Here’s How Your Dominant Function Presents Itself, Based on Your Personality Type

Understand the details of how each personality responds and absorbs information, is truly important. In order to understand each personality type, we need to really dig deeper into what makes them tick. So first we are going to explore the dominant function of each personality type and how it actually presents itself in their behaviors. Here is how your dominant function presents itself, based on your personality type.



The INFJs dominant function is Ni, which can easily be misunderstood by most people. Introverted intuition can present itself as some sort of psychic ability, when in truth it is far more rational than that. This is actually the INFJs subconscious collecting data over time and processing into answers which can be truly helpful. This behaves as a strong intuition about things, and the INFJ doesn’t always know where they came to these conclusions. It can sometimes be confusing for even them, since they know the answer but not always the patterns that brought them to it. It makes the INFJ appear as some sort of guru about life and people, but in truth they can be just as lost and confused anyone else. INFJs can struggle sometimes to trust their own intuitive abilities, wanting to understand it better than they actually do.


The ENFJs dominant function works alongside their auxiliary, but prevents itself as an utter sense of compassion and understanding for others. ENFJs dominant function Fe or extraverted feeling, makes them naturally very in tune with the emotions and needs of those around them. ENFJs are powerful empaths because of this, and sometimes this can actually be quite the burden for them. Even when the ENFJ wants to give people space, they can get a natural read on their emotions and desires towards a situation. This causes them to instantly want to seek out their loved ones who are in pain, and search for a way to settle them and bring them peace. ENFJs can struggle with their dominant function, since it makes it challenging for them to ignore others who are in need.


The INFPs dominant function is their Fi, which is their introverted feeling. This causes the INFP to process things through their inner emotions, giving them a strong sense of morals. They know what they believe in, because they spend so much time sifting through these feelings and working to understand them better. Self-reflection is vital for the INFP, and they actually enjoy spending time trying to understand themselves and their own emotions. When something occurs the INFP instantly processes this through their Fi, and this causes them to make most of their decisions based on their moral beliefs and emotions.


The ENFPs dominant function Ne, is their extraverted intuition. This presents itself as being all over the place, but is actually much more stable than people realize. The ENFP absorbs information from all around them, constantly taking things in even when people don’t notice it. The ENFPs mind will create so many different patterns, branching out in different limbs and unusual directions. This information helps the ENFP consider so many different angles, and is part of what makes them immensely creative and imaginative people. Sometimes they spend hours just thinking about all of these different potential outcomes and paths, even with the smallest piece of information.



The INTJs dominant function Ni, works strongly with their auxiliary function. INTJs are intellectuals, but they are also highly intuitive people. Most don’t recognize that their dominant function is introverted intuition, since people focus so strongly on their thinking function. INTJs are very intuitive and even creative people, and they spend a lot of time processing information subconsciously. All of this information comes to together and works with their Te (extraverted thinking), so that they can come to logical conclusions. INTJs absorb facts and analyze them until they realize what the most logical answer and solution actually is.


The ENTJs dominant function is their Te, which is their extraverted thinking. ENTJs process information externally, and base their choices on facts. They don’t spend much time considering different potential outcomes, because they want to zero in on the correct one. ENTJs don’t like things that seem uncertain, because their Te drives them towards evidence and truth. They can also be rather aggressive when they are focused on something, getting a bit of tunnel vision. They become so driven towards uncovering the facts and strive to be as accurate as possible.


INTPs dominant function is their Ti (introverted thinking) which presents itself in a myriad of ways. This is part of the reason why INTPs are seen as such internal people, preferring to spend most of their time alone. It also why so many people see the INTP is hard to approach and possible a bit difficult to understand. They process information internally, and use their inner minds as a means of really sifting through all of the information that they pick up. INTPs don’t just trust things, instead they want to analyze and work through all of the different pieces of information and patterns inside of their minds.


ENTPs dominant function can make others see them as scattered, when in truth there are just so many patterns they are exploring in their minds. ENTPs use Ne (extraverted intuition) as their dominant function, and this is what causes their mind to be so focused on exploration and information. ENTPs have minds which take in everything around them, and use all of this information in order to come up with potential patterns and outcomes. This can cause them to go down so many different rabbit holes, and also makes them difficult for most people to truly follow when they are on a tangent.



The ISTJs dominant function being Si (introverted sensing), combines with their auxiliary function and presents itself as a focus on proven methods. Because the ISTJs is so focused on what has occurred in the past, as well as absorbing facts, they are often drawn towards methods which have been proven useful. They value efficiency, and so instead of trying something new and risking failure, the ISTJ would much rather go with the choice that they know will result in success. They have seen these methods work, and so they follow those previous patterns as a means of ensuring that they get things done efficiently.


ESTJs dominant function works closely with their auxiliary function in order to make them very driven and precise individuals. They also have times where they can present as having a tunnel vision towards their goals, since the Te is so focused on efficiency and moving forward. They absorb the facts around them, processing this information by connection with what they see and observing what is the truth. ESTJs also use their extraverted thinking combined with their introverted sensing, and this causes them to follow proven methods as a means of getting things done.


The ISFJs dominant function of Si (introverted sensing), causes them to be very focused on the past. This makes the ISFJ drawn to what they know and most comforted by. They often don’t like stepping out of their comfort zone, for fear that it might lead to them making mistakes. Their auxiliary function combines with their dominant, to make the ISFJ more comforted by what they know and understand so that they can ensure the well-being of their loved ones. ISFJs simply find themselves drawn to the past and the things they already know well.


The ESFJs dominant function presents itself by making them extremely people-focused. ESFJs are natural empaths because of their extraverted feeling, which gives them a strong connection to the emotions of others. Instead of being focused on their own emotions, ESFJs find themselves understanding others much better. While this makes the ESFJ compassionate and giving people, it can be overwhelming at times. They instinctively sense how those around them are feeling, and this can cause the ESFJ to feel drained by their emotions. They will search out ways to ease the suffering of their loved ones, but sometimes people don’t want to be helped and in this case it is challenging for the ESFJ.



ISTPs dominant function causes them to be very internal people, since their introverted thinking is how they process information. They spend a lot of time thinking things through, but also take in from the world around them. This helps the ISTP become excellent problem solvers and also makes them great at working with their hands since their auxiliary function is focused on the physical world around them. They take everything in from the world around them, and process this through their minds working towards ways to uncover the truth of the situation.


ESTPs dominant function being Se (extraverted sensing), causes them to focus very much on the world around them. This function also presents itself by causing the ESTP to feel a bit stir crazy when they aren’t provided with enough excitement and thrills in life. They process information by pulling facts from the world around them, and approach things from a very realistic standpoint. ESTPs don’t just assume things, instead they base their information on what they can see proven in front of them. This often makes the ESTP scientific when it comes to their beliefs, as well as how they approach things.


ISFPs dominant function is Fi (introverted feeling), which causes them to focus on their internal emotions. They are strongly moral people who base their beliefs on their own internal feelings towards a situation. ISFPs auxiliary function also comes into play and aid their introverted feeling by guiding the ISFP in the direction that feels most fitting for them. They go after what feels right in that moment, and strive to follow their own hearts no matter what that means for them.


The ESFPs dominant function focused on the world around them, and makes them very outgoing and playful people. Their Se (extraverted sensing) is how the ESFP approaches and processes the world. They take everything in, and enjoy connecting with what they see and feel. ESFPs are always searching for people and things to connect with, and enjoy being very present in the world. They don’t like spending too much time feeling trapped, instead they want to be exploring and breathing everything in. They follow what feels right in the moment, instead of trying to obsess over thinking too much about the situation.

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