What You Need To Understand About the INTP Male

INTPs can be incredibly intriguing individuals, which often causes people to wish they could understand them better. Understanding anyone takes time and a willingness to be completely vulnerable in the process. INTPs might not be the easiest people to understand, or even get close to- but they are certainly worth the effort.

They Often Live In Between Groups

INTPs enjoy exploring different possibilities, and will spend much of their time absorbing new knowledge. They almost never feel satisfied with what they know, and are constantly searching for new ideas to dive into. This wide range of knowledge and interest ultimately causes the INTP to appear to fit into many different groups. They might be interested in so many different subjects, that they only partially fit into different social settings. This can be a bit confusing for the INTP, especially a male INTP. They might find themselves interested in different sports, as well as hobbies that are more behind the scenes such as computer programming. These are just examples of course, since INTPs are rarely bogged down by one idea, so it can range very widely. Because of this they might feel lost at times, like they don’t completely fit in anywhere. They might enjoy subjects that fit into the stereotypical masculine demeanor, but they might also enjoy more “nerdy” subjects as well. This causes them to feel like they are too different too fully fit into one narrow group. Their desire to bounce around from idea to idea, can make it difficult to make friendships sometimes. Thankfully, they often have an excellent sense of humor which causes people to look past what they might see as odd characteristics. Their combination of strangeness and uniqueness, makes INTPs extremely endearing individuals. The people who find themselves drawn to them, are the ones who can truly appreciate their ways.

INTPs are often capable of adapting, and will find themselves fitting into certain groups- just allowing themselves to be present like a fly on the way. They also enjoy so much alone time that they might easily slip away from social settings and find themselves intentionally alienated from others for long periods of time. Even though they enjoy learning from others, and do become lonely from time to time- INTPs prefer being alone most of the time. They have such rich inner worlds, that they can find themselves going without human contact for a rather long time. This can cause them to lose friendships if people don’t understand their introverted ways.

They Don’t Approach First

INTPs rarely approach others first, which can be a bit frustrating for INTP males. There are many ideas in society that men should make the first move, and most INTPs aren’t a fan of this idea. They likely would prefer to wait for someone else to make their feelings known, before putting themselves in a vulnerable situation. INTP males aren’t always the most forward types when it comes to romance, and will often wait for someone who is willing to make the first move (and pretty much every move after that). Their advances aren’t always perceived properly by others, and might be missed entirely. They may believe that they are making their intentions and their feelings very clear, but to others it is not noticeable at all. This can be rather frustrating for INTPs, especially when they feel that they are putting themselves out there- but that others simply aren’t paying close enough attention.

It is best for the INTP male to find people who are willing to make the first move, and who can be patient with them. They do not open up easily, and will often keep to themselves. INTPs will often attempt to analyze a situation for a long time, in order to fully understand others intentions. They might spend such a long time analyzing that they never actually take action, even though they plan to. Their inaction simply comes from a desire to entirely understand a situation before moving forward.

They Aren’t Emotionless

INTP males can sometimes be seen as emotionless, which is entirely untrue. They often feel things very deeply, but those emotions are not easily seen by others. Even when an INTP believes they are being expressive, they are likely still keeping things hidden to others. They do not always do this intentionally, they simply live inside of their inner worlds more than they do in the world around them. This makes them extremely compelling individuals, but it also makes them difficult to understand. INTP males often have many walls up, but this is just a natural defense against the world around them.

INFPs are often very caring people, especially towards the people closest to them. They will often be considering ways to improve the lives of others, even if this isn’t made clear to those people. They might even attempt to give advice, which can sometimes come across as patronizing. They simply want to do whatever they can to help their loved ones live happier lives. This comes from a deep place of caring, and is often something that they think long and hard about. When the INTP cares for someone, they will often spend a lot of their time researching them and trying to understand them fully. They will observe their ways in an attempt to figure them out and what makes them tick. Even when it seems like they aren’t paying attention, they are likely absorbing more information than people realize. This often makes them excellent at giving advice, even if they don’t always deliver it in the most tactful way possible.

They Often Feel Misunderstood

INTP males often feel very misunderstood by others, even by the people they care for most. Even when the INTP is attempting to express themselves, it doesn’t always make it easy for others to understand. They are often best when they attempt to write their words down, since this gives them time to process their thoughts. There is so much going on inside of the INTPs mind, that it is nearly impossible to completely convey what they mean. If they are able to take the time to write out their thoughts and emotions, they will often feel much more understood.

INTPs males might be seen as emotionless, but this is not true at all. They do favor logic, but they are also very caring individuals. Their desire to understand the world around them, makes them excellent support systems if people are willing to take their advice. Once the INTP male learns to accept themselves and become comfortable with the things they cannot change, they will certainly be capable of achieving a lot in life. They are often incredible people to be around, and are amazing companions to have by your side.

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