INTJs Jobs & Career Matches: How to Find the Best Job for the INTJ

INTJs are definitely capable people who can often fit into many different career choices. While they might be capable of adapting and figuring out how to be successful just about anywhere, this doesn’t mean the job will actually be rewarding for them. There are many jobs which can be rather boring and uninspired for the INTJ, and so finding the right one is definitely important for them to really feel like they are gaining something from their position.

Career Choices for the INTJ

For the INTJ it is important for them to take time to really process their own feelings and inner desires. They might focus too much on what is practical and not consider all of the angles, including what they want to gain from a career. INTJs are often capable of doing so many different things, but they do often know the direction they want to go in. They don’t struggle with being indecisive, although their choices may be more focused on practical or logical thoughts, rather than the career which inspires them. It is possible for them to achieve both, since they are driven and complex people.

Computer Sciences

INTJs are problem solvers who enjoy having things which challenge their minds and help them grow. Most computer jobs, or things like programming are great options because it allows the INTJ to challenge themselves and really explore different paths. They want to feel challenged so that they have plenty of room to grow and improve. This is why INTJs really don’t do well in careers which are flat and have little room for improvement or growth. When it comes to a lot of computer based jobs, it does require a lot of problem solving and many different challenges on a daily basis. This is actually rewarding for the INTJ, since they want to be able to learn more and advance in their career. They are not afraid of challenges or of working hard, instead they dislike stagnancy or a situation where they feel monotonous.


INTJs are often great at being able to see the bigger picture which makes them excel in engineering careers. These careers often pose unique problem solving challenges, and this is something which actually helps the INTJ to thrive and push themselves even more. The ability to see different structures and design them to be both innovative and logical at the same time, is actually something which makes engineering a rather ideal career choice for the INTJ.

Business Owner/Mogul

INTJs are naturally good at taking charge and often prefer to do things themselves. They become frustrated working for someone else oftentimes, and so being their own business owner or business mogul is often the dream for INTJs. Having their own business or being the head of a company, gives the INTJ plenty of room to grow and do things on their own terms. They feel a sense of control when they don’t have to answer to someone else, and this is often pleasing for INTJs. They can become frustrated with other people’s inefficiency, especially if they have to work for someone they don’t really respect. They might be capable of working for someone else, but it isn’t quite as rewarding as having their own space and sense of control. Being the boss or owner of their own business, is truly a rewarding choice for the INTJ, as it poses the right challenges and the right freedoms.

Medicinal or Science Fields

INTJs are actually drawn to science or medical careers often times, both because of the prestige and the unique challenges. These types of career choices gives them plenty of room for growth, and opportunities to learn new things. INTJs really want to feel like they can grow their minds and continue to advance in their careers. They also thrive when they are challenged, and so medical or science fields do provide them with some challenges and unique opportunities. INTJs also will feel rewarded by the opportunity to teach others what they learned and even be able to help better their lives in some ways. Making a difference on a larger scale is something which matters to the INTJ, and so medicinal fields can be rewarding because of this,

INTJs do also enjoy the element of respect and prestige which comes with most science or medical fields. Being someone that is respected for their minds and knowledge, is certainly rewarding for the INTJ. They might not appear to care what other people think, but at the same time it is a personal sense of accomplishment if they are someone who is well-respected for their minds and the things they are capable of.

Careers to Avoid

Receptionist or secretarial careers are likely some of the worst for the INTJ, especially if there is little room for advancement. If the INTJ is under the impression that taking these careers can advance them to the top, then it is something they can invest in. Otherwise it really isn’t something which is worth their energy, since having to be someone else’s receptionist and deal with people on a constant basis, is rather exhausting for the INTJ. Any type of assistant job really is not ideal for the INTJs, since having to constantly follow the orders and demands of someone else is likely to be internally draining for them.

Retail positions are also not rewarding for the INTJ, especially ones with little room for growth. One of the most important things for the INTJ is having room to grow and constantly improve themselves and their abilities. When they feel stuck and like they cannot continue to move forward, they will become rather unhappy and might even stop caring about job performance. This type of position is no good for the INTJ, since being good at their job is truly important for them.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The INTJs is strong-willed and highly capable of comprehending many complex theories and details. Their ability to understand and pick things up quickly, is something which makes them highly capable of in just about any career they attempt to advance in. INTJs are also great at problem solving and figuring out the best way to be efficient at anything they do in life. This makes them capable of doing most jobs well, and so the important thing is for them to find the right career for them,

The weaknesses of the INTJ is the fact that they lack a strong sense of emotions, which can make them appear to lack empathy. They might not be great at connecting with people emotionally, and this does make them impatient at times. INTJs aren’t naturally social people and become drained quickly around most individuals. Because of this they really don’t thrive in careers which require a lot of personal interfacing with others, and prefer things where they can be on their own most of the time.

It is important to realize that each individual is different, especially a complex personality type like the INTJ. While many of these careers can be rewarding for the INTJ type, this isn’t always the case. They need to take the time to dive into their own strengths and weaknesses in order to understand which career will be the best for them. Thankfully INTJs do often have a strong sense of their own goals, which can help them find a career which matches up with what they want to achieve.

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