Here’s How Easy to Please You Are, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s How Easy to Please You Are, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people are rather difficult to make happy, others seem excited by the simplest things in life. Here is how easy you are to please, based on your personality type.


While INFJs can struggle to feel pleased by the state of the world and the general behavior of humanity, they are different when it comes to their loved ones. When the INFJ cares for someone they can actually be rather easy to please. As long as that person shows that they care for the INFJ and puts forth effort to show this, it will mean very much to them. They are happiest when they can be around the ones they love, and will bask in their presence and affection. INFJs are oddly easy to please in some ways, since they take pleasure in being appreciated, but can be hard to please when it comes to larger scale issues.


ENFJs can be hard on themselves, which sometimes makes them difficult to please. ENFJs are happy when their loved ones put forth effort though, and really enjoy those who show their appreciation. ENFJs can sometimes be demanding when it comes to certain things though, mostly because they want to see their loved ones succeed in life. They are always working on so many things that they can become a bit high strung. While ENFJs are always juggling different tasks, they can become caught up on the big picture, which might make it harder for them to take pleasure in the little things.


INFPs can be difficult to please at times, but they often need to do this for themselves. INFPs will certainly be happy when their loved ones show consideration towards them, but there are times when their expectations can be rather high. They don’t do this intentionally, INFPs simply have certain moral beliefs and desires, which can make it difficult to completely please them. While they might become bothered by some things, deep down INFPs simply want to be around people who appreciate and love them for who they are. If they find people who make them feel at ease, the INFP will be much easier to please.


ENFPs can be difficult to please sometimes, simply because they become bored so easily. They find themselves wanting to constantly be challenged and enjoy being able to experience new things. When the ENFP feels stagnant it can be difficult for them to take joy in the little things around them. They will be happiest with someone who helps them experience new hobbies and excitement in their lives. ENFPs do become pleased when their loved ones put forth and effort to spend quality time with them, and enjoy being a priority in their lives.


INTJs can certainly be difficult to please, and aren’t easily impressed. They are more intrigued by people who can show them something new or ignite their passionate side in some way. For INTJs it is exciting to encounter people who are sincere and who value intellect in the same way that they do. They aren’t easily pleased or impressed by the things they see, and require something more exciting or challenging to strike their fancy. They can also be easily annoyed by things they see, and require plenty of space and room to process things on their own.


ENTJs can definitely be difficult to please at times, especially since they value efficiency over emotions. When people are overly emotional the ENTJ can become rather irritated by them. They are happiest when they can be around people who work hard and can accomplish their tasks with a sense of effectiveness. ENTJs can certainly be pleased by people who put forth the same sense of effort that the ENTJ does, and who are capable of being efficient.


INTPs aren’t necessarily hard to please, they just don’t view things like most people. When the INTP can clearly sense that someone cares for them and is working hard to make them happy, it will please them. However, INTPs might appear difficult to please because they aren’t great at expressing their feelings openly. They can struggle to take pleasure in the little things though, since they become caught up in their own inner thoughts. They can often become distracted and forget to pay attention to their surroundings.


ENTPs are enthusiastic and curious people, who enjoy being able to constantly feel challenged by new things. ENTPs can appear difficult to please, since they require plenty of stimulation. They do know how to appreciate their loved ones though, and will be easily pleased by their effort and consideration. When someone cares for the ENTP and goes out of their way to do something for them, they will certainly recognize this effort and appreciate it. ENTPs simply aren’t easily pleased by objects or hobbies, since they are constantly searching for something more exciting than the last thing.


ISTJs can appear difficult to please since they don’t express their emotions easily. While ISTJs might appear like they aren’t pleased easily, they truly aren’t difficult to make happy. They know how to enjoy the simple things, and really appreciate when their loved ones put forth effort. When the people around them find ways to show that they care and actually make time for the ISTJ, they will definitely be happy about this, even if they don’t verbalize it.


ESTJs can sometimes be hard to please, since they value efficiency. They believe in working hard and getting things done and can become short tempered when people cannot perform well. ESTJs become frustrated when their loved ones don’t put forth enough effort in order to accomplish their goals or present tasks. ESTJs can become hung up on action and efficiency, so they might not easily appreciate the efforts of those around them.


ISFJs can seem a bit strict at times, but they can be pleased by the efforts of those around them. They simply want to feel close to their loved ones and are happiest when there is a sense of harmony around them. When the people close to them help the ISFJ maintain the harmony in their environment, it will please them immensely. They can recognize the effort of their loved ones, and become happy when they feel appreciated and loved.


ESFJs are surprisingly easy to please when it comes to the people they love. They might become easily frustrated by strangers and their inefficiency, but they are entirely different when it comes to the people close to them. They care deeply for their loved ones and want to make them happy. This causes the ESFJ to feel easily pleased by those around them, and can definitely take pleasure in the little things. When they recognize that people are making a conscious effort to please the ESFJ, they will become truly overjoyed by this.


ISTPs are not really difficult to please, since they enjoy being on their own most of the time. While they aren’t easily impressed, ISTPs do appreciate effort. More than anything they appreciate someone who gives them plenty of space and freedom. Having people who respect their needs and desires, will definitely please the ISTP and leave them feeling cared for. When people hover over them it is likely to leave them feeling frustrated and they certainly won’t be pleased this way.


ESTPs can be demanding people, but at the same time they are easily pleased. They are complicated when it comes to what makes them happy, but they enjoy having loved ones who support them. When the people close to the ESTP are actively trying to please them, they will recognize this effort and will certainly be pleased by it. They can be demanding though, and might become upset if people don’t live up to their expectations.


ISFPs can be easy to please, since they know how to enjoy the little things in life. ISFPs enjoy being able to soak up the beauty around them, and are happiest when they feel free to make their own decisions. ISFPs can certainly be pleased by their loved ones, as long as those people show plenty of affection and consideration towards them. They don’t need constant attention though, since ISFP do like having plenty of time to themselves.


ESFPs can actually be difficult to please at times, since they enjoy having everything tended to properly. They can have rather high demands for those around them, and dislike when they feel neglected. ESFPs want to feel like their loved ones care deeply for them, which can make them somewhat hard to please. They require a lot of attention and consideration in order to feel completely satisfied.

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