An In-Depth Look Behind the INTJ Stare

There is a facial expression shown by the INTJ that is sometimes referred to as the INTJ Stare. We have decided to deconstruct this and explain what exactly is behind this intense expression.

What Does the INTJ Stare Look Like?

The INTJ Stare- also affectionately known as the INTJ Death Stare- is often misinterpreted by others. The INTJ may be seen glaring in someone’s direction, or off into a random space in the room. Their expression may be rather intense and even like they are angry about something. They probably have people continuously asking them if they are okay when this stare occurs. The INTJ is often perplexed when someone asks them this, since they are usually perfectly fine when they are giving this intense expression. The INTJ often does not realize that their face appears angry or rather intense to others, since this is not from anger. The INTJ often delivers a very piercing look with their eyes, which can make others feel very uncomfortable. There is a lot of weight behind their expression that can often intimidate others if they do not understand where it is coming from. This is often an expression that feels intense to others, with a strange combination of intensity that is almost void of emotion. For some INTJs it may appear like a deer in headlights look, while with others it is a rather intense piercing stare.

What Exactly Is Behind The INTJ Stare?

The reason the INTJs expression goes into an often deadly stare, is simply because they are thinking. The INTJ has a rather vivid internal mind that they spend much of their time exploring. The INTJ craves the chance to explore new ideas, often mulling over what seems like hundreds of thoughts inside their head at once. It is not unusual for the INTJ to pick up an idea from their surroundings and allow their mind to run with it for miles. The INTJs thought process is an incredibly beautiful and perplexing thing. They do not always know what will spur an exciting spark of curiosity in their minds, meaning that this stare could occur at any time. They may be out in public when their thoughts are enticed by a new thought and they begin thinking about all the possible ideas that come from that. One simple thought can often create a wave of continuous other thoughts for the INTJ. The simplest idea can evolve into something massive and almost unstoppable.

The INTJ may find themselves travelling down this path, one that leads to another path and yet another after that. These thoughts are often connected like a web that grows on itself, working on a new way to figure out a problem or come to conclusion about something. The INTJ may find that while they are out with friends something around them sends them into these deep thoughts. They may even end up arriving at a question that they decide to blurt out to the people around them. This may sound like the most random comment possible to everyone else, but the INTJ took miles to get to where they are now. This thought came from something else that is very present, but turned into something else altogether. It is not random at all, simply a new conclusion that they have reached. It may only seem like a short moment to everyone else, but the INTJ is often capable of thinking of many things in a very quick amount of time. Their minds are vast and complicated, and the INTJ rather enjoys it that way.

Sometimes this intense stream of thought occurs during an interesting conversation, while other times it is because they feel bored by their surroundings. Someone may say something that intrigues the INTJ and they are simply mulling over the best conclusion to this inside their mind. While other times they are surrounded by things that are of little interest to them, so it causes the INTJ to allow their mind to wander. When the INTJ stare is directed at a person during an intense conversation, take this as a compliment. This means you have sparked their interest which is a rather rare thing. The fact that you are intriguing and intelligent enough to spur such a reaction from an INTJ, is quite a flattering thing.

This stare is a very intense and often detached focus that confuses others. It may appear aggressive, but that is not true at all. This is simply because people are unnerved by the intensity of thought that is behind the INTJs stare. Their minds are so very vivid and rich that it causes the INTJ to appear like they are in a sort of trance. They are often coming to new conclusions or attempting to solve a problem at hand. Solving these problems often causes more ideas to pop up in the INTJs mind, making them think even more intensely about things. The INTJ often has a lot to process and interpret inside their own inner minds, making them appear very focused to others. There is something so powerful about the way that they follow their thoughts, often coming to incredible conclusions in the end. This is simply how the INTJ absorbs more knowledge and attempts to figure things out.

Pay Closer Attention

If you look close enough, there isn’t true anger behind this stare. An angry INTJ can be a very intense thing, but it takes a lot for them to actually get to that point. INTJs may become frustrated or annoyed easily, but rarely do they let themselves become truly angry. Behind the INTJs stare is simply intense focus and many waves of thoughts. Their minds are expressive and lively, making them appear rather intense to the onlooker. Certainly this is not as frightening as some people may perceive it, if they simply pay closer attention. If you are willing to take a deeper look you will realize just how exciting and interesting this INTJs stare is. It is their minds turning at such a fast rate that it causes them to almost zone out. The INTJ is dancing around with the thoughts inside their mind, which is a rather interesting place. If you are capable of truly understanding what this stare comes from, you couldn’t possibly be anything other than captivated by it.


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