Here’s How You Feel About Fairytales, Based on Your Personality Type

For some people fairytales are romantic and beautiful stories to dream about. For others they are unrealistic and sometimes a bit annoying. Here is how you feel about fairytales, based on your personality type.



INFJs can be drawn to the idea of fairytales in some ways, but at the same time they can resent them. INFJs are complex people who can sometimes feel two opposing emotions simultaneously. This causes them to dream about fairytales and imagine themselves within the stories. But other times they can feel frustrated by the thought, and realize just how unrealistic most fairytales actually are. For the INFJ their heart and their head can often be at odds with one another and this makes it difficult for them to settle on one solid reaction to things like fairytales.


ENFJs can find themselves drawn to fairytales and the feelings they give them. They often have big dreams and enjoy the thought of these perfect realities where they get what they want and their loved ones are happy. ENFJs are dreamers, but at the same time they are realistic people. Part of them might be caught up in fairytales, but another part is still the realist who understands that they can be a bit over the top. While ENFJs can accept that fairytales aren’t probable, they still enjoy them most of the time.


INFPs can be drawn to romantic feelings and ideas, and so some fairytales can be appealing to them. They can be intrigued by some of the darker tales, with incredible stories and powerful romances. INFPs don’t often like fairytales that are all flowery and light, instead they enjoy them when they have a little more intensity and strangeness to them. INFPs can sometimes dream about being part of these fairytales, imagining a life that is filled with adventure and romance. They aren’t drawn to simple things, and so sometimes the fantasy of fairytales is actually appealing for them.


ENFPs have vivid imaginations and they often enjoy considering many different stories and worlds. For the ENFP fairytales don’t have to be realistic, it is more about diving into something and stretching their imaginations. They often enjoy the romance and the feeling of getting swept away in this fairytale story, even if they deep down they have doubts that it could ever be true. ENFPs don’t need everything in their lives to be realistic, they value things being a bit different and fanciful.



INTJs don’t usually find themselves drawn to fairytales, and might find people who are obsessed with them to be a bit odd. They would rather focus on things that are more realistic, and aren’t often drawn to romanticized ideas. For the INTJ fairytales are simply a way for people to escape reality, but they can become annoyed with how easily this warps people’s grasp on how real life should be. They might believe that fairytales only pull people away from focusing on what matters, and so to them they are rarely valuable.


For the ENTJ fairytales can be a bit over the top, since they aren’t naturally drawn to romantic ideals. Most fairytales can be a bit too flowery for the ENTJ taste, but the darker ones might hold some appeal. Overall they prefer to focus on things that are realistic and don’t give people some romanticized idea of how life and love should be. They might enjoy fairytale stories with more intense and potentially dark details, but ultimately they still find them less appealing than realistic and useful information.


INTPs aren’t usually drawn to fairytales, and might actually have some distaste towards them. They can become annoyed with how certain things can be romanticized and this can give people unrealistic ideas of how life and love should be. INTPs aren’t outwardly romantic people, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love deeply. Sometimes they can resent fairytales since it makes them feel like they cannot live up to these grand gestures of affection and over the top expressions of love. For them it can set these unrealistic expectations for people, which can keep them from seeing what is truly in front of them.


ENTPs don’t usually find themselves interested in fairytales, although they might be curious sometimes. For them it might be a fun way to stretch their imagination and explore different over the top stories. Most of the time though ENTPs prefer to focus on what is realistic, instead of these romantic ideas that just don’t make much sense. They also can become frustrated with how fairytales can set unrealistic standards for love and romance, making them feel like they just can’t measure up to this impossible idea. It can be unsettling to watch people have expectations that match fairytale stories, instead of looking at things in a more realistic lens.



ISTJs don’t usually enjoy fairytales all that much, since they are practical and realistic people. These romanticized ideas can seem a bit over the top for them. ISTJs might even see fairytales as fanciful stories which set these unrealistic standards for relationships and life. They would rather focus on what is real than allow themselves to idealize something that would never actually come true. While they do have big goals, they realize these are things they can obtain with some hard work and dedication.


ESTJs don’t usually enjoy fairytales, instead they are more interested in realistic things. They often find themselves drawn to television and books which present realistic and believable stories. For the ESTJ too much fanciful and romantic ideas can seem a bit dramatic. They also see that fairytales can lead to people having these unrealistic representations of what love and life should be. ESTJs would rather focus on goals they can actually achieve with the right level of hard work and focus.


ISFJs are practical people, but at the same time they often find themselves intrigued by some fairytales. Just the thought that there could be a world filled with dreams coming true and whirlwind romances, is often appealing. While they are perfectly capable of separating fact from fiction, it can still be a nice thought to consider. ISFJs might enjoy both realistic stories and fairytales, and are much more complex than people give them credit for. While ISFJs can be found enjoying a good documentary, they still find themselves wanting to get swept up in a good fairytale sometimes.


ESFJs are realistic people, but deep down they are often drawn to fairytales and romantic stories like this. They enjoy imagining a reality where everything ends up happy, and the romances are dramatic and beautiful. While the ESFJ is perfectly capable of understanding that sometimes fairytales just aren’t realistic, that doesn’t mean they cannot enjoy them. They often enjoy the thought of living in a world where they are happy and so are their loved ones. Sometimes life can be a bit boring and challenging, so fairytales are more of an escape.



ISTPs aren’t usually all that interested in fairytales, and might even find them a bit annoying at times. The fact that people can become obsessed with these romantic stories which are entirely unrealistic, can be a little bit frustrating. ISTPs can see this as a way for people to avoid reality and set these unrealistic standards for relationships and life. They are more interested in the real world around them and would prefer to focus on things that they can actually experience.


Fairytales are rarely something the ESTP finds themselves intrigued by, and they might even scoff at the thought of them. ESTPs are more drawn things that are realistic and believable. While sometimes they enjoy letting their imaginations run wild, they rarely find themselves wanting to dive into fairytales. They might however find themselves intrigued by the darker fairytale stories, enjoying the twists and bends that they can take. For the ESTP it is simply more rewarding to focus on the real world around them, than to imagine worlds that do not exist.


ISFPs can sometimes enjoy fairytales, at least the thought of them. They enjoy thinking about other realities and often have truly romantic hearts. They might imagine having some prince charming or princess come into their lives and sweep them away. This thought of having someone to fall so in love with that they want to run away together, can be truly dreamy for the ISFP. They simply enjoy experiencing the magic in fairytales, and don’t mine seeming foolish to others.


ESFPs can be romantics at heart, and so they often find themselves drawn to fairytales. They enjoy the thought of getting swept away in these magical stories and worlds, even if they aren’t real. ESFPs dream of things that are outside of the real world, and enjoy considering what it would be like to live inside of a fairytale. They don’t care if they seem foolish or dramatic, ESFPs simply want to enjoy themselves and focus on what makes them happy. Sometimes fairytales are exciting for them, and they thrive on these magical thoughts and stories.
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