Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the ENFJ Child

ENFJ children are often very unique in the way they behave and respond to others. Even from a young age their sense of compassion and warmth is something that shows itself. Here is everything you need to know about the ENFJ child.

They Are Empathetic

The ENFJ child is naturally empathetic, even from a very young age. They can often feel the joy and pain of others, and are sensitive to their needs. When the ENFJ child witnesses their parents struggling, they often want to step in and do whatever they can to help. This ability to sense the emotions of others can be confusing for the ENFJ child at times, since they feel a lot of pressure from it. The ENFJ child will want to comfort their parents and siblings in ways that most other children don’t naturally do. They might even step away from their own wants and desires, simply to take care of their family and loved ones.

This sense of empathy can definitely prove challenging for the ENFJ child, since they want to do whatever they can to help. They feel these emotions and don’t always understand why this happens so naturally for them. The negative emotions can weigh heavily on them, causing them to strive to help so that they can feel a sense of relief.

They Are Giving

The ENFJ child will go out of their way to help, since they care deeply for their loved ones. They will often be selfless even as children, wanting to do whatever they can to make a difference. They work hard to help others, and ease the suffering of their loved ones. The ENFJ child is warm and giving, but can also be a bit strict even with themselves. At a young age they strive to be liked by others and can sometimes take on a leadership role in their social situations because of this.

They Need Support That They Won’t Ask For

The ENFJ child can often forgo their own needs in order to help their loved ones. This is something that causes the ENFJ child to want to hold back their emotions, even if they are truly upset. They simply don’t want to do anything that might make life harder for the people they love. This is something that often starts from a young age, causing the ENFJ child to internalize things. It is important that the parents of this compassionate and giving child, learn to show them support and not become upset by the ENFJs emotions. When the ENFJ has something negative happen in their life they will want to hold it in, so that they cannot hurt others with their own feelings. In order to help them the parents of the ENFJ need to help them feel at ease with their own feelings, instead of putting pressure on them to be perfect.

Having a child that is caring and selfless is definitely a blessing, but it is important to be supportive of them even when they do not ask for it. They need to feel appreciated for how giving they are, and they need to feel like their parents are proud of them. It is important that they receive the understanding and appreciation that they won’t request. Sometimes the ENFJ child needs to have their parents force them to take some time for themselves. Give them the things they don’t ask for but clearly need, because they simply don’t want to be a burden for their parents.

The Struggles of the ENFJ Child

The ENFJ child definitely has many struggles, the greatest of which is their empathy. They can deeply for others and want to do whatever they can to make a difference in their lives. They feel the emotions of others and this causes the ENFJ child to feel burdened at times. They feel overwhelmed at times, since as children they cannot fully understanding why they feel things so deeply. Sometimes differentiating their own feelings from the feelings of those around them, can be nearly impossible. This leaves the ENFJ feeling emotional at times, and might cause them to seem upset when they don’t want to feel this way. They might have moments of breaking down and feeling completely overwhelmed. This is often the last thing they want to do, since the ENFJ child does not want to be burden.

Their constant desire to avoid burdening their parents, can cause the ENFJ to avoid their own feelings. They might stop themselves from expressing their emotions even when they are in need of support. This can be a serious challenge for the ENFJ child, and might leave them leaving alienated even when they are around others. They need their parents to help them express their inner emotions, even when they don’t necessary make this known.

Struggles for the Parent of the ENFJ Child

Being a parent of an ENFJ child is often less of a struggle, since they work to avoid being a burden. The biggest struggle for the ENFJs parents, is that they might worry about them often. Being a parent of a child who takes everything on themselves can be challenging when they simply won’t open up about how they are feeling. They strive to take care of others and avoid hurting their parents, and this makes them appear very strong and balanced. As parents of these types of children it can sometimes make things seem easy, maybe a bit too easy.

This most important thing for the parent and ENFJ child to remember, is simply to give them unconditional love and support. Make sure that the ENFJ child understands they are loved even if they cannot be perfect. They are often perfectionist even from this young age, and that is often the greatest challenge for their parents. When they witness their child is clearly overwhelmed and taking on too much, it can be upsetting for the parent of the ENFJ. Sometimes it is important to step in and make sure they have fun and enjoy being children for a while. Giving to them without it being a burden and simply showing them love and affection, goes a long way for the ENFJ child.

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