ENTJs Jobs & Career Matches: How to Find the Best Job for the ENTJ

ENTJs are naturally focused people who are often viewed as go-getters. They don’t allow challenges to stand in their way and will do whatever they must to get things done. They value efficiency and believe in putting in the effort with everything they do. For the ENTJ their career is deeply important, and finding one they can take on and do well is vital to their future. They believe in pushing themselves to continue growing and learning so that they can reach the top of their career summit. They are often capable of excelling in just about any job or career they choose, the issue for the ENTJ is discovering which career is right for them on a more personal level.

Career Choices for the ENTJ

ENTJs do sometimes consider the logical and factual points of their career choice, and don’t always include their own inner desires and needs. ENTJs will focus more on the information which is factual and has some sort of logical reasoning and planning behind it. Because of this they neglect their emotions, often doing this intentionally. This can cause them to leave out how they might feel about a career choice, which is something important that the ENTJ doesn’t really consider as much.

Business Owner/ Executive

When it comes to careers the ENTJ often does the best and is happiest in some sort of leadership role. They feel more comfortable in these positions, since it gives them the right freedoms and responsibilities. They don’t feel constantly stressed by having to answer to someone else, instead they feel a sense of control in their careers and their lives. ENTJs also make for great leaders, and aren’t overly bossy but have the right amount of assertiveness to take charge. When it comes to being a business executive they often feel happy and comfortable in these roles. Knowing that they can make the plans and set things into motion without having to constantly turn to someone else, makes them feel a sense of inner accomplishment.

ENTJs also excel when it comes to owning their own businesses and often enjoy this type of responsibility. While others might feel overwhelmed with the constant organization and tasks at hand, the ENTJ enjoys being able to manage these things. They are also great at delegating and hiring people who can help them achieve these goals. When they run their own business the ENTJ definitely feels pride in what they do, and a great sense of inner accomplishment. Even if this can have more stressful moments, this doesn’t upset the ENTJ or leave them feeling overwhelmed. They can often find ways to balance these tasks, and enjoy having these types of challenges to look forward to. They do have to be sure to take some downtime once in a while, but once they can discover the balance being a business owner is an excellent choice for the ENTJ.

Financial Analyst

Sales Manager

While some personality types truly hate being in sales positions, ENTJs can often enjoy this. For them it is best when they can reach a certain higher level, and not have too many people they have to answer to. As the sales manager they are often great at delegating and overseeing others, and know exactly the right way to approach people and situations. They enjoy being able to lead and coach others, and are often good at this. For the ENTJ being the one commanding a group and showing them how to get the best results, is often natural. As a sales manager they can come up with useful means of making those sales, and will enjoy leading their team on this path. ENTJs are also naturally outgoing people, who enjoy being able to interact with others and can do this well in a sales position.

Public Speaker/Instructor

Their outgoing personalities can often help the ENTJ when it comes to public speaking or instructing others. They are often good at motivational speakers, although their tactics are often less emotional and more about motivating people to find that inner drive. They are strong-willed people who don’t like allowing any hurdle to stand in their way, and this can be something they often want to pass on to others. ENTJs don’t believe in excuses and so their tactics might be a bit more direct, but they often get the results which are needed in that situation. As public speakers the ENTJ can deliver the message in a clear and precise manner, doing what is needed to convey the point to the audience without it sounding convoluted or mess.y


ENTJs actually make for great lawyers, especially when they work in more challenging positions. They are capable of comprehending a lot of information and can remember facts fairly well. ENTJs enjoy the ability to analyze information and uncover the most logical path to solving their case and getting their client what they need. Whether this be working as a litigator or a more corporate lawyer, as long as the ENTJ is in a competitive position which creates many challenges they will feel rewarded and fulfilled by this. They enjoy being able to face different hurdles throughout the process, since they want to challenge their minds and feel as if they are truly accomplishing something impressive.

Careers to Avoid

For the ENTJ any career which does not offer them advancements is going to make them very unhappy. If they are working as a server or customer service position which doesn’t give them plenty of room to grow and advance, they will become exhausted. This is often when the hardworking and efficient ENTJ, can lack a sense of motivation and drive. They will likely lose that sense of pride in their job and find themselves not really caring about it all that much. ENTJs need room to advance and grow, and want to feel like they are doing something worthwhile.

Working in secretarial position is likely to be one of the more draining career options for the ENTJ. This type of job puts them in a position where they have to assist others, and constantly be at their back and call. For the ENTJ being in this position leaves them feeling a bit lost. They don’t really get that same direction or drive to succeed, and after a while will become unhappy in this type of job. They might work hard at first, wanting to impress their boss and make a good start for themselves. After a while this is likely to fade, as the ENTJ won’t really see the point when they don’t have a certain amount of freedom.

Strengths and Weaknesses

ENTJs have many strengths which help them when it comes to their career choices. They are very focused people, with an inner drive which is almost unstoppable. When they set their mind to making something happen the ENTJ will stop at nothing to accomplish this goal. They are very capable of figuring out problems and pulling together the best plan for success. This helps the ENTJ when it comes to their jobs, and pretty much all areas of their lives. They take great pride in being able to perform tasks efficiently, and are highly capable of taking charge in any given situation. ENTJs are often highly intelligent and focused people, with a natural ability to see a problem and figure out the best plan to solving it.

ENTJs can be a bit stubborn, which is both a strength and weakness. This puts them in positions where following the orders of others can be a challenge for them. This stubbornness and natural desire to lead, is often why the ENTJ is best suited for leadership positions. When they have to work under someone else, especially someone who they see as inefficient, they will become stressed and a bit on edge. They may have a hard time holding back their thoughts, and so these types of careers can pose a challenge for the ENTJ. They lose patience when things are not being done efficiently, and so being around people who are slow to work and not constantly capable of getting things done is really going to be difficult for them.

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