Here’s What Your Passionate Side is Like, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s What Your Passionate Side is Like, Based on Your Personality Type

Everyone has a way of expressing their passionate side, but each person expresses this is in their own way. Here is what the passionate side of each personality type looks like.


When an INFJ is passionate about something, it often consumes them but it isn’t always noticeable to others. The INFJ may not always feel safe exposing their passionate side to people they do not trust. When it comes to the ones they trust, the INFJ will express their joy and excitement with the things they are passionate about. They will want to share this completely as a way to feel connected to that person, in hopes that they will appreciate their intensity. INFJs are natural passionate people, and enjoy sharing this with the ones they love.


ENFJs are extremely passionate people, who often enjoy expressing this. When they aren’t tending to the needs of others, ENFJs enjoy chatting about and sharing their passions. They can become very excited and intense when they talk about the things that they love, especially when they are around people they care for. ENFJs are passionate about many things in life, whether it be their loved ones, their job or their hobbies- they can become very animated when it comes to the things they love.


INFPs are definitely passionate people, but they don’t always feel comfortable sharing this with others. They often keep their passions and interests very close and personal to them. When the INFP meets people they can trust though, they will often spill their guts. They can become very energized and emotional when discussing their passions, especially when they are sharing it with someone they care for deeply. INFPs feel things in a very intense way, which makes them connect even more powerfully to what they are passionate about.


ENFPs are extremely passionate people, with a hunger for life and excitement. They enjoy exploring the possibilities in the world around them, and never want to do things halfway. When ENFPs are excited about something they jump in headfirst, and let their heart guide them through. Their passionate side is intense and almost intoxicating for others to be a part of. ENFPs often allow their passions to sweep them away, and dislike holding back about the things that truly matter to them. This makes ENFPs passionate side very powerful, and somewhat overwhelming on occasion.


INTJs are very passionate people, especially when it comes to learning and enriching their minds. They enjoy diving into research, especially with new and exciting topics. They can become very zoned in when they are excited about something, and enjoy soaking up the information in front of them. INTJs may not appear extremely animated about their passions, but instead become intense and focused. They have a way of becoming so engrossed with the things that excite them that it is almost frightening for others to witness.


The passionate side of an ENTJ is often very driven and enthusiastic. They enjoy diving into information, and putting together the best plan to make things work. ENTJs actually become very passionate and excited about their goals, and enjoy taking on these challenges. The things that bore some people, truly get the ENTJ riles up and energized. They enjoy pushing themselves, and become very excited about new opportunities for growth. The ENTJ likes to let their passions become a part of them, and enjoy finding logical ways to implement them into their lives.


INTPs can be extremely intense people, especially when it comes to the things they are most passionate about. They can become very focused and zoned into absorbing information, or participating in the hobbies that capture their interest. INTPs sometimes make people nervous because of how intense they become about their passions, and might even throw people off a bit. INTPs simply want to become engrossed in the things that excite them, since it’s not easy to make them feel that way. They enjoy things that challenge their minds and their emotions, and want to hold onto them.


ENTPs are very enthusiastic and passionate people, who enjoy absorbing new things. ENTPs have a constant passion for life, and don’t want to do anything halfway. When the ENTP becomes excited by something, they want to dive in headfirst without looking back. They often take chances in life, because they want to avoid anything boring or stagnant. ENTPs passionate side is intense and exciting, with constant surprises around every corner.


ISTJs are often very passionate about their ability to perform under pressure and get things done. They want to provide for their loved ones, and hate letting people down. They do have aspects to their passionate side that are not always outwardly noticeable for others. ISTJs often have streaks of artistic genius, or even secret interests that they don’t openly share with others. ISTJs can have a rather quiet passionate side, since it is extremely internal and personal to them. They might not always seem like passionate people on the outside, but that is because they keep it close to their heart.


ESTJs are very openly passionate people, with intense and eager personalities. When the ESTJ is passionate about something they can become extremely focused on it, and won’t let other people stand in their way. The ESTJ does not like to be held back, and will often become obsessive about achieving their goals. If they want something they will do whatever it takes to get it and will often push themselves very hard. The ESTJs passionate side is aggressive and enthusiastic.


ISFJs are often modest about their passionate side, and try not to let it overtake them. They can be somewhat reserve people, but that is simply because their passions run very deep and personal. They don’t always feel comfortable sharing the things that inspire them most, and simply want to be able to enjoy these things in their own space. ISFJs are also very passionate about their loved ones, and can become intense when it comes to ensuring that they are cared.


ESFJs can be extremely passionate people, especially when it comes to their loved ones. They will often fight vigorously to ensure the happiness of the people close to them, which can actually be very intense at times. If the ESFJ has someone who needs their help, they will stop at nothing to do what needs to be done. They also have a very internal part of their passionate side, causing them to become obsessive about the things that they love and feel inspired by. The ESFJ who feels passionate about something person will often find themselves privately obsessing over it, and might have a hard time sharing it with others.


The passionate side of the ISTP is often very adventurous and a bit intense. They enjoy taking chances in life, and want to explore new possibilities. ISTPs hate being stuck in the same boring situation, so they are constantly seeking out different things to spark their passionate side. They often become completely absorbed in whatever excites them, but will jump from one thing to the next very quickly. ISTPs can be very personal about their passions though, and don’t always feel the need to share these things with other people.


The passionate side of the ESTP is exciting and adventurous, and quite the opposite of boring. They enjoy dragging their favorite people into their little adventures, and want to share their passions with the ones they love. ESTPs truly want to feel connected to their loved ones, and expressing their passions with them is often a great way to do this. ESTPs dislike staying stagnant, and because of this they often jump from one exciting thing to the next.


The passionate side of the ISFP is often a very personal and intense thing. They can be extremely passionate people, with a hunger for all things new and exciting. They want to be completely enraptured by the things that inspire them, and dislike holding back. ISFPs want to feel free to explore their passions, and hold these things very close to their heart. They have very few people who they feel comfortable sharing their passionate side with, but when they do it is a beautiful and exciting thing.


ESFPs are naturally passionate people, who enjoy soaking up the joys in life. They hate staying still for too long, and are constantly jumping from one hobby to the next. ESFPs want to get the most out of life, and can become extremely eager and animated when it comes to their passions. They enjoy sharing their inspiration with their loved ones, and hate keeping those feelings stifled inside of them.

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