The Best Ways to Deal with the Holiday Hangover, Based on Your Personality Type

We each can feel a bit drained and need to come down from the craziness of celebrating the holidays. We all need to recharge in our own ways and for our own reasons. Here are the best ways for you to deal with the holiday hangover, based on your personality type.



INFJs can become deeply drained by the holidays, mostly because there is so much social interaction involved. They become a bit overwhelmed trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations, as well as answering all of their families questions. INFJs want to be there for their loved ones and do their best to deal with the holiday celebrations accordingly. While they might push themselves to socialize when what they really need is some time to themselves. After the holidays the most important thing for the INFJ to do is to find time to themselves. They cannot let themselves feel guilty for demanding this time, since without it they cannot recharge. Just being on their own with a good book or cuddling up with their pet and some Netflix, is often exactly what the INFJ needs to cure their holiday hangover.


ENFJs might be outgoing and social people, but that doesn’t mean they don’t experience the holiday hangover just like everyone else. ENFJs spend a lot of time during the holidays just trying to make everyone else happy and comfortable. They often go out of their way to make this time special, and this means putting in a lot of work and energy themselves. ENFJs experience this holiday hangover because they have likely pushed themselves very hard in order to make sure the celebrating is perfect. This leaves them feeling drained and they often have to come down from all the chaos they put themselves through. For the ENFJ it is important that they take some time to rest, instead of pushing themselves into some sort of activity the next day. They might benefit from doing some personal tasks, like artwork, crafting or possibly watching a movie with their partner.


INFPs really need a lot of time alone and so the holidays can be extremely draining for them. While INFPs might enjoy seeing their family and loved ones, being around a lot of people and feeling obligated to spend time with them, will leave the INFP feeling drained. They also find themselves having to answer too many questions and so the holidays are often a bit difficult for the INFP. After the celebration is over they truly need time to themselves to recharge, and they cannot feel guilty about this. For the INFP it is vital that they separate themselves from most people, and don’t feel bad not answering their phone or event texts. Often being in the comfort of their couch or own bedroom, with a good book or TV series, is exactly what the INFP needs.


ENFPs might be very social and friendly people, but they actually do because drained after the holiday celebrations. Having to keep up with everyone and engage in all of the excitement, leaves them feeling like they are coming down from all of that socialization. For the ENFP after the holidays the best thing is to just spend time with one person they enjoy, maybe playing video games or enjoying some of the gifts they received. ENFPs often want this time to just take apart of the fun things they received, and share them with someone close or their significant other. It is more rewarding for the ENFP to separate themselves and have a chance to really cherish these presents.



INTJs definitely have to deal with a holiday hangover, but this is because the experience of having to socialize with others is just exhausting. Being around too many people all at once and feeling obligated to answer questions and be cordial. INTJs become drained by this type of interaction and really can become short-tempered by too much interference. The INTJ might even need to excuse themselves during the festivities but there are instances when they can’t quite do this. After all of the celebrating is over the INTJ simply needs one thing, alone time. They are rarely afraid of demanding this, and will simply shut themselves off from others. They do best just sitting at home with their computer, researching different topics and even diving into some of the more interesting gifts they have received.


ENTJs do enjoy interacting with their loved ones and spending some time with their families. They often do a lot of socializing and spend this time catching up on some time they might have missed out on. ENTJs are good at keeping up with the holidays and can often interact with everyone without becoming too drained by it. For the ENTJ the holiday hangover comes from enjoying all of that socializing, and then suddenly being away from those people. It is often more fulfilling for the ENTJ to take this time to participate in some sort of activity that they enjoy, in order to keep their minds moving and focused on something which feels rewarding for them.


INTPs definitely become drained after the holidays, mostly from all of the socializing and biting their tongues. INTPs do enjoy being around their family, they simply become exhausted after too much socializing and forced interaction. They might have some people around them who they don’t feel very happy with, but they don’t want to start unnecessary drama and so they have to bite their tongues when they don’t want to. This leaves the INTP feeling a bit drained, and so they need to retreat for some time after the celebrations are over. For the INTP it is just nice to spend some time by themselves, either reading or enjoying some new games they received as gifts.


ENTPs do enjoy socializing and being around loved ones, and so this can make the holidays a bit more rewarding for them. While they do enjoy chatting with their loved ones and catching up a bit, they can still experience the holiday hangover when everything calms back down. For the ENTP it comes from the fact that they spent so much time with loved ones and now they are left with things being much calmer. ENTPs enjoy when there is entertainment and excitement around them, and so now they need to find other ways to keep themselves entertained. It is best if they find an activity they can participate in with their significant other, or a close friend.



ISTJs enjoy traditions and celebrating with their loved ones, but at the same time they become drained after too much social interaction. They enjoy being around these people and will do their best to celebrate with a sense of joy and enthusiasm. While the ISTJ will enjoy spending time with their loved ones, when it is all over they really just need time to themselves. The ISTJ will often retreat inward, but it is often best if they can be alone for a while. They need to just relax after all of this, possibly watching a good television show or a couple movies. For the ISTJ it is rewarding to be with family, but they require this time to themselves or they cannot fully cure the holiday hangover.


For ESTJs the celebrating of traditions and spending time with loved ones is often very rewarding. They like being around lots of people, especially when they are people they actually care for. For the ESTJ this time is often enjoyable, but after it is all over they can feel a bit drained from everything. They are likely to help out a lot with the cleaning and organizing, and so they can need some time to just rest and recharge. ESTJs do need to have someone to discuss everything with though, and need to vent about everything that happened during the holiday celebration.


ISFJs love being there for their family and often do their best to make the holidays special. While ISFJs will try to make sure everyone is comfortable and go above and beyond during the holidays, they are still introverts which means they become drained by constant social interaction. ISFJs might need time alone, but they rarely get this during the holidays and push themselves to continue making everyone else feel happy. This leaves the ISFJ feeling truly exhausted after the celebration is over, and so they need to take time alone without feeling guilty about it. They need to retreat inward a bit, and spend time doing something they personally love. Whether this be reading, crafting or writing- whatever hobby the ISFJ enjoys most will be exactly what they need to recharge from the holiday hangover.


ESFJs might be social people but they do become drained after the chaos of the holidays. They are often hosts and hostesses, which is a major reason why they become so exhausted. They push themselves during the holidays to make sure everyone else is happy and cared for. ESFJs want to make the holiday season truly special for their loved ones and family, and work hard to make sure just about everything is perfect. All of this effort and hard work leaves the ESFJ feeling a bit drained when everything is over, and so they do need some time to relax. Just spending this time doing something they enjoy with one special person, is really all they need to recharge a bit.



For the ISTP the answer is simple, alone time is really what they need after the holidays. They might enjoy being around their loved ones but when the celebrating is over they become truly drained. ISTPs often prefer to be alone and so feeling forced to socialize and answer prying questions, definitely takes a toll on the ISTP. They need to retreat and find some sort of activity they can enjoy on their own, without feeling the need to socialize with anyone else. ISTPs do sometimes feel guilty over this, but they realize they need this time to be themselves again.


ESTPs enjoy being around loved ones and often do their best to make the holidays fun and special. They will go out of their way to socialize with everyone, and might end up with multiple stops they have to make in order to see all of their family and friends. This does leave the ESTP feeling a bit drained, but they will push themselves regardless. ESTPs are outgoing and social people and so the hangover often comes from a physical exhaustion. They push themselves to connect with everyone and make sure they have pleased them, and so this leaves the ESTP feeling like they had too much to do in such a short amount of time. Afterwards they just need to take time to rest, and possibly spend time with their closest friend of significant other.


ISFPs can be friendly and social people, but they are still introverts who require time to themselves. While they will push themselves to socialize and enjoy being around their loved ones, they often become drained when this is all over. They need to take some time for themselves doing things which they normally enjoy and feel energized by. Sometimes for the ISFP this is artwork, music or writing, other times it is simply enjoy a good game with someone special. ISFPs need this alone time but they often have one person who doesn’t seem to drain them, and they can feel even more energized with this person’s presence.


For the ESFP the only thing which is a bit draining after the holidays, is the let down of no longer being around family and loved ones. They can feel a bit bummed out when it is all over, and wish they were still enjoying the celebration with their special loved ones. For the ESFP it is best if they can spend this time chatting with a friend or family member, someone they can help them hold onto to that charge. If they spend this time completely alone it can actually be more draining for them than anything else.


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