How Each Myers Briggs Type Behaves in College

College is an exciting and experimental time for many people. It opens up new avenues and helps them discover who they truly want to be. Each type acts differently in college, and here is how you probably behaved according to your Myers Briggs type.


They are the ones who become the extreme perfectionist and pushes themselves way too hard. They come out of their shell a little bit and enjoy making friends with like-minded people. They probably find and important cause to attach themselves to and feel very excited about it.


They are the one who does it all, and you just can’t understand how they do it. They have it all together and somehow maintain great grades while climbing the social ladder.


The one who sees college as their way out of the bubble that high school put them in. They feel welcomed by others who are similar to them, and enjoy the freedom to be themselves. They finally take class seriously, and dive into the subjects they can truly connect with. They may occasionally be seen protesting with their activist friends.


They constantly procrastinate their studies, and are the ones who do their homework the night before (or day of) class. They manage to do well, even though they are often late. They probably run their own blog that becomes ridiculously popular around campus.


The one who accidentally (okay maybe intentionally) makes everyone feel stupid for not grasping the material as easily as they do. But they manage to assist the few stragglers because they feel it is their duty as someone who truly knows-it-all.


The one who only sees college as a stepping stone towards their chosen careers. This is really just part of the rules of life, before they can become wildly successful.


They probably take this opportunity to attempt fitting into the social scene that they missed out on in high school. They somehow do very well in their classes, even though they skip them from time to time. They make friends with the in-crowd and somehow find themselves regretting it entirely.


They probably take a year or two off to explore new possibilities before they attend a university. Once they finally do sign up for classes, they feel unbelievably ahead of everyone else. They are eager to enjoy the dating scene of college, and are certainly not ready to settle down (what does settling down even mean?).


They take college extremely seriously, as it is part of their strictly scheduled future. They panic every-time a major assignment is due, especially if they don’t have it finished and revised a week ahead of time. Pop-quizzes give them mild heart-attacks, but they still manage to pass them every time.


Finds a way to become friends with most of their teachers and strives to impress them. They enjoy being the know-it-all but also have moments of making ridiculous jokes to make the class laugh.


Is very hopeful that college will prove to be an excellent dating ground. They maintain a steady relationship after dating a few idiots and meet the person they will later marry. They do very well in class and are extremely focused.


Maintains much more focus on their grades in college than they ever did in high school. Is always early for class and gets every assignment finished on time. They are eager to join a sorority or fraternity and continue the social aspects of school. They mostly see college as a place to meet their future spouse, but probably fail to do so because they are still dating people who need fixing.


Only goes to class for the sake of learning, but probably feels like it is a waste of their time. Then again they feel like most things are a waste of their time.


Only goes to class for the sake of achieving the admiration of their peers. They take college seriously when they finally attend and expect to become something great someday. They probably join a fraternity or sorority and enjoy the chance to study hard and party hard.


They probably take some time off to find themselves before they attend college. When they finally decide to go to college they end up heading towards a field in the arts, and landing a kick-ass job as a tattoo artist or a graphic designer.


They definitely don’t take college seriously the first time around. They don’t have the slightest idea what they want to go to school for and probably only went because they were forced by a parent. They party seriously hard and drop out. If they go back later in life they somehow skate through it with excellent grades and a steady career path.

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