6 Things That Make INTPs So Captivating

In many cases INTPs are seen as logical and intelligent people, but they are much more complex than that. Those who find themselves close to an INTP, are often extremely captivated by them in so many ways. They are complex and intense people, who are constantly surprising others. Here are 6 things that make INTPs unbelievably captivating individuals.

Their Creativity

INTPs are often extremely creative people, in many ways. They are certainly logical individuals, but they also live in a world of ideas. They enjoy thinking deeply about new possibilities and will often spend hours (even days) inside of their own heads. They enjoy thinking about new ideas and coming up with creative solutions to problems. Their intelligence and creativity are often tied together to help them come up with amazing things.

INTPs are not only creative in a logical sense, they are often capable of art in many forms. Whether they are talented writers, artists, or even musicians- it is often surprising what they are capable of. They might not always nurture this natural creative ability, but the ones who do are rather talented in these areas. Many INTPs may find themselves missing something from their daily life, and oftentimes that is because they are neglecting their more creative side. When they are allowed to explore this side of themselves, INTPs are more capable of flourishing.

Their Intelligence

Their intelligence is often the most well-known attribute of INTPs, even though it isn’t the only positive quality they possess. Regardless, INTPs have a way of viewing things that is often challenging for most people to comprehend. Their train of thought often travels to places that many people are incapable of following. It can be amazing to watch an INTP spin through various thoughts, one after another. Getting just a short glimpse of how their mind works, is honestly an incredible experience.

Their intelligence comes from an innate thirst for knowledge and understanding. They are constantly striving to learn more, and never seem to get enough. They will often spend long periods of time reading and researching anything and everything. This constant desire to understand things is combined with a natural ability to reason and sort through information themselves- making them extremely intelligent individuals. They don’t just take information at face value and will often continue to research further and travel deeper down the rabbit hole. They will gather information and sort it through their own internal understanding, piecing together bits of facts they have found in the past. Ultimately, they will come to more logical conclusions by using their powerful intuition alongside their natural capacity for clever thought.

Their Intensity

INTPs are often viewed as rather intense individuals, mostly because they live much of their lives inside of their own inner worlds. They are often deep in thought, sussing out all of their information- this makes them appear very concentrated. The truth is they are rather intense individuals, which is a large part of what makes them so very captivating. Constantly considering everything around them on a much deeper and more complex level, causes INTPs to be intimidating to many people. They might even find themselves giving rather intense expressions unintentionally, and this can be rather unnerving to people around them.

When INTPs are passionate about something, their intensity becomes even more prominent. They have rather strong feelings about many things, which can be overwhelming for some people. They will not be afraid to debate a subject in order to understand it further. In some cases though, they simply know and believe that they are correct and will stand up for their knowledge. When an INTP comes to a conclusion, it is often because they have spent plenty of time proving to themselves that they are correct. This makes them extremely aware of their own thought process, even if it is difficult to explain to others. They often know exactly how they came to a conclusion, but will struggle with explaining it thoroughly to others. It is hard for people to follow the INTPs thoughts most of the time, simply because it travels in ways they are not used to. This can appear rather intense, but in most cases the INTP will turn out to be correct about their assessment. Their intuition steers them in the right direction and their logical reasoning will help them assess it fully.

Their Surprising Sense of Humor

INTPS may be serious and intense individuals at times, but they also have a rather goofy sense of humor. They are often very enjoyable to be around, especially when they are feeling comedic. They have a natural way of figuring out their audience and what people will find amusing. Their constant gathering of information often makes INTPs extremely witty individuals. They are capable of responding to people with a humorous and sometimes shocking rhetoric. Their minds make them incredibly funny and interesting people to be around.

INTPs may not always interject with a funny comment, and will often keep these thoughts to themselves. When they do feel comfortable enough around people, they will let go and be at ease sharing their thoughts. Individuals who enjoy laughing will definitely benefit from this, since INTPs are often surprisingly funny. When they become comfortable with their own sense of humor, INTPs can often make excellent comedians. They are amusing and fun people to be around when they allow themselves to be present in their environment.

They Are Insightful

INTPs can often surprise people with just how insightful they actually are. They may not always be speaking, but they are always taking in their environment. They will be constantly paying attention to their surroundings and the reactions of the people around them. This causes INTPs to collect information, even when people think they aren’t doing so. Ultimately it makes them capable of understanding people and situations rather well. They may not be great with the emotions of others, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be able to tell when someone is upset. If an INTP takes the time to understand someone they will often spend long periods of time researching them and who they are. They are good at paying attention, even when others don’t think they are.

INTPs will often be great at giving advice, especially if they are capable of practicing a little tact. They will often struggle with their delivery, but will have valuable advice for others. For people who are capable of not being upset by an INTPs harshness, they will find themselves rewarded by the result. They will often be great at figuring out the best plans and solutions for other peoples struggles. This makes them excellent at getting people out of messy situations, especially if those people are willing to listen to the INTP. Unfortunately many people will often not be ready for the advice the INTP wants to give them, and they might become upset or personally hurt by the situation. Most of the time though, the INTP is simply hoping to help others better themselves, even if it comes across colder than they intend.

Their Soul

INTPs may not be open about their emotions, but they are rather deep and complex individuals. Just because they are not comfortable sharing everything with people, doesn’t mean they don’t feel things very deeply. INTPs are often very compassionate and caring individuals, they simply struggle with expressing this part of themselves. It might be rather deep inside of them, but they do have a lot of heart. They are deeply passionate and complex individuals, with an ocean of thoughts and feelings inside of them.

INTPs are both brainy and compelling individuals, possessing layers and layers of complexity. Although they are logical, they are not simply robots who are void of feelings. They are surprisingly connected to emotions, even when they are making entirely logical decisions. The INTP who is capable of accepting who they are, is an incredible sight indeed.


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