Here’s How Each Personality Type Copes with Insecurity

Even the most confident of people possess insecurities, but everyone copes with them differently. Here is how each personality type copes with their insecurity.


INFJs often try to find a way to mask their insecurity, whether that be with deflection or humor. They don’t want to appear overly insecure because that ultimately makes them a burden for others. INFJs are fully aware of their insecurities, but often try to find ways to overcome them. They don’t want to be seen as someone who is weak or cannot take care of themselves, and want to be the one helping their loved ones succeed. INFJs can sometimes strive for perfection and try hard to ensure that they can please those around them.


ENFJs definitely don’t enjoy the idea of having insecurities, which is why they can sometimes try to deflect away from them. They often find themselves striving for perfection and try very hard to get rid of their own insecurities entirely. ENFJs don’t want their loved ones to feel like they are a burden, and want to be seen as strong and capable. They are always trying to tend to the needs of their loved ones and want to do their best to make them happy.


INFPs realize that insecurities are a part of life, and often try to find ways to properly deal with it. Younger INFPs might bury these feelings in hope of pretending like they don’t exist at all. When they get older and more mature INFPs will have come to grips with their emotions much better and will learn how to work through them. This makes it easier for the INFP to understand why they are feeling insecure and find more helpful ways of coping with it.


ENFPs often have trouble coping with their own insecurities, since they don’t like to feel inferior in any way. They might try to sweep these feelings under the rug for a while, especially the less mature ENFP. When they are younger having insecurities can feel like an easy way for people to abandon them. They might also use humor as a way to deflect away from their insecurities. When the ENFP matures they often come to realize that they need to work through these feelings and accept them.


INTJs often try to work through any insecurities by learning more about what is bothering them. INTJs insecurities often lie within feeling like they haven’t learned enough about a certain subjects. They want to feel fully aware, and dislike feeling like they possess even an ounce of ignorance. INTJs will try to combat these insecurities by diving into their research and finding ways to learn more about whatever they are feeling behind in. INTJs try to use knowledge as a way to remove their insecurities and help themselves feel more comfortable.


ENTJs use knowledge as a way to remove their insecurities, and try hard to learn about everything they can. ENTJs dislike feeling like they don’t know enough about something, and will work hard to understand. They are very hardworking people who try to stomp out insecurities by becoming more knowledgeable and efficient. Instead of letting their insecurities take over the ENTJ will try to find ways to improve and feel more at ease with themselves.


INTPs dislike feeling insecure, and have a tendency to bury their own feelings. Instead of dwelling on those negative emotions INTPs can often find easy ways to deflect from them. They will like dive into research and will find new things to learn and understand. INTPs are naturally intelligent people, who love absorbing information. They can have a hard time coping with their own feelings though, and prefer to focus on logic and things they can prove and understand.


ENTPs can often struggle when it comes to emotions, which is why they often find ways to deflect away from them. When they are feeling insecure the ENTP will likely use humor to distract away from it. ENTPs use things like sarcasm and humor as a way to deflect away from their insecurities or negative emotions. They certainly want to find ways to continue to grow and improve, and will also use knowledge as a way to cope with their insecurities.


ISTJs don’t enjoy feeling insecure, and often try to find ways to get over this. They cope with their insecurities by pushing themselves to become better and improve themselves. ISTJs want to be the best at what they do and don’t want to let others down. They will often do research or dive into a subject in order to remove any insecurity they are feeling. ISTJs aren’t great at processing their own emotions, which is why insecurities can be difficult for them to deal with.


ESTJs often cope with their insecurities by trying to improve and become better. ESTJs want to be the very best at whatever they do, and will continue to push themselves. They don’t like feeling insecure at all, and have a hard time dealing with these negative emotions. They will work hard to improve so that they can become more confident in whatever area they are feeling insecure about. ESTJs can have a hard time if they feel like they have let others down in any way.


ISFJs often have a hard time dealing with their insecurities, since they want to be perfect for their loved ones. ISFJs can try to bury their own problems in order to properly care for the problems of others. They usually just deflect their insecurities and find ways to be better at whatever it bothering them. ISFJs don’t want to be needy and struggle with the idea of being a burden to others. They are more inclined to push themselves in order to improve and please others.


ESFJs try to cope with their insecurity by finding ways to bury it completely. ESFJs dislike feeling like they have failed in their efforts to be perfect for their loved ones. They want to make them happy and dislike feeling like they aren’t living up to their own expectations. ESFJs often have a hard time feeling insecure, and want to find ways to keep this from their loved ones. They hate feeling needy or like they aren’t strong enough to deal with their own problems.


ISTPs definitely don’t enjoy dealing with emotions, and often have a hard time processing their own. They prefer to focus on things they can measure and value facts and logic. ISTPs can sometimes feel themselves finding ways to distract against from their insecurities, and will work on improving. Instead of dwelling on these emotions the ISTP will work to make themselves feel better and will push themselves to grow.


ESTPs don’t cope well with insecurities and can often have a hard time processing emotions. They can sometimes bury their own feelings and don’t do well when it comes to insecurities. They might deflect by pushing themselves to impress others and improve. ESTPs just don’t enjoy dwelling on negative emotions and wants to find a positive way to process things. They can sometimes search out distractions in order to make themselves feel better.


ISFPs spend a lot of time processing their emotions in order to understand them. They aren’t the type of bury their feelings and instead want to figure them out. If they are feeling insecure they will often try to figure out what is making them feel this way. If the ISFP can work through these feelings they will do their best to find a solution. If the ISFP cannot find a way to work through their insecurities they will search for distractions to make themselves feel better.


ESFPs can often bury their insecurities, and prefer to focus on positive things in life. They don’t enjoy dwelling on anything negative and want to enjoy themselves. ESFPs can struggle when it comes to feeling insecure, and simply want to feel better. They can sometimes look to their loved ones as a way to ignore whatever insecurities they are feeling.

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