Here’s Why You Are Needed Most By Others, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s Why You Are Needed Most By Others, Based on Your Personality Type

Each type possesses qualities that makes them easy to rely on. Here is why you are needed most by others, based on your personality type.


People often rely on the INFJ for their helpful advice and their compassion. They are always there to listen and will offer their intuitive abilities as a way to help assist their loved ones. INFJs are warm people who know how to be sensitive to the needs of others. People rely on them for many things, but most of all it is their nonjudgmental demeanor. INFJs know how to make people feel safe and give them a welcoming place to share their thoughts and feelings.


ENFJs are often relied on for many things, especially their compassion. ENFJs are often needed by others because they are there to pick up the slack. They make sure their loved ones are happy and cared for, no matter what it takes. This is something that makes the ENFJ easy to lean on, especially when things become difficult. Many people find themselves needing the ENFJ in their lives, especially once they start relying on them for help.


INFPs are supportive and excellent listeners, who will lend their ear without judgements or expectations. People often rely on them when they need to be heard, without wanting someone to interject with their constant opinions. INFPs will simply listen and allow people to explain themselves, understanding that sometimes you just need to vent. They are capable of showing their support, and will only give advice if it is requested of them. INFPs don’t enjoy when someone tries to tell them how to live their lives, so this helps them become even better listeners.


ENFPs are enthusiastic and affectionate people, who know how to make the most out of every situation. People often rely on their ENFP when they are in need of someone to show them some perspective. Sometimes it can be easy to lose sight of how much worse things could actually be, and ENFPs know just how to lift the spirits of their loved ones. They are also excellent at approaching each situation with a sense of creativity and excitement, which is something that not everyone can offer.


INTJs are great resources of information, which is often what people rely on them for. They are also very intuitive and capable of coming to conclusions about the future. They often offer a unique perspective and are very willing to help others when those people are willing to learn and absorb their advice. INTJs enjoy spreading knowledge and facts, so they will be happy to assist others when they are receptive to it. People easily rely on the INTJ when they are feeling lost about their future and simply need someone to give them some perspective.


ENTJs are hardworking people who are more than capable of achieving their goals. Their strength and determination is something that many people rely on them for. Their loved ones often need the ENTJ in many ways, especially when they are floundering in their own lives. ENTJs are actually excellent at helping people get back on track, as long as they are willing to learn and follow their instructions properly. ENTJs can be relied on for many things, since they are hardworking and efficient people.


INTPs are logical and analytical people, who have an intuitive grasp on the possible outcomes of the future. Their loved ones often rely on them when they are feeling lost and need some perspective. INTPs are often very intelligent people, since they spend most of their time absorbing information. Their ability to observe things from a unique point of view can really help them guide their loved ones down the right path. They are more than willing to help, as long as people can handle their sometimes tactless delivery.


ENTPs are charismatic and logical people, who enjoy experiencing new things. Their loved ones often rely on them when they are feeling stagnant and need someone to shake things up. ENTPs know how to make any situation exciting, and are always ready for something new. When people are feeling stuck and are in need someone a more logical perspective, the ENTP is who they rely on. They are also excellent at lightening a negative mood, since they have great senses of humor.


ISTJs are hardworking people, who their loved ones often rely on. When they need someone dependable and sturdy, the ISTJ is who they go to. They are needed by their loved ones because they are always there for them in a practical sense. While they might not be the most emotional people, ISTJs will never turn their back on someone they love. They are loyal and giving people, who will do whatever it takes to ensure that those closest to them are cared for.


When people are in need of someone strong and efficient, they often lean on their ESTJ loved ones. ESTJs are loyal people who will do whatever it takes to care for the practical needs of those closest to them. When things seem a bit too hard to handle, the ESTJ is ready and willing to take charge. They are natural leaders, with the ability to instruct others and ensure that everything is properly taken care of.


ISFJs often find themselves feeling needed by most of the people in their lives. ISFJS are the people that their loved ones can rely on to ensure that they are completely taken care of. ISFJs will go out of their way to protect and love the people closest to them. They are warm people, who are extremely sensitive to the needs of others.


ESFJs are often needed by their loved ones in many practical and emotional ways. They are always there to show their support and will do whatever their loved ones ask of them. ESFJs simply want to make sure that the ones they love are happy, and will do whatever it takes to accomplish this goal. They will step in tend to the practical needs of others and will try and please them in any way they can. This makes it easy for others to rely on them, causing ESFJ to feel needed.


ISTPs have a carefree way of looking at the world, and know how to live in the moment. When their loved ones are in need of someone to help them let loose and stop getting hung up on silly things, they rely on the ISTP. ISTPs live in the moment and try not to get stuck obsessing over the things they cannot change in life, which makes them great people to spend time with when you just need to chill.


People often rely on the ESTP for new adventures, especially when they are feeling stagnant. When things feel boring, the ESTP knows how to spice up a situation. They want to make life fun and are always willing to jump into something new. Their spontaneous personalities make them easy to rely on for a truly good time. Their loved ones know that the ESTP is pretty much up for anything, and enjoys a little excitement in their lives.


ISFPs are moral and caring people, who are always willing to listen to their loved ones. When people are feeling lost and in need of a connection to what matters, they seek out their ISFP companion. ISFPs know how to show their support, but they can also give helpful moral advice. They strive to do what is right and don’t want to lose sight of what is truly important.


ESFPs are relied on by their loved ones when things feel a bit stuck and boring. They know how to make any situation fun, and will try their hardest to bring others into this mood. ESFPs don’t enjoy a negative environment, and know how to make light of things. They want life to be fun, and are the ones people go to when they are in need of a real party.

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