Here’s How Adaptable You Are, According to Your Personality Type

Here’s How Adaptable You Are, According to Your Personality Type

Some people are afraid of change, while others are capable of adapting to whatever comes their way. Here is how adaptable each personality type actually is.


INFJs are very intuitive people, which helps them navigate the future rather easily. They don’t really enjoy change, but INFJs can often see things coming before they actually occur. They definitely try not to become stressed by too much change, and find ways to adapt. While the INFJ might become uneasy, they still find a way to adjust to what is happening to them. Their intuition helps the INFJ find ways around their troubles, and helps them adapt much better than some people. They might not be big fans of change, but INFJs always find a way through their struggles, and are internally strong people.


ENFJs are certainly adaptable, and will find ways to around whatever struggles they face. Their intuition and charisma can go a long way with helping the ENFJ adapt to whatever happens. They don’t really enjoy change, and can become frustrated if things don’t go as they hope. Even though the ENFJ tries to avoid change, they are still capable of finding ways to adapt to it. They know how to juggle many things all at once, and have a knack for navigating the future. They are intelligent people who always push through their struggles in order to accomplish their goals.


INFPs are rather internally focused people, who prefer to follow their inner morals and ideals. While INFPs do not like too much change, they also hate being stuck in one place for too long. They do enjoy being able to experience new things, and because of this they are often adaptable people. They find ways to use their intuition in order to navigate whatever new things come their way. INFPs are stronger than most people realized, and have a naturally awareness of who they are and what they believe in. This sturdy sense of self-awareness helps the INFP navigate whatever changes might happen.


ENFs are extremely adaptable people, who actually thrive on change. They enjoy when things get mixed up in their lives, and truly hate stagnancy. They enjoy being able to experience new things, and will find ways to adapt to whatever happens. ENFPs hate being still for too long, and would rather have things shaken up than have them stay the same. They love exploring the possibilities, which makes them skilled at adapting to new things and finding ways to navigate them. Their intuition combines with their open-mindedness, makes the ENFP ready to adapt to anything.


INTJs are intelligent people, who enjoy researching and learning as much as they can. They are very adaptable people, since they are naturally intuitive. Their ability to problem solve and pick up on changes, helps the INTJ adapt very quickly to whatever might happen. They are extremely prepared people, since they often have a large amount of knowledge rattling around in their brains. INTJs are not afraid of challenges, and enjoy being able to push themselves to accomplish something new. They are always trying to grow and improve, making them ready to adapt.


ENTJs are intelligent and driven people, which helps them adapt to change. They don’t actually enjoy having things altered too much, and prefer to always be prepared. This desire to be prepared for anything, does actually help the ENTJ adapt to what may come. They keep their minds sharp and are always researching different possible outcomes. They want to be educated people, in order to navigate whatever struggles might occur. They are certainly capable of adapting, and will use their intuition as a way to get around changes.


INTPs enjoy taking on new challenges, and are always looking to expand their minds. They are very imaginative people, and often consider many different possible outcomes. The fact that INTPs are always considering what might happen, actually helps them become very adaptable people. They are not afraid of change, and expect that things can go differently than expected. They enjoy being able to explore new possibilities, and are eager to try anything new. INTPs are naturally adaptable people, even when things go completely awry.


ENTPs actually relish change, and love being able to take on new challenges. They hate when life becomes too stagnant, and simply want to explore the many possibilities that the world has to offer. ENTPs are always ready for change, and actually like pushing their own boundaries. They are extremely adaptable people, and are not at all afraid of the unknown. ENTPs are intuitive and creative people, who love using their problem solving skills to navigate challenges that come their way.


ISTJs are not fans of change, and enjoy being able to prepare for everything. They are intelligent people who favor research and strive for understanding. They sometimes can be thrown by too much change, since they prefer to be able to understand whatever they are going to face. They are capable of accepting challenges, but they often need time to research and comprehend what they need to do. ISTJs are capable of adapting, but they are not entirely comfortable with being forced into something new.


ESTJs are hardworking people, who value being prepared for everything. Because of their desire to be efficient, ESTJs can become frustrated with too much change. They enjoy being able to follow methods they know and understand, and sincerely dislike when things go awry. They are capable of finding ways to adapt to whatever happens, even though they aren’t entirely comfortable with it. ESTJs always find a way to push forward in order to get things done to the best of their ability.


ISFJs are compassionate and caring people, who strive to tend to the needs of others. Their desire to make sure everyone is happy, often makes ISFJs rather averse to change. They don’t want things to be shaken up too much, since they cannot prepare for it ahead of time. ISFJs are not the most adaptable people, and prefer to keep things in order and controlled. They much prefer following their schedules and being capable of predicting what will happen next.


ESFJs can become bothered by too much change, since they prefer to always be prepared for what is going to happen next. They want to be able to ensure that everyone around them is cared for and happy. When things do not go as the ESFJs expect, it can be difficult to take care of everyone else. ESFJs simply don’t enjoy too much change, and dislike having to adapt. They are capable of being adaptable though, and will overcome many things in order to care for their loved ones.


ISTPs are analytical people, who enjoy being able to take on new challenges. They are not afraid of change, and are completely capable of jumping into something new. ISTPs live life in the present moment, which helps them adapt to whatever comes at them. They are not looking to the past or the future in order to make decisions, and will be able to navigate the unexpected. ISTPs actually enjoy challenges, and love anything that excites them.


ESTPs despise staying stagnant for too long, which often means they enjoy change. They are adaptable people, who expect that things won’t always go as planned. ESTPs enjoy living in the present moment, and will take on whatever comes their way. They are not afraid of the unknown, instead they actually like being surprised by things. ESTPs want their lives to be filled with adventure and excitement, and are always ready for what might come their way.


ISFPs enjoy living life in the moment, which often helps them to navigate change. They do however enjoy being able to live in their own internal space, without being too smothered by others. When ISFPs are thrown into new situations, they often do best navigating them alone. Having too many people watching or judging them, can simply make them uncomfortable. ISFPs might enjoy having things a certain way, but they are capable of adapting to the unknown.


ESFPs are fun-loving and adventurous people, who enjoy living in the present moment. They realize that things don’t always go as expected, and want to experience life on their own terms. ESFPs can exhibit reckless behavior, which sometimes gets them into trouble. There are actually rather skilled at navigating the unexpected and will find ways to adapt to these surprises. If the ESFP is under a lot of stress, they will struggle to adapt and might have a hard time facing change.

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