What Your Personal Aesthetic is Like, Based on Your Personality Type

Aesthetics focus on the idea of beauty and the emotional responses this causes in people. Many of us are drawn to this idea of what is beautiful, but in truth this can be very subjective. Each person might find one thing far more aesthetically pleasing than the next one does. Here is your personal view of aesthetics, based on your personality type.



INFJs often find many things to be beautiful, and aren’t just drawn to the stereotypical idea of beauty. For the INFJ things which often seem a bit odd to others, can be deeply beautiful to them. For the INFJ the light can be beautiful, but the darker parts of someone’s soul can also possess great beauty. Things which tug at their hearts and can feel a bit heartbreaking even, are actually quite aesthetically desirable. The fact that INFJs are such contradictions, actually plays into their person aesthetic as well. Finding both peace and chaos beautiful in some ways.


ENFJs are often viewed as warm and open people, but in truth they can often see beauty in the unusual. Their personal aesthetic is not only one that admires peaceful and gentle things, but also dark and sometimes eerie things. ENFJs are drawn to unique beauty, found in places that not everyone is likely to look. They can find themselves admiring some of the less bright things in life, and so their personal idea of aesthetic can be made up many different things, both light and dark.


INFPs often have a very specific aesthetic which is made up of all the little things which bring them comfort. INFPs find many different things to be aesthetically pleasing, and often have a very artistic eye. They will be drawn to the things which evoke a deeper emotion for them, things like the rain, warm fires, a reading nook, or anything deeply personal. INFPs might find some dreary  images to be aesthetically pleasing, things that might make others feel a bit sad.


ENFPs can find aesthetic beauty in many different things, but certainly not in the mundane. Something that the rest of the world deems perfect, is often a bit boring to the ENFP. They are drawn to the more unique things in life and find beauty in what might be odd or even depressing to others. ENFPs personal aesthetic is often whimsical, but sometimes a bit dark. They might be drawn to a dreary and creepy night scene, or something straight out of mythology.



While INTJs are seen as intelligent and logical people, they still have their own unique idea of what aesthetic beauty is. While on one hand they may be drawn to the beauty which can be found in the mind, the still have rather complex inner worlds. INTJs can find beauty in things which are artful, but almost always in a more unique way. They often see things differently than many others, being drawn to things which possess beauty that isn’t always seen outright by society.


ENTJs are often drawn to strength, and so their personal aesthetic is often things which possess great power and capabilities. They find things which are impressive and wild, to be completely intriguing. ENTJs are very capable of appreciating art, but certainly find themselves seeing beauty in the art which evokes a feeling of inner strength and confidence. They may not always recognize this outwardly, and that is often something which makes them even more interested and drawn towards this type of beauty.


While INTPs are viewed as very logical and sometimes cold people, what they find beautiful is often unexpected to others. They have a passion deep inside of them, and can be very intense people. They have such rich inner minds and so this often draws them to things which inspire that same time of fiery emotion. INTPs often find things aesthetically pleasing, which others might find chaotic or uncomfortable. When some people see these types of things they become uneasy and want to flee, and yet the INTP can become completely inspired by these visuals.


ENTPs are passionate and fiery people, and so these are the things which evoke emotion in them most. They are often drawn to more intense aesthetic beauty, things which others might be uncomfortable around. ENTPs might be bored with images that are too peaceful and calming, instead they search for the passion and excitement. They will likely find things intriguing which are a bit intense, even images which can seem to be filled with a bit of carnage, like a viking scene? 😉



ISTJs are often more aesthetically drawn to things which bring them a sense of comfort and strength. They will find themselves more intrigued by images with drawn them to the past and more nostalgic emotions. ISTJs to sometimes have an idea of beauty which is not flashy and instead more interested in the simple aesthetics. Things which are uncomfortable or dramatic are much less likely to fit into the ISTJ personal aesthetic.


ESTJs are often drawn to things which are more classically beautiful, and so their personal aesthetic is not often something flashy or surprising. ESTJs will find simple and classic things to be much more beautiful than something overly modern in nature. ESTJs can appreciate art, but it is often something that makes them feel nostalgic and draws them to the past. They aren’t likely to be intrigued by the more wild or even dark aesthetics, instead they find beauty in things which are sincere and true.


ISFJs are often very classic people, and so their idea of aesthetic beauty often ties into this. They find themselves drawn to things which are simply beautiful and don’t seem too over the top. ISFJs don’t usually find things all that intriguing or beautiful when they cause the ISFJ to feel uncomfortable. For them beauty brings them a sense of comfort and peace, and makes them feel a sense of warmth.


The ESFJs personal aesthetic is often things which bring them a sense of warmth and comfort. They are often drawn to classic beauty and things which inspire feelings of both desire and love. ESFJs do have a passionate side and so they can find beauty in things which others do not quite expect from them. They don’t however, find themselves attracted to things which are chaotic and make them feel uncomfortable or strained in a negative manner. ESFJs enjoy beauty which is both warm and alluring, like an image of a moonscape, or the ocean.



ISTPs often find aesthetic beauty in things which excite them and make them feel passionate. They don’t like the mundane and so classic beauty isn’t usually all that interesting to them. While they can appreciate many different kinds of beauty, they are very visually stimulated people. For the ISTP it is about whichever things excite their eyes and minds, leaving them feeling excited and enriched.


ESTPs are passionate people but they are very visually stimulated individuals. They are drawn to aesthetics which excite them, and are often deterred by anything mundane or boring. ESTPs are rarely that intrigued by anything ordinary, instead they are excited by things which might be a bit darker or even odd to others. They follow whatever intrigues and inspires them in the moment, and so their personal aesthetic can change fairly often.


ISFPs are passionate souls, who often search for beauty in many different places. They enjoy finding beauty where others cannot, and feel inspired by many different things. ISFPs see beauty in the smaller things, and in the wilder more exciting things in life. For them there are many different kinds of aesthetic beauty, often they find the most beauty in nature and are most inspired by these things.


ESFPs are very much drawn to different kinds of beauty, but they search for often. They are visually stimulated people who want to look and things and become excited and inspired. For the ESFP there are many different kinds of true aesthetic beauty, but this often lies in things which are intense and even a bit wild. They are not dull people and they don’t much enjoy things which are  overly ordinary.


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