Want to know a celebrity’s personality type? We have compiled a comprehensive list of well known celebrities and other famous people, athletes, and public figures. Make sure you check back as our list is updated often!

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NF Celebrities

INFJ Celebrities

ENFJ Celebrities

INFP Celebrities

ENFP Celebrities

NT Celebrities

INTP Celebrities

ENTP Celebrities

INTJ Celebrities

ENTJ Celebrities

SP Celebrities

ISFP Celebrities

ESFP Celebrities

ISTP Celebrities

ESTP Celebrities

SJ Celebrities

ISFJ Celebrities

ESFJ Celebrities

ISTJ Celebrities

ESTJ Celebrities

NOTE: Our Personality Typing of Celebrities is for entertainment purposes only. We have made our predictions to facilitate discussion on the topic. We have done research based on interviews and biographies of the celebrities to reach our conclusions for their preferences.