Here’s How Indecisive Each Personality Type Actually Is

Here’s How Indecisive Each Personality Type Actually Is

Making decisions is one of the hardest and most important things in life. Some people struggle with indecision, and will hesitate when it comes to the larger choices that come their way. Here is how indecisive each personality type actually is.


INFJs often think everything through before moving forward, which can cause them to appear rather indecisive. They want to be sure about something, and will often analyze it for a while before proceeding. INFJs can also get caught up in the morality of their choices, and want to be sure that they are happy with what they are doing. INFJs can go through a period of time where they struggle with making their decision, but once they do they will stand by it. Once the INFJ commits to something this means they are entirely sure of it and will not back out. They can often over analyze their choices though, in hopes of making the right ones before moving forward. They are a combination of decision and indecisive, depending entirely on the topic. INFJs simply like to make informed decisions, but will be decisive when it comes to something they truly care about and believe in.


ENFJs can struggle with indecisiveness, and want to weigh their options before moving forward. They simply want to do the proper analysis before they commit to something. Once the ENFJ makes a commitment they do not plan on backing out, so they want to be sure it is the right choice for them. In order to make the right choice, the ENFJ will take a while to consider what they truly want. Once they have made a choice though, they are completely decisive about it. ENFJs like to be sure about their actions, and dislike feeling like they have made a mistake or failed in some way.


INFPs can often struggle with indecision, especially since they overanalyze most of their choices. INFPs want to make the right moral decisions in life, which causes them to struggle with actually moving forward on most things. INFPs might feel like they are meant to serve a greater purpose in life, but simply do not know how to get to that place. They can feel stuck and unsure of how to move forward which is very upsetting for the INFP. They sometimes can see the negative aspects to a decision, and this can overwhelm the INFP and leave them feeling immobile. Weighing out the many options causes the INFP to see the various paths that can be taken.


ENFPs often have a fear of missing out, especially if they make a decision that blocks them off from other options. They enjoy absorbing the many possibilities in life, and dislike feeling like they are stuck in one place. ENFPs enjoy having their options left open to them, which can cause them to become a bit indecisive. Instead of making a choice that will leave the ENFP incapable of trying other things, they will often weigh out their options for a while beforehand. ENFPs know that once they dive into something, they do not do it halfway- so because of this they want to be sure of their choice.


INTJs are actually extremely decisive individuals, and will stand behind their choices firmly. INTJs do not jump into something without thinking it through and doing plenty of research. They will take the proper time to analyze their decision, and will be absolutely sure of it before they move forward. When the INTJ makes a choice, it is because they know exactly what they are doing. This makes it easy for them to stand by their decisions, and find ways to adapt to whatever happens. INTJs are committed people, and it makes them great at making choices that they can truly stand by.


ENTJs are generally very decisive people, and will stand by their choices. They do not jump into anything without analyzing it fully, which makes it easy for them to follow through with their decisions. ENTJs are committed people, so they will take the appropriate time to weight out their choice before moving forward. ENTJs are well researched and intelligent people, and will be extremely sure of themselves and their decisions. They do not struggle to make the choices they believe are right and will often be able to adapt to anything that comes their way.


INTPs can actually be very indecisive, simply because they do not want to miss out on something potential great. They will spend a long time analyzing a decision before actually moving forward with it. INTPs are excellent at logically figuring out all of the potential negative outcomes to any path that they take. This causes the INTP to consider all of the potential outcomes, but will leave them struggling to move forward. INTPs want to be able to anticipate the hurdles they will face once they actually decide to make a decision. Once the INTP is sure about something though, they are pretty convinced that they know how to proceed.


ENTPs can appear rather indecisive, since they will bounce from one idea to another quickly. They might have a fear of missing out, and dislike the idea that they are being held back from opportunities. ENTPs enjoy exploring new ideas, and are constantly trying new things. They will often start a handful of different hobbies or projects, and become bored with them after a short time. ENTPs don’t always stick to one thing, simply because they don’t want to become stuck in a routine. Because of their desire to explore, ENTPs are often seen as indecisive individuals. When it comes to things that are very important to them the ENTP will be able to stick with their choice.


ISTJs are often very decisive people, and are sure of their choices once they move forward with them. They often follow methods that they are comfortable with, which makes it easy for them to navigate through whatever happens. ISTJs work very hard in life and dislike feeling like they have failed in anyway. They will often research something and learn as much as they can about it, before they dive in. ISTJs are also very committed people and will stand by their decisions no matter what.


ESTJs are very decisive people and will stand by their choices in life. They are often rather sure of themselves and know exactly what they want. The fact that ESTJs know what their goals and desires are in life, makes it easy for them to be sure of their decisions. They will rarely waver when they are convinced of something and are extremely committed people. This also makes ESTJs very loyal, since they are also committed to the people they chose to surround themselves with.


ISFJs are usually decisive people, but can struggle with some of the larger choices in life. They will often follow methods that they have tried in the past and are comfortable with. When it comes to the smaller daily choices, ISFJs will be able to follow through with these with ease. When it comes to truly serious decisions, ISFJs can sometimes be fearful of doing something wrong. They do not want to move forward with a decision and have it affect their loved ones in a negative way. This can cause the ISFJ to seek the council of someone they trust before they actually make a decision.


ESFJs are very focused and hardworking people, but they can often struggle with making decisions. If they feel like the people around them are very critical of their choices, they might have a hard time moving forward. ESFJs simply want to make the right decisions in life, and will be very hard on themselves if something goes wrong. This fear of making mistakes can cause the ESFJ to hesitate when it comes to making larger decisions. If it is something the ESFJ has been through in the past, they will easily be able to make the right choice for them. Anything new can take a while for the ESFJ to analyze and move forward with.


ISTPs enjoy being able to try new things, which can cause them to appear indecisive. They simply dislike being locked into one decision, and will often analyze it before moving forward. ISTPs will overthink most of their decisions in life, and want to try different options before settling on just one. ISTPs enjoy trying new things and want the freedom to move around in life. When they ISTP is sure of something though, they will be extremely committed to their decision.


ESTPs can be rather indecisive, and enjoy making last minute choices. They often jump into new things without fully thinking it through, and might regret it later one. ESTPs are perfectly find with adapting to their choices though, and will find a way to work through whatever mess they get themselves into. ESTPs can often bounce around from one things to another, and might become anxious if they are forced to follow a straight path in life.


ISFPs can be very indecisive, and will often bounce around from one thing to another. They will struggle when it comes to settling on one choice, and might be afraid of taking the wrong path. They dislike feeling held back by their choices, which can cause them to hesitate. ISFPs are decisive when it comes to committing to their loved ones though, and are sure of their choices in that way. When it comes to make life decisions though, ISFPs might struggle with finding what they truly want in life.


ESFPs can be extremely indecisive, especially when it comes to the little things. They want to be able to change their minds, and hate being locked into one choice. ESFPS want to make the most out of life and will often make decision last minute. They can struggle to be sure of their choices, and will bounce from one thing to the next rather quickly. ESFPs are often decisive when it comes to the larger choices in life, and will stand by what they believe in.

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