INFP Boyfriend: How to Understand Your INFP Significant Other

When it comes to relationships, everyone has their own goals and expectations, and each person responds to intimacy in their own way. For the INFP boyfriend, there is a whole unique set of behaviors and expectations, which can sometimes be hard for them to deal with. They are a rare type and don’t tend to fit into the stereotypes that can be placed on them as a boyfriend. They aren’t cold or distant. Instead, most INFPs are affectionate and caring people who feel more comfortable being open about who they are and what they feel. Not being afraid of emotions really makes for an excellent and partner romantic partner, but they have needs as well, and it is important for their significant other to be prepared for this. If you care about the person you are with, knowing more about their personal needs and desires is truly an important part of getting closer to them.

They Feel Things Deeply

The INFP boyfriend is often more sensitive than people realize or expect from them. They feel things deeply and need to be comfortable expressing these emotions and thoughts without judgment. They aren’t fans of criticism, as this is just a natural struggle for most INFPs. Taking criticism from someone they love and care for can be really difficult for the INFP to cope with. This doesn’t mean they are incapable of changing or adapting for their partner. It just means it needs to be delivered in a way that is a bit more sensitive and considerate of their feelings. They want to be able to change and grow with their partner, as INFPs don’t like stagnancy or feeling like they don’t have new things to explore and experience.

Just because the INFP boyfriend has deep and meaningful emotions doesn’t mean they are some blubbering mess, either. It is important to understand the difference and not place expectations on them which don’t tie into who they truly are. They have powerful inner emotions and are not afraid to express their feelings, especially toward someone they love. This does not mean they are a constant fountain of emotions or bubbly feelings. Instead, they are much more complex than this. They have days like anyone else where they don’t want to express themselves and where they are more focused on facts and information than they are on inner emotions. They just aren’t as closed off as some types and are more welcoming of their partner’s emotions than a lot of people would expect them to be. This can make the INFP boyfriend an amazing combination of warm and affectionate, but also being aware of when to give someone space.

They Need Alone Time

INFPs are introverts, which means that your INFP boyfriend needs plenty of time to themselves. They need this time alone to recharge and process all of their inner thoughts and emotions. Without this time, they become exhausted mentally and emotionally and no longer behave like themselves. This is not just something they want. This alone time is something they absolutely need. This is why it is so important for their significant other to appreciate this part of their INFP boyfriend and to give them time alone without being skeptical. They also want to know that their partner is not upset or hurt by this since they care about their feelings. It is vital that they have someone who gives them this time and realizes that it isn’t an insult to them. When they are alone, the INFP often thinks of their loved ones and processes those deep feelings they have for them and their plans for a future together.

Affirmation is Important

While your INFP boyfriend understands and appreciates the need for alone time, that doesn’t mean they want to feel disconnected from you. The INFP needs to give and receive affirmation, especially from the people they care for most. There are many ways to express positive affirmation and feelings for someone, but they are often drawn to verbalizing them as well. INFPs just want to know they are important to their significant other, so sometimes, it is important to express this to them. They become so devoted to their partner and want to make them happy. The deeper they get into the relationship, the more serious their feelings become and the more intense the commitment is to them. INFPs don’t believe in taking these feelings lightly, as being in love is something they value and treasure. When they care for someone, they just want to know that they are an important part of your life and not just some passing or fleeting thing.

They Will Be Your Biggest Fan

When the INFP cares for someone and gets close to them, they become their biggest fan. No one will support you more than your INFP boyfriend, and no one will be more excited about your accomplishments. They want to go above and beyond to ensure their partner knows this, so they are certainly their biggest cheerleader. This is something the INFP does naturally when they care for someone, and it also makes them amazing listeners. Of course, they want to be able to express their own feelings and desires, but they genuinely love hearing about the people they love as well. The INFP actually enjoys hearing about their significant others and wants to know about the things they are going through. Since they are so supportive and loving towards those around them, having a partner who appreciates them in return is vital. The biggest thing for the INFP is not having their emotions rejected or feeling like they aren’t taken seriously. When they express something, they just need their partner to be understanding and accept their words as sincere. Having these things not taken seriously would be very damaging to the relationship, and causes the INFP to feel like they are not understood or truly loved the way they want to be.


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