Here’s How Good of a Homemaker You Are, Based on Your Personality Type

Some people have knack for making a house into a true home, while others might struggle in this area. Homemaking abilities aren’t something to scoff at, and can be truly important to some people. Here is how good of a homemaker you are, based on your personality type.



INFJs are surprisingly good as homemakers, even if this isn’t something they are drawn to. They might avoid this for a while, finding themselves distracted by other things. If the INFJ does decide to be the one working on providing a place of comfort and peace for their loved ones, they are often truly great at this. They know what will make others feel happy and comforted in their home surroundings, and they do enjoy seeing those around them feel at home because of them. INFJs might not be the type of person to make the most organized or perfect home, but they do know how to create a place where others will feel welcomed.


ENFJs are often great homemakers, but not always in the traditional sense. They work hard to create a warm and welcoming environment for their loved ones and friends. They enjoy being able to provide for those around them, and can be perfectionists when it comes to building a great home. ENFJs know how to create an environment that the people in their life can be comforted by, and they want to be able to make everyone feel like it is their home. ENFJs often enjoy doing whatever they can to provide for everyone around them, and being a good homemaker is often something they value in this sense.


INFPs aren’t usually seen as homemakers, since they aren’t really focused on keeping up with things like this. For them it doesn’t really feel important to create a perfectly put together home, and can become a bit too distracted to spend their energy on this. INFPs also aren’t the most organized people in the typical sense of the word, and can be a bit cluttered or even messy at times. They simply have so much going on inside of their active minds that is can be challenging for them to keep up with being a homemaker for themselves and others.


ENFPs aren’t usually focused on being homemakers, and can find something like this to be a bit daunting. While they enjoy having an aesthetically pleasing environment, they don’t spend all of their energy putting things together and trying to make everything perfect. The idea of being a homemaker can feel a bit stifling for the ENFP, and will likely leave them feeling trapped. They want to explore different options in life, and don’t like the feeling of being tied down. While they care about their loved ones and want to make them happy, being a homemaker can seem like an overwhelming job for them sometimes.



INTJs don’t usually fancy themselves homemakers, and might find the idea to be a bit disconnected from who they are. While they often want serious careers and a chance to build a future, they actually make amazing homemakers as well. INTJs can often juggle many things, and if having a family and making a perfect home is something they desire, then it is absolutely something they can accomplish. INTJs can juggle so many things and are often rather competitive about it, they will be excellent at providing for their family and ensuring that everything runs smoothly in the household.


ENTJs are often very career focused people, but they aren’t afraid of juggling different things. If the ENTJ wants to take care of a family and provide a home for them, then they can certainly fit into the role of homemaker. They often want to maintain a career as well, mostly because ENTJs hope to have it all in life. They might even enjoy being able to run their own home and manage everything that needs to be done. They can certainly be excellent homemakers, even if people wouldn’t generally place them in this role in their minds.


The role of homemaker can be a bit overwhelming for the INTP, and usually isn’t something they seek to become. While having a family and maintaining a home might be important to them, they often require someone to help with the day-to-day chores and organizational skills. INTPs care about their loved ones and can often provide for them, but being a homemaker can be a challenge. They aren’t the most organized people and can become rather caught up in their own thoughts for a while. This can make it difficult to be the sole personal managing their home.


ENTPs aren’t usually comfortable with the idea of being the sole homemaker in their family. They can become a bit too distracted to maintain a household without the help of someone more organized than they are. While ENTPs to care about their loved ones and want to provide for them, being the sole homemaker can be a bit of a challenge. They can struggle when it comes to keeping time and ensuring that everything is organized in a strict manner. For the ENTP being a homemaker is likely not something they desire, and so they would rather a role more suited to them.



ISTJs are often excellent homemakers, who naturally know how to keep things in check. Their organizational skills and perfectionist mentality helps the ISTJ go above and beyond as a homemaker. While they are hardworking people they will take pride in anything they do, and find a way to be the best at it. If they are the ones running the household and working to make the home a pleasant place, the ISTJ will be amazing at this.


ESTJs do often make for good homemakers, if this is the life they choose for themselves. They are hardworking people who strive to accomplish their goals and be the best at whatever they do. They often want a family to provide for and will do whatever it takes to make sure they are cared for. ESTJs are also organized and focused people, so they often know how to keep things scheduled and together. They are certainly more than capable of handling being a good homemaker, especially for the sake of those they love.


ISFJs are often amazing homemakers and even enjoy being able to take care of their household. Being the one to run and manage everything is a lot of responsibility but ISFJs often handle it very well. They can be perfectionists about how they take care of things, but they simply want to make sure everyone around them is happy and provided for. Being a homemaker is something that most ISFJs value, since they are mainly focused on making sure their family is happy and loved. For them there are not many things more important than being with their loved ones and building a life with them.


ESFJs are often the natural hosts and hostesses of the personality world, which is why being a homemaker is something they excel at. They know how to manage things and make sure everyone is properly taken care of. While this is often a lot of responsibility and work, they are more than up for the job. ESFJs care about being there for the ones they love and often want to create a perfect home for their families. It can be a bit stressful at times but they do whatever it takes to make things work even if they are feeling overwhelmed.



Being a homemaker isn’t something that usually comes naturally for the ISTP. This is something that can cause them to feel a bit overwhelmed and quickly drained. They don’t like having to organize everything and maintain a schedule in order to properly run their household. The more daunting day-to-day chores are often things the ISTP wishes to procrastinate until the last minute. This makes the job of homemaker something they aren’t likely to feel comfortable with.


ESTPs aren’t usually drawn to the job of being a homemaker, but they do their best to handle it if they must. Sometimes this can be a bit overwhelming for them, especially since they tend to procrastinate things in life. Being someone who leaves things to the last minute can cause certain household requirements to fall behind and sometimes fall apart. This can make it rather difficult for the ESTP to handle being a homemaker, especially when they are trying to juggle a career as well.


ISFPs aren’t usually drawn to the idea of being a homemaker, since this can seem like a lot of pressure for them. They care about their loved ones but they don’t like having to feel tied down to a schedule. Having to keep everything maintained and organized can feel daunting and exhausting for the ISFP after a while. They will do their best to make a life for their family, but being the sole homemaker can be truly overwhelming for the ISTP.


ESFPs aren’t the most organized people and so being a homemaker can be challenging at times. They do somehow manage to keep it together in this role though, and will do their best to make things work. ESFPs will often do whatever they can to create a warm and fun household, one that can leave their family members feeling loved. They strive to make sure everyone is happy, even if they fail to keep certain things organized sometimes.


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