Here’s How Career Focused You Are, According to Your Personality Type

Here’s How Career-Focused You Are, According to Your Personality Type

Some people believe it is extremely important to focus on their careers, while others can become distracted easily. Here is how important your career is to you, according to your personality type.


For INFJs the hunt for a career can seem a bit exhausting and maybe even pointless. They often want to discover their true purpose in life, but find climbing the ladder to be draining. They don’t want to have to battle against their morals in order to grow in their career. INFJs often feel deep down that they were meant to serve a greater purpose, and don’t want to waste that focusing too hard on a career they aren’t passionate about. It can be a long road for INFJs when they are searching for their true passion in life, and sometimes this path does not lead towards a typical career.


For ENFJs having an established career is often very important, since it helps them become someone their loved ones are proud of. They want to make others happy and believe it is important to always be someone they can admire. Having an admirable career often means being able to securely provide for their loved ones and ensure that everyone is properly taken care of. ENFJs can often find themselves happy in a wide variety of careers, as long as it is something they can grow and excel in.


INFPs can struggle when it comes to finding the right career, and might feel a bit disillusioned by the entire process. They want to find something that they feel truly passionate about, and don’t enjoy feeling stuck. INFPs don’t want to waste their energy moving forward in a career that requires them to compromise their morals or beliefs. They often believe they are meant to serve a greater purpose in life, and very few career choices seem to help them on their journey. It can be difficult for the INFP to find something that feels like the right fit, and until they do the INFP will lack motivation.


ENFPs often excel in many different things, which is good since their interests are so broad. They enjoy being able to explore new avenues and hate feeling stagnant in their careers. ENFPs might be seen bouncing from one job to the next, even though they are likely good at each one. They simply want to explore different possibilities and will move on when they feel like they have outgrown something. ENFPs can certainly be focused on their career, they just prefer something that can keep them growing and feeling motivated. While ENFPs believe their career is important, they often value their relationships more.


INTJs are often very career focused, and believe it is important to motivate themselves. They are very focused on the future and want to build their lives into something they can be proud of. Their career is often important to INTJs, and they want to find something they can always be progressing in. They won’t enjoy a job that simply keeps them stuck in the same place, and strive for a place that offers many opportunities for them. INTJs do enjoy focusing on their careers, especially if they feel challenged and like they are truly providing something valuable to others.


ENTJs are often very career focused people, who strive to always be efficient in the workplace. They are focused on the future and want to push themselves to grow and learn. When it comes to their careers ENTJs often take this very seriously, and want to always be pushing themselves to climb the ladder. ENTJs make excellent bosses, and often have it in their sights to lead others. They can sometimes put their career above relationships, at least until they find people who are truly worth valuing more.


INTPs do believe it is important to find ways to grow and improve, but require a career that they can get excited about. They can struggle in different jobs throughout their lives, and need to find something that fits them well. INTPs won’t feel motivated in a career that has no room for growth, and need to constantly see the many possibilities around them. If the INTP does find a career where they can utilize their imagination and intuition, they will be extremely focused on progressing in this field.


ENTPs are focused on exploration and possibilities, which can mean a great many things. For ENTPs it is important to always be moving forward and growing in every aspect of their lives. They can often be seen bouncing from one job to the next, since they want to experience as much as they can. ENTPs might have a hard time sticking to one career long enough to really focus on it, at least until they find something that constantly challenges them.


ISTJs are very career focused and believe it is important to always be growing and improving. They want to be successful and strive to be able to provide for their loved ones. ISTJs believe that focusing on the future is extremely important, and building a great career is a major part of that. Their family and relationships are important to the ISTJ as well, but they know that they need to focus on their career in order to provide for those people.


ESTJs are often very career focused, and usually know from a young age what they want to do with their lives. They believe it is important to focus on the future and try to build a career that is stable. ESTJs want to be able to provide for their loved ones and believe this is truly important. For them building a great career is a way to make sure their loved ones are happy and cared for.


ISFJs often believe that having a good career is important, and is a responsibility everyone should tend to. They often want to find something that is stable and which executed their skills very well. ISFJs want to be someone that their loved ones can admire and turn to when they are in need. Having a good career means they can provide for those around them, and can build a more stable environment. Harmony is vital for ISFJs, which is a major reason why they are career focused.


For ESFJs the most important thing in life is family and loved ones, but this also makes their career important as well. They want to find something that can help them provide for their loved ones, but also want to feel passionate about it. They can sometimes struggle between choosing the most lucrative options, versus what will truly excite them in their career. ESFJs truly want to make others happy and feel like building a good career can help them achieve this goals.


ISTPs often believe that building a good career is important, but they also want something that excites them. ISTPs hate staying stuck in the same place and are often searching for something that utilizes their skills and passions. ISTPs might be more focused on their hobbies than careers, but can often use these skills to help them in many different career fields.


ESTPs are often very career focused and believe it is important to try and move upward in their jobs. For ESTPs it is important to be able to impress others and become something their loved ones will be proud of. They want to be successful in their career, and are always trying to find ways to improve. They can sometimes find themselves overwhelmed though, since they can take on too much at once in their quest to advance.


ISFPs are rarely career focused, since they can struggle to find something that feels right for them. They want to be able to find their true passion and don’t believe in just doing whatever they can in their job. ISFPs often require a career that allows them to utilize their creative skills and helps them feel free to explore. ISFPs don’t enjoy anything that stifles them, and can feel a bit unhappy in most careers. They aren’t focused on simply finding a career they can make money in, and want something with more meaning than that.


For ESFPs it can be difficult to find a career that they can feel truly excited by. They might struggle when they are young, and will be less focused on building a career. ESFPs need something that they feel passionate about, and can truly make them want to go to work each day. They cannot simply show up at a monotonous job, and be expected to feel excited by it.


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