ESTPs are incredibly dynamic individuals.

They Are Charismatic

ESTPs have a natural charisma that is often hard to miss. They know just how to charm people, making almost anyone who meets them instantly drawn towards them. ESTPs are outgoing and friendly, often enjoying being around others. They also enjoy being liked by people, often struggling when someone doesn’t seem to take to them. The ESTP may see it as a challenge when people seem to dislike them. They will find ways to resolve whatever misunderstanding must be occurring. They enjoy taking on new challenges, finding themselves thriving in intense situations. It is honestly tough for most people to dislike the ESTP when they first meet them, since they have a natural way of shining in front of people. The ESTP may not even be fully aware of their natural ability to draw others into their often magnetic personalities. It is a natural skill, which is simply a part of who they are.

ESTPs are naturally good at smooth-talking, making them hard to say “no” to. They know just how to work a conversation to their benefit or guide it in the direction they want it to go. The ESTP is often so smooth with their delivery that most people don’t even realize they are coercing them. This natural skill makes them excellent salespeople, who are almost always capable of getting their point across.

They Are Adventurous

The ESTP has a strong desire to seek excitement in their lives. They often dislike staying stagnant for too long and may become bored very easily. They want to be around other people, seeking new adventures and fun things to take part in. They are spontaneous and often willing to take off to a new place at a random time. They enjoy making life exciting and often like bringing their friends along for the ride. If you are friends with an ESTP they will often want to take you with them on new and fun adventures. They love the chance to explore new things and hate the feeling of being bored. They often dislike being alone, since being with another person often helps them come up with exciting and fun things to do together. The ESTP thrives on situations that allow them to seek out thrills and intensity.

Being close to an ESTP means you will rarely be bored or simply allowed to be content. They want to shake things up and enjoy making life thrilling. The ESTP is often good at seeking out ways to make anything fun and new, even if it is the slightest adjustment. If you are someone who helps the ESTP comes up with creative activities, they will cherish your friendship. The ESTP can often be hot-headed, but as long as you don’t take this too personally things will be great between you.

They Are Not Controlling

ESTPs hate being controlled and don’t want to control others. They enjoy giving you the freedom to be yourself and simply want that freedom in return. Trying to control the ESTP will only frustrate them and make them want to avoid you. They want to be capable of making their own choices, feeling bogged down by strict schedules or rules. ESTPs often struggle with authority, feeling like most people aren’t truly smart enough to tell them what to do. The ESTP is often attracted to adventure and likes taking risks in life. If someone is trying to control them, they don’t feel like they can live life to their fullest potential. They would much rather figure things out as they go through life, instead of following a strict plan.

ESTPs enjoy spontaneity, which makes them extremely fun to be around. They won’t attempt to control you, as long as it doesn’t seem like you need their help. The ESTP does enjoy giving advice to others, since they spend a lot of their time learning new things. They have a natural way of cataloging facts and information, making them good at figuring things out. Because of this they can sometimes come across as a “know-it-all” but they are simply trying to help. It is important to the ESTP that people are not ignorant and they strive to inform people when they are lacking knowledge. This comes from a caring place since the ESTP values knowledge and understanding. They feel like when they teach people new things, they are truly helping them. If you are open-minded and willing to hear the ESTP out, they will be capable of backing off a little bit as well.

They Remember Tiny Details

ESTPs have a knack for remembering the tiniest details that they absorb from their surroundings. They will remember specific colors, sounds and smells that they have experienced. This makes the ESTPs memory something to be truly admired. They are capable of recalling details very quickly, storing an infinite amount of facts in their minds. They are very good at using this information to remember facts about their loved ones as well. They often know the little things that you enjoy and will be able to remember them about you with ease. When it comes time to buy you gifts or order your favorite food at a restaurant, no one will remember with more precision than the ESTP.

They pick up all of these little details from their surroundings and are excellent at recalling them later one. The ESTP may even remember small details about their dreams, capable of describing them vividly. They use this information to help them figure out what moves to make in their lives. The ESTP often loves knowledge and enjoys studying new things. They are smart and fun people, who use their memory for often very good uses.

They Are Giving

ESTPs can be surprisingly giving to the people that they care most about. They may not be emotionally open to everyone, seeming somewhat guarded and emotionally tough. When the ESTP is close to someone they are actually capable of being affectionate and giving. They use their excellent memory of details as a way to show their affection towards others. The ESTP will remember the things that you like and will often take the time to buy you little gifts to show you they care. They aren’t always huge things but they are enough to make people feel loved and appreciated. There is a lot of though behind what they give to others.

The ESTP thinks about others more than they express, they just are not fans of constant emotional expression. They dislike people who are whiny and demanding, since that seems like a waste of energy. They enjoy being around people who are emotionally strong and capable of containing themselves. When they around people like that the ESTP often is capable of sharing a lot of themselves. They enjoy being able to chat and will often be good at listening to their friends. ESTPs are friendly and fun individuals, who are truly excellent to be around.


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