INFJ Humor: Self-Deprecating, Dark & Absurd Humor

When it comes to humor not everyone appreciates the same style, and so this can make for a lot of misunderstandings. While some people might prefer a more traditional humor style, others might enjoy something a bit darker or even absurd. There are so many different things that people can find humorous, and this can sometimes be tied to personality type. Certain types might be more likely to connect with a specific humor style, because of their natural personality and the functions they use. At times this can be challenging for the types with a darker sense of humor, as they don’t always feel free expressing this without receiving judgement.

INFJs definitely can have a dark side to their humor, which is often drenched in sarcasm and wit. The INFJs sense of humor can often come across as dry, and people don’t always catch that they are joking. They are capable of changing or adjusting depending on their surroundings, as INFJs are very aware of what people around them want or respond to. They know when people won’t be as receptive to darker humor, and so they save this side for those who do appreciate it or who they trust not to take it the wrong way. INFJs have many different layers to their personality, and so they also have layers to the type of humor they enjoy or express around others.

INFJ Dark Humor

INFJs do have a dark side to their humor, they just don’t always feel like sharing this with others. INFJs don’t let people in easily and so it requires having complete trust in a person for them to expose certain parts of their personality. They might be uneasy sharing that they do have a penchant for dark humor, especially around people who appear judgemental or would take it as inappropriate. Sometimes this is a useful tool to help the INFJ process certain things, even humor which seems horrible to others. They might make jokes which cross certain lines, not because they actually agree with it, simply because it is shocking and they find it amusing. Sometimes it is about not taking themselves too seriously, since they already have so many feelings of guilt and even self-doubt from a young age. INFJs have complex heart and minds, which makes it difficult for them to feel truly connected or understood. They can struggle to figure out if there is something wrong with them, when in reality it is simply because they are unique and most people cannot understand them the way they wish. This is why they can become such guarded people, only showing themselves in layers. They wait until they trust someone, which can take a very long time for the INFJ personality. Their humor comes out in ways which often surprises people, since they have rather complex inner thoughts. This doesn’t mean they always agree with what they are saying, it just means they can imagine something which they know will come out humorous, even if it is a bit more on the dark side.

INFJ Self-Deprecating

INFJs can definitely be self-deprecating people, especially when they know it will be humorous. They are hard on themselves sometimes, but when they are being intentionally self-deprecating it is more about being funny and entertaining others. They can often dig deeper and come up with things which truly make people around them laugh, and INFJs enjoy this. Their self-deprecating humor can get a little dark at times, sometimes a bit more pointed than people might be expecting. INFJs also do this as a means of expressing certain feelings sometimes, since they do have a tendency to bottle them up. Sometimes their humor is a useful tool in this, helping the INFJ to process certain emotions and even personal doubts, without making it too serious or uncomfortable. At the same time they don’t like taking themselves as seriously as people might think, which is why sometimes self-deprecating humor is a good way to express this. They are good at picking at themselves, more than they are at other people. INFJs don’t want to be hurtful or say things which truly upset someone, and so they might struggle when it comes to roasting their friends or loved ones. Because of this, it is much easier for the INFJ to turn this inward and make jokes which are picking at themselves and appear rather self-deprecating. This can actually come across as rather charming, rather than depressing. The way the INFJ can make fun of themselves makes them appear more laid-back and like they aren’t self-obsessed people.

INFJs are also rather witty, which is a big part of their sense of humor. They enjoy being able to use their love for words as a means of making people laugh. It also helps the INFJ get to know people better, and they often connect more with people who can keep up with their wit and banter. They might enjoy a back and forth with someone who can keep up, and who actually understands what they mean. Their sense of wit is often tied into a more sarcastic side of their personality as well, and INFJs are definitely good at expressing themselves this way. Their sarcasm can come out as dry or biting, depending on who they are around. INFJs don’t like to do or say things that are hurtful, and so they do tend to hold back to some extent. This doesn’t mean that they don’t think of somewhat digging humor they just keep it to themselves a lot of the time. Unless the INFJ is around someone who brings this out in them and encourages this type of dry wit and sarcasm. INFJs hold back to avoid being rude, but they definitely can be sarcastic around people who they feel deserve it as well. If someone is being hurtful to those around them and doesn’t care what they are doing, the INFJ isn’t afraid of putting them in their place, sometimes by using their wit and sarcasm as their tool.


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