Here’s What Your Eccentric Side is Like, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s What Your Eccentric Side is Like, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people are extremely conventional, others have a rather eccentric side to their personality. Here is what your own eccentric side if like, based on your personality type.


INFJs definitely have an eccentric side, even if they don’t openly express this to others. They simply don’t feel safe showing every part of themselves, and need to trust someone in order to peel back those layers. INFJs can be rather playful and a bit eccentric, and enjoy unconventional ideas and hobbies. INFJs don’t like to follow the norm, and enjoy being able to explore their own interests without feeling held back by expectations. This is why INFJs often hide these parts of themselves, since they only want to be this vulnerable in front of someone who won’t judge them.


ENFJs are comfortable expressing themselves in most cases, and don’t want to hide behind what people expect of them. They are charismatic people, but they do have an eccentric side. ENFJs enjoy being a bit over the top, and maybe even a tad dramatic. They want to feel safe being themselves, and want to bring joy wherever they can. ENFJs often like different hobbies and even entertainment, which can be a bit out of the norm. They don’t want to be too odd, but deep down they are eccentrics at heart. ENFJs simply want to be themselves, and want people to love them for it.


INFPs are often eccentric people, simply because they don’t follow what is conventional. They enjoy being able to explore whatever draws their attention, and don’t give much thought to what other people will think. INFPs naturally dance to the beat of their own drum, which can sometimes be a bit unusual to others. They enjoy exploring new things, some of those hobbies and ideas are entirely odd but always passionate and exciting. INFPs are comfortable being themselves, and enjoy being free to relish in whatever ignites their souls.


ENFPs are definitely a bit eccentric, since they enjoy being able to explore anything new and exciting. They don’t want to be held back by what other people might expect of them, and enjoy being free to be themselves. ENFPs love being able to wrap themselves up into something new and maybe a bit unusual. For them taking part in things that are unconventional, just makes them even more excited and eager. ENFPs don’t like anything boring or stagnant, which is what often makes them even more eccentric people. They want to be able to find things that truly ignite their passion and brings them to life.


INTJs are logical and intelligent people, who love knowledge deeply. They are always searching for new things to research and understand, and never stop hungering for information. Their desire to constantly remove ignorance from themselves and others, takes the INTJ down some interesting roads. They don’t feel like they have ever quite learned enough, and will push themselves to continue researching even with things that might be a bit odd. INTJs are not afraid of going down the rabbit hole, since it can only lead to a deeper understanding of information. INTJs do enjoy unconventional things as well, and want to feel free to learn and absorb.


ENTJs can be somewhat conventional people when it comes to their daily work lives. They want to be sure to get things done, and truly value efficiency. While ENTJs believe in working hard and getting the job done, they do have a somewhat unconventional side to their personality. Where ENTJs can become a bit eccentric, is often in their own personal lives. They might enjoy exploring different ideas and information, which other people would prefer to stay away from. They simply enjoy being able to learn as much as they can, and are not afraid to stretch their minds a bit.


INTPs can be rather unconventional and eccentric people, which ties into their natural curiosity. INTPs love being able to explore new things, and never feel ready to stop this exploration. They want to learn as much as they can, and are constantly searching to absorb information. INTPs aren’t afraid of trying something new, and are often drawn to the more eccentric or unusual ideas. Their minds are such rich and active places, with some incredible and shocking ideas floating around inside. INTPs don’t want to simply learn about boring topics, but instead want to stretch their minds and their beliefs.


ENTPs love exploration, and never really seem content to just stay in one place. ENTPs would much rather be passionate and eccentric, than they would boring. They never want to simply stand still and are much happier when they are exploring new things. ENTPs are definitely a bit eccentric, since they are constantly ready to try anything new, no matter how odd it might be. They enjoy being able to push their own limits, and are constantly trying to discover other people’s boundaries. ENTPs are intense people with rather vivid imaginations, which takes them down some pretty unusual paths.


ISTJs are generally seen as rather conventional people, who enjoy keeping their lives together. They are hardworking and steadfast, and enjoy being the person to get things done. ISTJs don’t like to step too far out of their comfort zones, and feel most at ease doing what they know and understand. They are typically very dependable and intelligent people, who favor being the person others can rely on to be successful at whatever they do. While they aren’t usually eccentric, ISTJs do have a rather playful and goofy side to their personality. This is something that is only expressed around the people they love and trust.


ESTJs are usually conventional and hardworking people. They value efficiency and are always working to get things done the best way possible. ESTJs push themselves to become better and stronger, and are always working to be the best at whatever task they perform. ESTJs believe in following the rules, and want to ensure that people see just how hard they work. While they are generally reliable and conventional people, ESTJs do have a somewhat odd side to their personality. This is something they rarely feel comfortable expressing, and will likely keep to themselves.


ISFJs are compassionate and focused people, who prefer to keep their lives organized. Their desire to care for others makes the ISFJ more focused on doing what is right. They don’t often have time for themselves, since they are so intent of caring for the needs of others. ISFJs are often viewed as conventional and modest people, who enjoy living normal lives. While ISFJs might be conscious of how others perceive them, they often have another side to their personality. They might even be interested in hobbies that appear a bit unusual, they just don’t feel at ease expressing this to others.


ESFJs are generally viewed as conventional people, but this is often only from an outside view. When it comes to their loved ones, ESFJs are a bit odd and playful. They simply don’t feel comfortable expressing a lot of themselves to others, and only want to be exposed to people they trust. ESFJs can express their eccentric side based on their interests, since they often find themselves intrigued by unusual hobbies and activities. They may not want to whole world to notice these oddities, but they enjoy being able to share them with the people they love.


ISTPs are intelligent and analytical people, who enjoy living in the moment. They aren’t afraid to try something new and love seeking out adventure. ISTPs aren’t afraid to be themselves, even if they are expressing a more eccentric side to their personality. They are often more internal people though, which means they keep these things to themselves. It isn’t for fear of being embarrassed, but simply because ISTPs are focused internally and actually enjoy being by themselves most of the time.


ESTPs are adventurous and fun people, who often enjoy things that are a bit odd. While they don’t always share these parts of themselves with everyone, they will certainly express them to their loved ones. ESTPs often find themselves intrigued by knowledge, and sometimes they become interested in some unusual things. They want to learn about history and exciting topics, which can often be rather odd and maybe a bit eerie. ESTPs do have an eccentric side, which can sometimes surprise people.


ISFPs are free-spirits, who enjoy being able to live in the moment. They love soaking up the beauty in the world around them, without feeling held back by anything. They have warm hearts and very strong morals, which guide most of their choices in life. While ISFPs do enjoy exploring new things, they aren’t always into the more unusual things in life. When ISFPs do find themselves feeling a bit more eccentric, they aren’t at all afraid to openly express this.


ESFPs are fun-loving and entertaining people, but they aren’t often seen as eccentric. They enjoy doing things that make people smile, but also care how they are perceived by others. ESFPs want people to like them and enjoy their presence, and work hard to maintain this. They might have goofy and playful moments, but they try not to be too unusual in front of others. Their eccentric side is likely only expressed in front of the people they fully trust.

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