Here’s How You Feel About Contradictions, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people become extremely frustrated by contradictions, others recognize that they are simply a part of life. Some people find that they have qualities that naturally contradict themselves, and this can be a bit confusing at times. Here is how you feel about contradictions, based on your personality type.



INFJs are in and of themselves a contradiction, it is simply a part of who they are. INFJs are paradoxical people, with opposing qualities that are completely baffling to others. While the INFJ can seem distant and withdrawn, they are extremely caring and affectionate. While they believe in others, they often struggle to truly believe in themselves. They can sometimes even give advice that contradicts their own behaviors, simply because they have a hard time really inspiring themselves in this way.


ENFJs definitely possess qualities which are contradicting, simply because they are such complex people. ENFJs don’t contradict themselves intentionally, or in a way that is seen as flighty. They simply have certain qualities which are paradoxical in nature and this makes it a bit confusing for others. While ENFJs might have strong beliefs in something, they can also bend those beliefs for the sake of someone they love. This does appear to be a contradiction, since the ENFJ can change their minds based on the feelings of another.


INFPs aren’t really fans of contradicting behavior, since they have such strong inner morals. They believe that people should stand by their feelings and words, and not back out of things. INFPs become frustrated by people who seem constantly wishy washy with their inner morals and ideals. They stand firm on their own beliefs and strive to constantly live up to their own expectations. INFPs don’t want to contradict themselves, and try to always practice what they preach.


ENFPs really don’t like contradicting behavior and can become upset by this. When someone expresses a specific feeling or belief and does not live up to this, it often destroys their trust. ENFPs try to follow through with what they express and use to represent themselves. They don’t want to contradict themselves, and often this is not challenging for them. While they do honestly bounce around to new things, their core beliefs and morals remain the same. What the ENFP holds dear is not likely to change or be contradicted in their behaviors.



INTJs definitely do not appreciate contradicting behaviors, and strive to be stable. They don’t like to do things that contradict their words or their inner beliefs, and will certainly not appreciate this in others. Someone who consistently contradicts themselves is someone the INTJ does not want to be around. While they do not like contradicting actions, that is not quite the same as someone who possess contradicting or paradoxical qualities. INTJs do sometimes certainly appreciate people who have qualities that appear a bit contradicting, since those are their natural traits and this can even be intriguing.


ENTJs have a hard time being around people who contradict themselves, and can become rather frustrated by this behavior. They value efficiency, which means they rely on those around them to provide a sense of stability. They focus on getting things done and don’t want to allow anything to stand in their way. For the ENTJ someone who contradicts themselves often is someone they cannot trust or rely on for the important things in life. They understand some people possess internal qualities that are confusing and even contradictory, but that is entirely different in their eyes.


While INTPs can become frustrated with contradictions in others, they do sometimes possess these themselves. They can sometimes find themselves feeling strong aversion to people who possess traits that they themselves possess. This is because INTPs have a hard time understanding their own emotions and might bury certain things without realizing it entirely. When this occurs they can find themselves turning away from certain contradicting traits that are similar to their own.


ENTPs can sometimes contradict themselves just for the sake of witnessing the responses. They play devil’s advocate in order to gather different information and just to approach things from every angle. While the ENTP will contradict themselves intentionally, it isn’t because they are unreliable or untrustworthy. They do this for the sake of knowledge and strive to learn as much as they can from the world around them. When it comes to sincerity ENTPs don’t enjoy contradicting behaviors, and want to be around people who are as honest as possible.



ISTJs do not appreciate contradictions and are happiest when things are stable and understandable. They strive for stability in their lives and want to be around people who stand by what they say and believe in. ISTJs are sincere and upfront about their beliefs and morals, always striving to be reliable and honest. They don’t contradict themselves, and will push forward even when they are faced with challenges that make it easier to give in.


ESTJs don’t enjoy contradictions, which is why they enjoy things that are clear and concise. They look for ways to be as efficient as possible, which means they want everyone to be understood. When something or someone contradicts themselves, it becomes difficult for the ESTJ to actually rely on them. They value stability and work hard to stand by their own morals and beliefs, instead of allowing their behaviors to contradict their words.


ISFJs definitely don’t enjoy people who constantly contradict themselves, and they strive not to be this way. They want to focus on following through with what they say and work hard to uphold their morals. ISFJs stand by their beliefs with a sense of direction, but at the same time they do whatever they must to provide for their loved ones. They care about the people in their lives and sometimes this love causes them to contradict themselves for the sake of others.


While ESFJs are reliable people, there are times when they contradict themselves. ESFJs are not ruled by their own emotions, instead they are often guided by the emotions of others. They care so deeply for their loved ones and strive to do whatever it takes to provide for them. Their desire to please the people they love can make it challenging for the ESFJ to always behave in a way that upholds their own internal beliefs and even their own words.



ISTPs can sometimes be contradictions themselves, saying one thing but occasionally following an unexpected path. They simply prefer to be on their own for this reason, not wanting to feel the need to answer to anyone else. ISTPs sometimes change depending on the present moment, seeking out whatever it right at that current time. While their personal actions can appear contradicting, it is ruled by their desire to take things as they come. ISTPs do believe in following facts, and when it comes to information they do not appreciate contradictions.


ESTPs can often contradict themselves, sometimes saying one thing and doing another. This isn’t because they do not have inner morals, they simply change their minds from moment to moment. The ESTP might feel a certain way about something but when the time arises they realize that they need to change their actions and follow a different path. While ESTPs can sometimes bounce around in a contradicting manner, this isn’t quite the same as being dishonest. They do not appreciate information that contradicts itself, and prefer when the facts are rather clearly presented.


ISFPs follow their emotions, which can often lead them to contradicting themselves. For them contradictions can be intriguing, rather than upsetting. When something seems to be one way but then becomes something else, it is entirely exciting and interesting to the ISFP. For them stagnancy is one of the worst things, and they strive to seek out joy and adventure in their lives.


ESFPs often contradict themselves, but this is because they are ruled by their emotions. ESFPs often live moment to moment, following whatever feels right in the present. They don’t spend much time obsessing over the future, instead they focus on enjoying themselves. They want to seek out excitement and happiness in their lives, and don’t want to feel like they are being stifled. ESFPs sometimes contradict themselves because they live following their hearts and sometimes this leads them in different directions.

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