INTP Goals For 2016

The INTP In 2016

Another year ahead of us, also means plenty of opportunities to better our lives. There are many ways that we can grow and change each year, but not everyone needs to grow in the same direction. Here are a few tips that we believe can help INTPs embrace 2016.

Let Go Of Your Fear of Missing Out

Sometimes INTPs can suffer from a fear of missing out on potential. They have an ability for seeing all the different possible outcomes of a situation, and sometimes will want to be able to participate in all of them. Of course it is impossible to be in multiple places at once, but that doesn’t stop the INTP from trying. They want to be capable of exploring new possibilities, hating the feeling of being stagnant for too long. INTPs have a knack for being able to see the possibilities in a situation, which is a great skill but can cause them to put added stress on themselves. Sometimes the INTPs desire to know everything can prevent them from zoning in on one thing that is close to them.

It is important for the INTP to realize that simply by making a choice you will miss out on other opportunities, and that is perfectly acceptable. If you fail to make a choice at all, you miss out on even more than you would if you tried to do everything at once. That want to be capable of doing it all, can often make people hold themselves back without completely realizing why. Sometimes just allowing yourself to dive into one or two projects, you will feel much more relieved once you do. Let go of these fears in 2016, and allow yourself to miss out on a few things, coming to the realization that the benefit will be even greater in the end. Ultimately each attempt towards accomplishment or even failure, means a potential to learn and grow.

Accept Failure

INTPs may appear like they are laid back on the surface, but often struggle internally with being very hard on themselves. They often put pressure on themselves to get things right, often striving for some kind of perfection. INTPs often dislike feeling like they have failed or were wrong in a situation, holding onto to those mistakes in hopes that they will not do it again. It is important for the INTP to stop being so hard on themselves, and to let go of the judgments that others may place on them. Trying means that you will fail sometimes, learning from those mistakes is how you will grow as a person.

It is often important for INTPs to be able to look at their mistakes and grow from them. Being able to learn from an error is a rather healthy way for the INTP to cope with what has happened. When they are capable of growing because of their mistakes, they may no longer view the situation as bad at all.

Accept Your Need For Solitude

INTPs are some of the most introverted personality types and although they enjoy times of social interaction, they often need a great deal of alone time. INTPs can often go into a mode of hibernation for long periods of time, living inside their own inner minds. It is important to accept this part of yourself as an INTP and to not feel guilty or bad about it. Learn to express your need for solitude to others who are close to you, trying to let them know that is has nothing to do with them. INTPs often feel guilty over this need for space, causing them to become annoyed with others easily. It is important to realize that this need is a part of who the INTP is and it is something that truly cannot be changed. Of course it is important to refrain from alienating everyone in your life and realize that stepping out into the real world must be done from time to time. Other than that, it is also vital for the INTP to get enough time away from others.

For the INTP learning to embrace their need for solitude is vital in accepting who they are. Finding people who can come to terms with this is important and necessary for the INTP. It is important to find compassionate ways to express your need for solitude, so that people can completely understand where you are coming from as an INTP.

Give Yourself Credit

Although many INTPs are very intelligent and they may pride themselves on this, they can also forget to give themselves credit because of it. Putting pressure on yourself can be a good way to grow as a person, but sometimes INTPs can be too hard on themselves. It is important for INTPs to take time to pat themselves on the back when they have accomplished something. Gaining some perspective and stepping outside of their own minds once in a while is a very important thing for INTPs. Realizing that although they may not be where they want to be in life, but that they have actually accomplished a lot, can help the INTP to let go of some unnecessary stress.

In 2016 our best advice to INTPs is to take time out of your day to commend yourself for your accomplishments. When you do something good, don’t just brush it off as nothing. Take a moment to realize what you have done and be proud of yourself for that. It may not be easy at first but congratulating yourself on a job well done is very important, especially for INTPs. Allow yourself to receive compliments from others, without being so skeptical of them. Taking these tips into consideration- we believe that INTPs can truly embrace the year and all that it has to offer.

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