ENTP Self-Awareness: The ENTP Journey to Self-Discovery

Self-awareness is not always an easy thing to obtain, for some it seems harder than for others. Self-awareness means digging deep into your own emotions and inner thoughts, and searching to understand what is going on underneath the outer appearance. Sometimes this leads to painful memories, and recognizing certain flaws which we don’t always want to accept. Self-discovery can be a challenging journey, sometimes it is painful and other times it is very rewarding. Ultimately the struggles we endure trying to understand and accept our positive and negative traits, can be an amazing way to grow and become the best version of ourselves possible. The more people lack self-awareness, the easier it is to hurt those around us without meaning to, which is why it is so important.

ENTPs do care about being self-aware and not being cluessl to their own faults, but like for everyone the journey to self-discovery can be a rocky one. ENTPs are perfectly fine with the realization that they have flaws, and actually enjoy trying to work on themselves. They value growth and are not afraid of change, and so this helps the ENTP reach a certain level of self-awareness naturally. Where they do struggle is when it comes to emotions, and might not find it as easy to dive into understanding their inner feelings. This doesn’t mean ENTPs are incapable of working on this part of themselves, it just means it does not come quite as naturally for them as it might for some other personality type. ENTPs are logical people, and so emotions are not something they tend to as much.

ENTP Analysis

ENTPs love analyzing and finding ways to dive into information a little deeper. For them it is actually rewarding to spend hours researching and learning about something new. ENTPs also like to learn from experience, so they actually enjoy jumping into something where they can feel challenged. They just don’t appreciate stagnancy and want to always be moving in a different direction. Their minds are so full of different ideas and imagination, that ENTPs crave being able to discover something new and exciting. For them this also means being open to growth and change, not wanting to be fearful of making that next step. While others might hold themselves back for fear of the unknown, ENTPs actually appreciate what they can learn from their experiences and even their mistakes. This helps the ENTP when it comes to being more self-aware, as they are not afraid of taking a closer look at their own positive and negative traits. ENTPs realize that they are flawed and they don’t feel a sense of shame over this. Instead the ENTP wants to learn from their mistakes and find a path towards growth and improvement. They can actually be a bit self-deprecating at times, using humor as a way to recognize their flaws and highlight them. Sometimes it is because the ENTP realizes they need to make changes, other times it is a way of accepting themselves. They realize they are not perfect, and are perfectly capable of seeing this.

When it comes to things they enjoy and their personality traits, ENTPs are often very self-aware. Where other people might try to hide their flaws and imperfections for fear of being abandoned, ENTPs don’t usually do this. Most of the time the ENTP just wants to be honest about who they are, so that they can cultivate real connections with people who appreciate this. They don’t want to spend time and energy pretending, as this feels insincere and just isn’t natural for the ENTP. They are not fearful of being themselves, and so this helps them be more capable of recognizing things about who they are and what they value in life. Instead of needing to hide and pretend, the ENTP can see themselves more accurately and honestly.

ENTP Emotional Self-Awareness

ENTPs might struggle when it comes to recognizing their emotions, and this is where they struggle with a deeper sense of self-awareness. This is simply because ENTPs are more focused on facts and logic, and so emotions because something they struggle to fully trust or understand. When it comes to their own feelings the ENTP would rather make a joke about them and move on. They don’t really find it natural to dive into those complex inner emotions, and would much rather bury them or find a distraction from them. This is where ENTPs can struggle to be completely self-aware, since emotions are part of them whether they like to accept it or not. ENTPs feel things just as deeply as anyone else, and neglecting those feelings does not make them go away. This struggle can make it hard for the ENTP to see themselves with fully transparency, since they are sometimes ignoring those inner emotions which are part of their more subconscious behaviors.

How to Improve

What people don’t realize is that ENTPs are actually more in touch with the emotions of others than they are with their own inner feelings. They can recognize what other people are feeling with more ease than they do their own emotions. Since ENTPs tend to stifle their own emotions, this can cause them to have times when they feel overwhelmed and drained and don’t fully realize why. For the ENTP the first step towards dealing with this is simply accepting the reality of it. They are logical people, and so doing research about themselves and learning more about how they process emotions can help them to move forward. Spending time analyzing their feelings can actually be the worst thing for the ENTP, since it sends them into a spiral of trying to comprehend something in a logical way when it is an emotional situation. Instead the ENTP simply needs to recognize what the emotion is that they are feeling, and accept it for what it is. If they are angry, jealous or hurt, simply expressing this outwardly is going to help them recognize what is going on. It helps to have people around them who won’t make them feel ashamed for those emotions, and instead will be understanding of what they are dealing with.


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