Here’s How Each Personality Type Feels About Gossip

Here’s How Each Personality Type Feels About Gossip

While some people truly enjoy gossiping about others, there are some who find it obnoxious. Here is how you feel about gossip, according to your personality type.


INFJs are definitely not fans of gossip, especially if they feel like it will hurt someone they love. They do however, enjoy venting with their closest friend and likely confidant. They enjoy being able to connect and bond with someone enough to share their frustrations. INFJs are people focused, which means they can sometimes become frustrated with people who do not respect them. They often feel comforted when they can open up to someone about what is bothering them. INFJs only do this with people they trust though, because they dislike having their feelings exposed to others. They don’t want to start drama, and often dislike people who gossip all of the time.


ENFJs are very focused on people, which can make them appear like gossips. They dislike talking negatively about others, and become fearful that it might get back to them. ENFJs simply enjoy discussing others in a positive way, and enjoy hearing about the people they know and care for. Their gossipy tendencies actually come from a good place, and is because ENFJs are so interested in how others are doing. They are caring people, who are strongly focused on the emotions and well-being of their loved ones.


INFPs definitely dislike gossip, and avoid it as much as they can. They are much more interested in serious and deep conversations about larger issues and feelings. INFPs enjoy being able to have one on one discussions with people they feel connected to. They often dislike gossip because it is usually focused on surface issues, and feels a bit shallow to INFPs. They would much rather have intense discussions about life and their goals and desires, things that aren’t just focused on unimportant details about people they don’t know all that well.


ENFPs don’t enjoy gossip, especially when other people might find out about it. They do however, enjoy being able to vent their frustrations to someone they trust. ENFPs will discuss their day with a loved one, and might need to vent about what someone did or said that upset them. They do like to talk about people as well, but this will usually be in a positive way. They simply enjoy discussing things and people that they feel most passionate about. ENFPs want to feel connected to their loved ones though, and are mostly interested in having real and meaningful conversations.


INTJs definitely dislike gossip and will feel like it is a complete waste of time and energy. They dislike discussing other people, and would much rather focus on real and meaningful conversations. INTJs don’t want to sit and have discussions with people who only want to gossip or talk about shallow things. INTJs would much rather dive into exciting and complex conversations with people who can somewhat keep up with their train of thought. INTJs want their actions to be intentional, and enjoy having conversations that hold real value for them.


ENTJs definitely do not appreciate gossip and will likely become exhausted by it. They prefer to focus on things that are valuable and meaningful to them. They are efficient people who are always going after their goals and enjoy being able to see them to fruition. ENTJs dislike people who enjoy shallow things, and often find that sort of behavior frustration. Gabbing about others is a bit wasteful to ENTJs, and seem like an unimportant way to spend their energy.


INTPs often dislike gossip, and can become rather turned off by people who seem overly chatty. They would much rather discuss things that interested and challenge them. They do enjoy talking about people they care for though, but only do this with people they are comfortable around. INTPs prefer to keep to themselves most of the time, but when they do have discussions they want them to be meaningful. They enjoy having deep talks about their passions and the things that excite them most. They rarely find people who can keep up with them, but they enjoy when they can.


ENTPs definitely dislike gossip, and will often find it exhausting. They don’t mind having conversations about people though, as long as it is with someone they trust and connect with. ENTPs simply want their discussions to have meaning and depth, and want to feel challenged most of the time. They thrive when they are discussing things with people who can keep up with their wit and their unique train of thought. ENTPs simply don’t have time for gossiping about people, and find the idea of it a bit draining and trivial.


ISTJs are hardworking people who prefer to focus on practical things. They often dislike gossip, simply because it feels like a complete waste of their time and energy. ISTJs do have moments where they put up with gossiping people, especially if they are family members. They will likely let them vent without really responding much, and have a knack for zoning people out. ISTJs just don’t enjoy wasting their energy on things that aren’t actually progressing towards a positive future.


ESTJs are hardworking people, who enjoy focusing on getting things done. They are chatty people though, especially when they are spending time with family and loved ones. ESTJs might gossip from time to time, but only because they enjoy discussing people. They often do this when their environment seems to call for such a discussion, and will not avoid it if people around them are gossiping a bit. ESTJs like to be able to vent their frustrations, especially to people they love and trust. Most of the time though they prefer to focus on getting things done and value efficiency above much else.


ISFJs are certainly not interested in discussing their loved ones in a negative way, and will become defensive towards those people. When ISFJs are seen “gossiping” it is simply because they are so focused on others. They enjoy hearing about the well-being of people they know, and like to discuss others. They don’t mind a little harmless chatter, and are often interested in keeping up with how their friends and loved ones are doing. This does not come from a negative place, and is simply because ISFJs are so focused on the emotions of others.


ESFJs are extremely focused on people, and care deeply for their loved ones. Their main focus is often towards others, which can cause ESFJs to appear gossipy sometimes. They certainly do not enjoy gossip when it is negative and could potentially hurt someone else. ESFJs do not want to do anything that harms someone else, which is why they dislike negative gossip. They do however enjoy talking about people, and enjoy hearing about how they are doing. This is done in a positive way, and is simply because ESFJs are so interested in the well-being of others.


ISTPs absolutely do not enjoy gossip and become quickly drained by it. They don’t like to participate in things that are shallow and pointless. Discussing others in this way is something that exhausts the ISTP, and does not interest them at all. They want to explore things that they feel passionate about, and are always seeking out new adventures to participate in. ISTPs find discussions about people to be completely pointless, and don’t enjoy something so shallow.


ESTPs are not usually interested in gossip, but might have moments where they can participate in it. If the ESTP has a close friend that they trust, they might enjoy chatting about people. They also enjoy being able to vent their frustrations about someone they work or spend time with. ESTPs aren’t usually seen as gossipy people, but they do have times where they can participate in gossip with their friends. They don’t want to be mean or have these words get back to someone, they just get caught up in the moment.


ISFPs are honest and open people, who simply enjoy being able to express themselves. They don’t have close connections with everyone, and will likely only gossip to someone they trust. ISFPS do enjoy being able to talk about how they feel, and will be open about what they think of others. They simply don’t want to discuss negative things, which makes them less gossipy than people actually realize.


ESFPs can sometimes be gossips, but that is only because they get so caught up in the moment. They don’t want to do or say anything that will upset someone, they just enjoy being able to chat freely. ESFPs are expressive and open people, who value honesty in their lives. They can be a bit too open sometimes when it comes to their feelings, which can cause them to appear a bit gossipy. They will often discuss their feelings about someone since they are open people.

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