INTJ Intuition: Understanding the INTJs Sense of Intuition

Each personality type has some sort of intuition, it is simply more powerful for some than for others. Not only does the potency of intuition vary from type to type, there are also different types of intuition which are expressed in very different ways. For some there is extraverted intuition, while for others it is introverted which is much stronger and more naturally used. In order to understand how each personality type will respond and experience things, knowing their intuitive strengths and weaknesses is certainly important.

The INTJs intuition is focused inward and is their dominant function. It doesn’t pay attention to possibilities so much as it sees the most likely outcomes based on facts cataloged over time. They are certainly analytical thinkers, but what most people don’t realize is that their dominant function is actually their intuition. This is often confused because the INTJ uses their thinking skills alongside their intuition in order to problem solve and come up with strategic plans. Combining these functions in order to navigate the world better, really helps the INTJ to get things done efficiently and with a sense of logic and reason.

INTJ and Introverted Intuition

The INTJ uses introverted intuition and this is something which helps them to make future predictions. The INTJs mind naturally pulls out facts and details and keeps track of them over time. Once they have cataloged enough facts the INTJs intuition gives them answers and future predictions. This is part of what makes the INTJ so naturally great at strategizing and putting together plans which end up being amazingly efficient and successful. Their intuition will guide the INTJ and helps them to figure out the most likely outcomes of their choices. They often use proven methods in order to get things done, but will improve upon them with their own unique ideas and strategies. They enjoy adding their own analytical skills and problem solving abilities in order to get things done and accomplish whatever goal they set their minds to. While many think INTJs are bound to try a new path, it is a bit more complex than that. They look at what has been done and proven to be effective, and find their own ways of improving upon these choices which often makes it seem like an entirely new method to those around them.

The good thing about the INTJs introverted intuition, is that they also use extraverted thinking skills to connect these ideas with proven methods. For other types who use this type of intuition people can often lack trust in them, since it seems a bit too much like a psychic ability. INTJs are logical people who are aware that their intuition is something which comes from being able to record and keep track of so many facts in their subconscious minds. They connect this with the outside world by pulling in different facts and using them to make the right strategic predictions. Where the INFJ combines their intuition with reading people and their emotions, the INTJ uses it with facts and practical means. They focus on all of the information around them and this makes their methods of getting things done rather precise and often very accurate. This is why it is important to dive deeper and understand the INTJs intuition and what their other functions are as well. All of their functions combine to help them utilize this introverted intuition even more efficiently. Without their extraverted thinking skills, the INTJ wouldn’t be able to filter this intuition and analyze the information in ways which help them really advance and choose the path which is most effective for them.

Trusting in Their Intuition

INTJs definitely do best when they learn to trust in their own intuitive abilities. There are times when they might turn to overanalyzing and forget to take a step back, and when this happens they need to start relying on their intuition a bit more. INTJs are factual people who want to be able to back up everything they know and do, but at times intuition is something which is much more subconscious. While their introverted intuition is an internalized function, it is still something which helps them make most of their decisions and come up with the most effective paths to take. Without trusting in themselves and their own intuition, the INTJ will start to lose sight of themselves and their natural strengths. When the INTJ becomes disconnected from this inner intuition, they can seem to be more focused on venturing out and trying to explore different means of making choices. This can cause them to appear reckless, and the INTJ really loses this sense of direction which makes them who they are.

The INTJ who trusts in their intuition is often focused and determined to accomplish their goals. They can appear a bit intense to those around them, since INTJs are aggressive in their efforts to achieve what they want in life. They don’t believe in allowing anything to stand in their way, and they have this inner confidence which gives them the inspiration to keep moving forward.

Intuitive Weaknesses

One of the biggest weaknesses which can arise with the INTJ and their intuition, is that they can appear a bit arrogant to others. When they are sure of something the INTJ doesn’t really allow others to challenge this, in most cases they know that there is no point. While INTJs do enjoy being around people who can provide them with new ideas and information, they can still be stubborn when it comes to trusting others and believing in their knowledge. When the INTJ knows something to be accurate and true, they are certainly going to be firm in this knowledge and won’t be easy to convince otherwise. While confidence is a good thing, sometimes this can come across as arrogant with the INTJ and it can intimidate those around them or even push them away entirely.

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