INTP Guide to Happiness: How to Find Joy as an INTP

Most people seem to be searching for happiness, whether it is on a larger scale or in small meaningful ways. Finding a sense of joy in life can be challenging for most people, especially when they don’t necessarily feel understood by the outside world. While the majority of people are often searching for ways to make themselves happy and find a sense of joy in their lives, this can be something which they struggle with if they don’t figure out the keys to what makes them feel fulfilled. Sometimes knowing one’s personality type can aid in this search for joy, and knowing the specific needs and desires which will make someone feel like they are being valued and rewarded in their daily lives.

For the INTP uncovering happiness can be something they search for but struggle with. They can also have a cynical side, which makes them often feel like achieving an ideal image of happiness is impossible. This doesn’t mean the INTP cannot find ways to achieve their own ideal of happiness and make themselves feel a sense of joy with the way their life is. They can certainly feel misunderstood which creates struggles for the INTP, finding themselves distanced from others and how they view the world. For the INTP discovering these things which make them personally happy and not being afraid to go after them, is a big step towards being their best selves.

Explore Their Passions

For the INTP feeling free to explore their passions and creative side is truly important in being happy. If they feel like they are not free to really venture out and experience things then they feel trapped and smothered. They need to be able to pick things up, and if they get distracted have the freedom to try something new. While keeping some sort of structure is good, INTPs are unhappy if they are forced into rules and strict regulations. They need to have some sort of creative freedoms, and really need to be able to open themselves up to possibilities. Without this they cannot really seek out what they are passionate about, and they will feel trapped rather than happy. They need to have this space and ability to experience things which spark their passionate side and make them feel truly excited. 

Learning Self-Care

Self-care can be a challenge for the INTP personality, but it is actually something which is deeply important. The fact that they get so caught up inside of their own thoughts can cause them to forget about their physical or mental health at times. They become distracted by their imagination and the information they are analyzing, and can spend hours caught up in this. INTPs just aren’t as deeply connected to their physical selves, which is something that causes them to forget about tending to themselves. This is why it is so important for them to dedicate time for their own needs, and form these things into habits. Eating right and getting exercise, as well as going outside from time to time, are things which are important to the INTPs happiness. These are the things they might neglect and not realize just how important they are, which is why sticking to certain habits is important. After a while it can become easier for them to maintain these things, especially as they realize just how important it is to their own happiness.

INTPs also need to find time for their mental and emotional health, which is something they can also neglect. They don’t always take notice of their own feelings, because this can be draining for them. But taking some time to really focus on what is bothering them and learn to accept it, can be beneficial for the INTP. They need to find a balance and not spend too much time buried in their feelings, but they do need to address these emotions and accept that they are there.

Find What Inspires Them

INTPs need to find things and people who inspire them, rather than drain them. There are so many experiences and people which will emotionally and physically exhaust the INTP, and so they need to find distance from this. Setting boundaries and drawing closer to the things and people which inspire them most, will bring the INTP a sense of true joy and happiness. When they find people who sap their energy they definitely need to disconnect and not allow themselves to feel drained by this. Instead the INTP needs to allow themselves to feel a connection to the people who do inspire them, and the places and things which do as well. Having some sort of inspiration in their lives is truly vital for the INTP, even if they don’t really realize this about themselves.

Finding Balance

Balancing things can be hard for INTPs, since they tend to go far in one direction or the other. This is why they need to learn to really come back to a healthy middle ground, especially when it comes to social interaction. They might go through phases of being very social, or being completely isolated from the world. Instead of going back and forth the INTP needs to set boundaries and find a happy balance between these two things. They need plenty of time alone and time to recharge, but they also need to connect with friends and loved ones. The best thing for the INTP is to find people who share similar interests, so they don’t find themselves engaging in more activities which drain them. When they figure out which events and experiences are actually rewarding for them, they can make this clear to those around them and this helps the INTP avoid exhaustion.


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