Here’s How You Feel About Pranks, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people enjoy pranks and practical jokes, others find them upsetting and obnoxious. Everyone has their own set of boundaries and pet peeves, which can vary immensely from each type. Here is how you feel about pranks, based on your personality type.



INFJs often dislike pranks and practical jokes, since they can foresee them going too far. They do enjoy playfulness, and might enjoy some light teasing. For the INFJ it is more about sharing banter and connecting with others. They don’t like pulling pranks on the people they care for, and might find that to be a foolish idea. INFJs don’t want to jeopardize their relationships, not when they truly value someone on a deep level. INFJs might not mind the occasional practical joke, as long as it is lighthearted and does not make someone feel embarrassed because of it.


ENFJs often do not like the idea of pranks and practical jokes, since it can really end up upsetting people. They might not mind some light playfulness, as long as it does not embarrass or hurt someone they care for. ENFJs want to make others happy and they understand some of their loved ones might enjoy some practical jokes, but they don’t want these things to go too far. They might engage for a little bit, but for ENFJs it is more important to ensure that everyone avoid getting too upset and that things don’t take a negative turn.


INFPs often enjoy being playful, but they don’t like when things go too far. They don’t mind a few minor pranks, as long as they don’t somehow embarrass the people involved. They do like having fun and want to enjoy being a little friskiness with the people they are close to. INFPs just don’t like when the practical jokes take a negative turn, and might find it to be a bit immature when someone does not respect their clear and designated boundaries.


ENFPs often do enjoy pulling pranks and various practical jokes, especially on their loved ones. They have a very playful nature and often consider this behavior to be a sign of affection. ENFPs like being able to challenge people, and it is fun when those individuals can challenge them back. Being able to banter and pull pranks back and forth, can be a really fun and interested experience for the ENFP. Someone who is simply comfortable being stagnant and doesn’t enjoy a few playful games, is someone the ENFP will likely become bored of after a while.



INTJs don’t often enjoy pranks with people they are not close to, and find them to be a more personal thing. They might develop a playful relationship with someone which leads to the occasional practical joke. INTJs do have a very fun and sometimes mischievous side to their personality, they simply don’t let it show to everyone. They prefer to only open up to the people they know and trust, and for are more likely to get into playing pranks on those people. INTJs will respect people’s clear boundaries though, and only continue if that person enjoys it.


ENTJs often enjoy playing a few pranks here and there, since they have a pretty outrageous sense of humor. They enjoy being able to come up with new and challenging ways to play practical jokes on people. For ENTJs this is a fun way to connect with others and experience some playfulness. They are hardworking people but when the ENTJ wants to have fun they certainly know how to do it. They enjoy being able to connect with their loved ones and want to make the most out of their time together.


INTPs usually aren’t fans of too many practical jokes, at least not constant ones. They might occasionally play a joke on someone who they know will enjoy it, or simply to see how they respond. INTPs do enjoy challenging themselves and others, but they do prefer to respect certain requests. They don’t like upsetting their loved ones, and will back off if they have made it clear it bothers them. For INTPs though the occasional prank is a nice way to read others and see how they will react to certain actions. They have unique senses of humor though, and it often veers off in different directions.


ENTPs often enjoy the occasional prank, simply because it is a great way to challenge themselves and others. They are always ready to experience new things, and sometimes a good practical joke can be entertaining for everyone involved. The ENTP does know how to respect boundaries, but at first they often have to cross them in order to learn what they are. When someone makes it very clear they have had enough, the ENTP will back off. They would rather be around people who enjoy experiencing their sense of humor and who want to challenge the ENTP as well.



ISTJs aren’t often fans of practical jokes and might find them to be a bit silly. They don’t mind some playful banter, but often pranks get taken too far. For the ISTJ it is more about being able to respect others and have their own boundaries respected. If they have made it clear they aren’t in the mood for pranks, they want that to be honored. They do have a playful side and a rather sarcastic sense of humor, ISTJs just rarely find practical jokes all that fun.


ESTJs aren’t often fans of practical jokes, but on occasion they will find them amusing. ESTJs do like having fun and have unique senses of humor. They want to be able to experience excitement with their loved ones, but don’t like being pushed too far. ESTJs might enjoy the occasional prank, but they don’t enjoy it constantly. ESTJs are hardworking people who want to focus on being efficient and getting things done that are important to them.


ISFJs don’t often enjoy pranks, and might find them to be a bit upsetting. They don’t like anything that might hurt or embarrass someone, and playing practical jokes can really do this. ISFJs often see how these things can wind up going too far, and they will likely become upset by this. ISFJs can often handle a few pranks played on them if it is someone they know is just being playful, but they rarely find it amusing when they see someone who constantly plays pranks on everyone around them.


ESFJs don’t mind the occasional practical joke, especially when it is done in a playful manner. They want to be around people who have compassion and are sensitive to the needs of those around them. ESFJs enjoy being playful with the people around them, and don’t mind a relationship that includes some banter and maybe a few pranks here and there. ESFJs simply don’t like people who constantly push them and who do not respect their boundaries when they’ve had enough.



ISTPs don’t usually enjoy pranks, and often find them to be a bit annoying. They would rather focus on living in the present and doing things that are challenging and exciting. ISTPs don’t mind the occasional practical joke, especially when they get to connect with someone who enjoys it. They simply want to be able to experience anything that gives them a sense of excitement and intensity. ISTPs can become bored of people who play constant pranks though, and find it a bit childish.


ESTPs are adventurous people who enjoy being able to experience excitement in their lives. While they want to live in the present and dive into new things, they aren’t often fans of practical jokes. Playing constant pranks on others can be both exhausting and irritating for them. ESTPs don’t mind the occasional prank, as long as it is something small and doesn’t leave people feeling alienated. ESTPs would rather connect with their loved ones in a more enjoyable manner.


ISFPs aren’t often fans of practical jokes and might find them to be a bit foolish. They would rather experience the world in a more free and enjoyable way, rather than constantly pushing the buttons those around them. ISFPs understand that everyone has their own unique sense of humor, but they don’t often enjoy being around people who seem to constantly tease and play pranks on others. ISFPs want to be sensitive to the feelings of others and they want their own emotions respected as well.


ESFPs might play the occasional practical joke on others, but they want to keep it lighthearted. They don’t like to push other others and upset their loved ones, and want to simply enjoy the moment with them. ESFPs can become upset with people who constantly play pranks on them, especially ones that aren’t all that fun. For the ESFP it is more about enjoying the present and doing things that are exciting and enjoyable. As long as the person playing the prank doesn’t go too far and knows how to make it entertaining, they won’t mind.


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