Here’s How Easily Offended Each Personality Type Actually Is

Here’s How Easily Offended Each Personality Type Actually Is

Some people have extremely thick skins, and are rarely offended by the words of others. At the same time, there are people who become offended by even the smallest injustice. Here is how easily offended each personality type actually is.


INFJs try not to be sensitive souls, but unfortunately they can be hurt rather easily. They definitely try to keep an open mind though, and don’t want to be the type of person who is constantly offended. INFJs will not become offended by silly things, but rather will read the intentions of the other person. When the INFJ knows that the other person is intending to be offensive, they will become very frustrated by this. INFJs are rarely offended, and are more easily hurt by the people closest to them. They know what they believe in, and do not let other people damage this in any way.


ENFJs can often be easily offended by others, especially since they work hard to do things the right way. If someone inadvertently insults the ENFJs skills or abilities, they will become both hurt and offended by this. They want to be the best at everything they do, and work hard to make sure they are properly caring for their loved ones. ENFJs natural perfectionist attitude, is a big reason why they can be so easily offended. They simply dislike feeling as if someone is judging them, or insulting their capabilities. ENFJs will usually only become offended when people are being rude, and likely intending to upset them.


INFPs can be somewhat easily offended, only because they have such intensely strong inner morals. They know what they believe is right, and these beliefs are actually extremely important to the INFP. If someone insults or attacks these ideals, the INFP can become very upset and offended. An INFP who is not offended at all, is likely going through a much more guarded time in their lives. An important part of being who they are, is that the INFP has a rather tender heart. They can become hurt by their loved ones rather easily, but even more so they can become offended if they somehow try to attack their beliefs.


ENFPs are surprisingly much more sensitive than they let on or want others to believe. They often attempt to protect themselves from getting hurt, and will appear more thick-skinned in front of strangers. ENFPS enjoy being playful, and like to be around positive and inspiring people. They do however, become easily offended and hurt by the people they care about. If someone the ENFP loves says something that insults their morals or actions, the ENFP will become extremely offended by this. They rarely become offended by the words of strangers though, and will likely laugh it off in those situations.


INTJs are not easily offended people, simply because they do not allow people to get to them in such a way. They usually are open-minded enough that they can understand where someone is coming from. They realize that most people are not intending to be offensive, and simply do not realize what they are really saying. INTJs work hard to compile a belief system that is founded on facts and sincerity, and because of this it is unwavering. They rarely become offended by someone disagreeing with them, and will simply work to prove them wrong. When the INTJ can become hurt and offended, is when someone they trust lies to them or betrays them in some way.


ENTJs have rather thick skins, and because of this they are rarely offended by other people. ENTJs are mostly offended by someone disrespecting them and their hard work. If someone they have grown to love and trust betrays them, the ENTJ will become extremely upset by this. They do not become easily offended by people disagreeing with them, and actually enjoy the opportunity to prove others wrong. ENTJs might become offended by someone who is blatantly disrespecting them in public, and they will feel the need to right this situation quickly.


INTPs are not easily offended people, but they do have certain soft spots. They often have certain qualities that are important to them, like their intelligence and sense of morals. INTPs are actually very moral people, even though they might not share the most typical ideals. If someone attempts to insult the INTPs intelligence or their ethics, they will become extremely offended by this. They will rarely show their hurt outwardly, and will attempt to appear calm and collected. INTPs dislike feeling like someone has upset them, and like to consider themselves more like robots. In truth, the INTP has a rather warm heart underneath all of their logic and intelligence.


ENTPs are not easily offended people, and are actually pretty impossible to crack. They know what they believe, and don’t become upset because someone disagrees with them. ENTPs actually enjoy debating different topics with people and love the opportunity to prove someone wrong. If someone does not agree with the ENTP, they will likely enjoy the chance to figure out why. ENTPs usually don’t even become offended by someone who is attempting to insult their beliefs or morals. They know what they personally believe in, and don’t require that other people agree with them in order to feel secure.


ISTJs can become offended if another person attempts to insult or attack their integrity. ISTJs are very hardworking and moral people, who care very deeply for their loved ones. Someone who doesn’t know or understand the ISTJ attempting to suggest that they are uncaring or immoral people, is extremely offensive to them. They may not be the most outwardly emotional folks, but they are extremely caring when it comes to their loved ones. They will also become offended if someone suggest that they are not working hard enough, and are lacking in some important skill. ISTJs definitely try not to be offended by strangers, and are more easily affected by their loved ones.


ESTJs are not easily offended people, especially when it comes to strangers. People they do not know attempting to bother the ESTJ, will likely make them chuckle. When it comes to their loved ones though, ESTJs can be somewhat sensitive to their words and actions. If someone close to the ESTJ attempts to accuse them of being lazy or uncaring, they will become very bothered by this. ESTJs work hard to care for their loved ones practical needs and dislike feeling unappreciated for these efforts. They can become offended and hurt if the people closest to them do not notice how hard they work.


ISFJs are hardworking and warm individuals, and because of this they can become offended somewhat easily. They do not like to be offended, and might brush this off and attempt to pretend they are fine. ISFJs become offended when someone attempts to insult their intelligence and their work ethic. They are constantly pushing themselves to care for everyone around them, and are not afraid of getting their hands dirty. They become especially offended if the people closest to them to not notice their efforts. Having their loved ones lack appreciation for how much they do, is truly upsetting for the ISFJ.


ESFJs are not easily offended by strangers, but can become very upset by the words and actions of their loved ones. If someone the ESFJ trusts and cares about insults them somehow, they will become extremely offended and hurt. They can be somewhat sensitive when it comes to the people closest to them, and will become offended somewhat easily. They care about people very deeply, and are constantly trying to make their loved ones happy. If the ESFJ feels like this is not appreciated, then they will become extremely upset. The words of their loved ones can easily offend the ESFJ, which can make it difficult for them sometimes.


ISTPs are rather thick-skinned people, and are not at all offended easily. It takes a lot for the ISTP to become offended by others, especially when it comes to strangers. If someone attempts to insult their intelligence and morals, the ISTP might become a bit frustrated and even offended by this. It takes a lot for them to get to this point though, and in most cases they will simply brush it off. They are more concerned with how their loved ones view them, but will only become offended if a line is truly crossed.


ESTPs can become offended if someone insults their intelligence and their work ethic. They are constantly pushing themselves to learn about new subjects and achieve success. If someone accuses the ESTP of being stupid or uncaring, they will become extremely offended and angered by this. ESTPs are not offended by every insult or comment thrown their way, but certain things can truly push their buttons. Having people who simply do not respect the ESTPs boundaries, is going to offend and annoy them simultaneously.


ISFPs are sensitive souls, and because of this they can be somewhat easily offended. They become very bothered if someone attempts to insult their intelligence or their inner morals. ISFPs become offended if someone challenges their beliefs, simply because they hold them very dear and close to their heart. The ISFP knows what they believe in, and they do not want other people attempting to insult or attack these beliefs. They are not closed minded at all, and are perfectly accepting if people disagree with them. They simply dislike if someone is actively trying to change their mind or tear them down in any way.


ESFPs can be somewhat easily offended, without even meaning to be. They can sometimes misunderstand the intentions of others, and become hurt by the smallest of actions. ESFPs have rather strong beliefs and morals, and become angry if someone attempts to attack these beliefs. Feeling like people are judging them or their actions, is very bothersome for the ESFP. They don’t intend to be so easily offended by people, they are simply sensitive and caring people.

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