ENFP Entrepreneurs: The Pros and Cons of Being an ENFP Entrepreneur

While many people might consider the independence and pride which comes from meaning an entrepreneur. The ability to make your own career choices often seems like a dream, but it also comes with heaps of responsibility and often financial risk. Being the person to take these steps on your own to manage your own business or businesses, is something which not everyone can do just because they think it seems like a good idea. It is something which takes incredible dedication, effort and skill.

ENFPs are often very outgoing personalities, who can appear larger than life at times. These qualities are certainly things which make them appear fit for entrepreneurship roles, but they also are seen as flighty and less organized people. It is important to look deeper into the reality of the ENFP in order to understand what they are truly capable of and where their setbacks might be. ENFPs are unique people with so many different special traits and skills, some which really can help them succeed in just about anything they want to do in life.

The Pros of the ENFP Entrepreneur 

ENFPs are naturally creative people with a knack for coming up with innovative new ideas. This natural ability to come up with creative and in depth ideas, is certainly something which can aid them in becoming a successful entrepreneur. ENFPs have minds which are constantly working through different thoughts and they actually enjoy coming up with creative new ideas or hobbies. For the ENFP these different ideas are constantly filling up their thoughts, and so having an outlet for them can be truly enjoyable. When it comes to running a business the ENFP can almost always come up with ways to keep it progressing and moving forward, which is truly important. An entrepreneur needs to be able to keep things fresh, or else their business is likely to become stagnant. Without new ideas and ways to move forward, a business can really fall apart. The ENFP is not lacking in creativity, which is certainly one of their greatest assets. They aren’t afraid to try something new in order to help advance and grow their business and bring it forward in the direction it needs to go.

ENFPs are outgoing and friendly people as well, which can really help them with the networking aspect of being an entrepreneur. They know how to connect with people and draw their attention, and this is something which comes naturally for them. Where other people become drained and need time alone, the ENFP is actually comfortable getting to know people and learning what they are interested in. They can often charm new people and this is certainly useful when it comes to running a business, especially one which has customers. The ENFP knows how to deal with their customers and can often make their business more appealing by using their own personality at the front of it. Their ability to pick up on the details of a situation really can benefit them, as the ENFP can see where something might need to be changed in order to make a customer happy.

ENFPs are also independent people who become drained when they have to answer to others too much. The great thing about the ENFP entrepreneur is they actually enjoy taking this responsibility on themselves rather than others. The freedom this would provide for the ENFP is often more than enough to keep them interested. They will be truly rewarded by being able to do things on their own terms and not having to deal with answering to rules that someone else sets for them. This freedom and space is something which helps to motivate the ENFP and keep them moving forward as an entrepreneur. Where other people enjoy having the rules in front of them, the ENFP doesn’t enjoy following the expectations of others. They also have strong inner morals and values, which is why they really don’t like feeling obligated to what other people tell them to do. They need to have the ability to set their own guidelines so that they can be sure they are staying true to their own morals and beliefs.

The Cons of the ENFP Entrepreneur 

ENFPs do sometimes struggle with organization and can become drained when they have to get things done by a deadline. They have a tendency to become distracted when something is really interesting to them, and this can make it difficult to really maintain a business at times. ENFPs are passionate people who will push themselves when they truly want something, they just find themselves becoming distracted at times. ENFPs are idea people and so planning really isn’t their strength, which means they often need someone who can help them with this part of a business. If the ENFP doesn’t properly delegate and have people around them who can help with the organization, they might find things getting a bit too chaotic. They certainly care about getting the important tasks finished, they just aren’t always focused on doing so in a timely manner. ENFPs have such rich inner minds and they can become more caught up on the bigger picture when it comes to their business. This mindset can be a good thing, but sometimes they need to know how to take a step back and figure out the things which are right in front of them.

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