Here’s How Each Personality Type Feels About Technology

Written By Kirsten Moodie

Here’s How Each Personality Type Feels About Technology

Some people despise technology, while others find themselves drawn to it. Here is how each personality type feels about technology.



INFJs often take to technology very quickly and with great ease. They are often seen as old souls, so they will have a love for literature and old school things as well. At the same time INFJs are often drawn towards the future, and love things that expand their minds. They are definitely contradictory people, but in the best possible way. They will be drawn to both sides of something, and might even find themselves enjoying the contrast. While many INFJs will prefer a physical book to read, they also can be extremely tech savvy people. They are always interested in learning about new things, which makes INFJs intrigued by technology and its many advances.


ENFJs are often very driven people, which makes learning about technology important for them. They are connected to whatever means will help them advance and better the lives of everyone around them. They might not enjoy being forced to explore certainly technological advances, since they want to be able to prepare for any changes. ENFJs are more focused on caring for their loves ones, and might find certain technology to be a distraction for them. They definitely understand and appreciate the positive aspects of it though, and will be interested in learning more.


INFPs might be decent at handling technology and computers, but they dislike being forced into anything new. If they are told they have to perform an update, they might become extremely annoyed by this. INFPs are also frustrated with certain new apps or fads that people find themselves excited by. They might hesitate to try something new until it becomes a bit less popular. They definitely dislike being forced into things, so they might be a little behind with certain aspects of technology. Ultimately INFPs do enjoy knowledge and love what technology can offer them as far as learning and absorbing information. INFPs also love the idea of being able to do just about anything from the comfort of their home, and technology certainly allows for that.


ENFPs are generally good at anything they want to learn more about, but they do become distracted easily. There is often a split as far as ENFPs go with technology, where some are excellent at it and others find themselves completely disinterested. The ENFP who loves to absorb knowledge is going to be extremely interested in new technology, and will spend hours researching about things of the future. While there is the ENFP who is more interested in their surroundings and might find themselves extremely annoyed by different aspects of technology.



INTJs absolutely love technology, mostly because it offers them a wealth of knowledge at their fingertips. Being able to learn and absorb information without being restricted, is something that INTJs truly love. Technology gives them the opportunity to advance and grow, which is extremely exciting for INTJs. They often love learning about anything new and are very focused on the future. INTJs are naturally talented when it comes to understanding and learning about technology, and will find themselves hungry for anything new and interesting. INTJs are often seen in tech careers because it almost comes as second nature to them.


ENTJs are generally fans of technology, especially when they understand what it can do for them. They realize that various technological advances can help them to further their career and grow. ENTJs prefer to learn about any updates or anything new before being tossed into it though. They dislike when they are forced to jump into something unprepared and prefer to have plenty of time to learn about their new project. ENTJs definitely are not strangers to technology, but they might be hesitant when they are not allowed to do plenty of research.


Anything related to technology definitely comes naturally to INTPs, and is actually a safe place for them to explore. INTPs love diving into new possibilities, which makes them instantly intrigued by technology. Being able to have completely access to the wealth of knowledge offered on the internet makes INTPs even more eager to learn about technology. They will often keep themselves up to date on advances and ideas, simply because they enjoy it. INTPs are often extremely tech savvy people, and rarely struggle to understand anything new when it comes to technology.


ENTPs love diving into anything new, and often enjoy technology because of the many possibilities. ENTPs rarely have trouble understanding technology and might find it very simply to learn and absorb. They are often naturals when it comes to anything technology related and find themselves drawn to tech careers. ENTPs love anything new and exciting, and enjoy feeling like they are on the cutting edge of information. When ENTPs see something that intrigues them, they dive in head first without fear. They are not hesitant when it comes to technology, which makes them skilled at helping make advances.



ISTJs are hardworking people, and are not afraid of getting their hands dirty. They dislike being thrown into anything new without having plenty of time to prepare and learn. When it comes to technology ISTJs are often the people who prefer to do plenty of research before picking up a new device. They will often spend hours reading about it in order to understand all of the details. They enjoy being able to prepare themselves, but absolutely hate being tossed into something unaware. ISTJs also dislike feeling controlled by another person or thing, and because of this they will dislike certain aspects of technology.


ESTJs are generally skilled at figuring out technology, but they rarely care much for it. They enjoy being the best at what they do, no matter what. ESTJs might avoid technology in certain situations, simply because they don’t believe it is that important. If the ESTJ is in a career where it is important to understand the technology present, then they will certainly work hard to learn everything about it. They may not find themselves passionate about technology, but they will not be afraid of it.


ISFJs rarely care much for technology, and might even avoid it. They simply dislike anything that distracts them from their loved ones and what truly matters to them. They might not be bad at figuring out new technology, they just don’t find themselves entirely interested in it. ISFJs prefer to focus on caring for their loved ones, and want to do what they can to keep the peace. If someone the ISFJ loves is extremely interested in technology, they might take the time to learn what they can.


ESFJs are usually not the most tech savvy people, and are often hesitant when it comes to anything new. They will eventually find themselves learning about different aspects of technology, but only when it is completely necessary. It is not that the ESFJ is not capable of understanding technology, they just rarely find themselves intrigued by it. They are very capable of absorbing information and pushing themselves to advance in whatever field they desire. ESFJs are generally more focused on people centered careers, and enjoy being able to help their loved ones. When it comes to technology the ESFJ is often hesitant, but might surprise themselves at how skilled they can be in such a field.



ISTPs often prefer to be aware of the physical world around them, but they are also naturally skilled at technology. ISTPs are generally very aware of technology, and enjoy doing research from time to time. They can be good at different tech careers, but might prefer something a little more hands on. ISTPs dislike feeling held back by anything, so they will often enjoy trying new things which includes technology. ISTPs are the type of people to be interested in many different things, and although technology might not be number one on their list, it is likely present.


ESTPs are generally very tech savvy people, and will see it as a helpful tool. They might not be in love with technology, but they are driven people who strive to understand as much as they can. ESTPs dislike feeling like they are being left behind, and because of this they want to always be aware. They will often do plenty of research so that they do not appear ignorant to someone, especially in their careers. ESTPs are often skilled at tech careers and will find themselves excited about absorbing information and showing off their skills.


ISFPs rarely care much for technology, and are much more drawn towards nature and the world around them. They are extremely physically oriented people, who love being able to spend time with the people they care for. ISFPs are often the type to avoid technology for as long as they can and might feel like it distracts them from the more important things in life. Technology can sometimes be seen as a more negative thing to ISFPs, since it can alienate them from what truly matters.


ESFPs are generally not interested in technology, and might find themselves avoiding it. They prefer to live in the physical world and dislike anything that pulls them away from this. ESFPs are extremely in the moment individuals, and love being able to soak up their surroundings. They rarely find themselves interested in understanding different aspects of technology, and will usually just skate by with the bare minimum. Instead of learning about something that has no use to them, ESFPs would rather enjoy their lives and the present moment.



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