4 Frequent INTP Struggles Which They Experience In Life

Everyone has their own set of personal struggles and things which are just naturally draining for them. While we all have struggles and difficulties in life, for each person these are often different. What one individual finds challenging, the next might find simple and easy. There are certainly struggles which are tied to personality types, and some types are just more naturally prone to finding difficult in these things. It is important to recognize these struggles and realize where certain types might feel overwhelmed. Knowing these struggles can help us to overcome them, or find means of lessening the frustrations we feel in these areas of our lives.

INTPs are known to be a rare personality type, and with rarity comes its own set of unique and often frustrating struggles. For the INTP there are plenty of things which become challenging in their lives, mostly because they are so different and often misunderstood. They do their best to overcome these struggles, or at the very least focus on things which makes it easier for them. INTPs don’t want to appear emotional or weak, but that doesn’t mean that they personal struggles can’t be a bit draining and overwhelming at times. While they want to focus on things which are more logical even they have times when they are feeling emotionally exhausted.

1. Being Misunderstood

INTPs often feel misunderstood by others, mostly because of how their minds work. It isn’t easy for the INTP to outwardly explain or express themselves, and this is something which creates challenges in their lives. Even when the INTP wants to express a thought or feeling, it can be a struggle to make other people fully comprehend. The INTPs thought process can go in so many different directions, and so most people really aren’t capable of following down these different paths. This makes it a struggle for the INTP to explain how they know something, and so people often don’t trust them until after they have already been proven right. Their strong intuition helps the INTP come up with solutions and answers to problems, but not everyone trusts the INTP and this is ultimately their downfall. While the person making the mistake to ignore the INTP is the one who suffers, they still rarely give the INTP the credit they deserve for being right all along.

This is something which can often leave the INTP feeling alienated, especially when it comes to relationships. They find themselves never truly feeling like they can express their emotions and thoughts in ways that people can fully understand. INTPs can be viewed as cold because of this, especially since they aren’t outwardly expressive people. In truth they are necessarily cold people, as some INTPs care deeply about making lasting connections and finding people who can accept and love them. This is why it is a struggle for them to feel so misunderstood, especially when they so deeply want understanding from people.

2. Feeling Distant

INTPs need a lot of time to themselves, and this can cause them to feel alienated sometimes. They might end up diving into this seclusion for long periods of time, and this can make them feel distant from people later on. This is something which can be overwhelming for the INTP, especially since they really don’t want to be completely disconnected from people. They need plenty of time alone but that doesn’t mean they want to be lonely all of the time. For the INTP this distance is something they cause for themselves sometimes as well, since they have trouble letting people in. This is something which the INTP struggles with throughout life, especially when they want to find ways of being more open and connected. They might have times when they try to change this, and find ways of connected and not feeling so alienated, but the INTP does struggle with this throughout their lives.

3. Incredible Goals But a Lack of Motivation

INTPs are dreamers with vivid and active inner minds, and because of this they often have grand goals. They come up with so many new ideas and become truly excited about these different possibilities. While the INTP has grand and exciting goals, motivation can be a struggle for them. INTPs become bored easily when they really dive into a task, and so they find themselves lacking the motivation to continue. Having such incredible ideas and plans can be stressful for the INTP when they can’t seem to find the motivation to get these things done. INTPs are visionaries and they are extremely creative people, with so many different possibilities the world can be completely open to them. While their minds and sense of logic can make the INTP capable of just about anything, their attention span might be something which holds them back. Lacking the motivation to really get down to business and finish these projects, is something which can be a struggle and frustration for the INTP.

4. Skepticism 

INTPs are often skeptical people, and this causes them to doubt the intentions of most. When they get to know someone, it can be hard for the INTP to truly open up or trust them. Constantly being skeptical of others is something which the INTP struggles with, especially when they are trying to make romantic connections. While they want to feel close to people, they rarely find themselves willing to be vulnerable. INTPs often doubt the intentions of those around them and can be fearful that someone is not being completely honest. This skeptical nature is a struggle because it can keep the INTP from ever getting truly close to people, even when they want to. They try their best to find ways of getting closer, but without really trusting people this can be rather difficult. The INTP goes back and forth with this throughout their lives, and so their skeptical nature really can be a struggle for them.

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