Here’s How to Best Encourage Each Personality Type

Here’s How to Best Encourage Each Personality Type

Even the strongest people have their times where they need some encouragement from their loved ones. Here is how to best encourage each personality type when they are feeling down.


INFJs are independent people, but sometimes they need encouragement from their loved ones in order to push forward. When the INFJ is feeling down they will often be a bit self-abusive, and will tear themselves down even further. When the INFJ is feeling this way they simply need support from the people close to them. They need to know that they matter and that their existence has impacted people on a deep and meaningful level. The INFJ simply needs their loved ones to express to them just how much they need them around, and how much good they can do in the world. They can sometimes become caught up in their mistakes and will feel like the darker parts of them are too prominent. The INFJ needs to be shown how much light they bring to the world and to their loved ones lives.


ENFJs are strong people, who are constantly striving to care for everyone in their lives. This can put a lot of pressure on the ENFJ to be perfect and to always hold everyone else up. Even though ENFJs take this upon themselves, it can become a bit overwhelming after a while, especially if they don’t feel like they are being appreciated. When the ENFJ is feeling down and exhausted, they need their loved ones to give them encouragement. The best way to encourage the ENFJ is by showing appreciation and showering them with love. The ENFJ needs to realize that their hard work is valued and that the people close to them realize how much they do.


INFPs are sensitive souls who truly need to feel connected to the people they love. They have a natural awareness of the pain and injustice in the world and these feelings can overwhelm them sometimes. When the INFP is feeling overwhelmed they need to feel fully supported by their loved ones. When people try to force the INFP to quickly overcome their sadness, it can only make matters worse. They need to feel a free space not to be judged, or have someone try and push the INFP. When their loved ones are simply there for them, it helps the INFP feel like they are safe to be themselves. Once the INFP has been able to wallow for a bit, they need to find a sense of purpose and meaning in their lives.


ENFPs are often positive people, with an enthusiastic attitude and a zest for life. When ENFPs feel overwhelmed by their situation they often need a change of pace. They don’t want to feel too much sympathy from their loved ones, and this can sometimes make things worse. The ENFP needs their loved ones to support them by being there, and trying to find ways to make them feel more positive. Often trying something new and exploring different possibilities can really help the ENFP break free from their slump.


INTJs are sharp and witty people, who are constantly searching for understanding. They have a strength in them, which helps them to persevere through hard times. INTJs ability to logically understand most situations is a useful ability, which continues to help them in life. Although they are strong people, INTJs do have moments of feeling down just like anyone else. When the INTJ is feeling overwhelmed, they simply need to know that their friends are there and that they believe in them. INTJs often do best when they are by themselves, and need to find logical solutions to their current problems.


ENTJs are intelligent and logic minded people, who believe deeply in loyalty. If the ENTJ feels overwhelmed they really need to feel like their loved ones are going to be there for them. They can often be rather hard on themselves, so they need to find things that they are confident in. When the ENTJ has lost faith in their abilities, it is best for their loved ones to remind them just how skilled and capable they truly are. They need to feel the support of their loved ones, without being smothered with feelings of sympathy. They need loyalty and positive reinforcement to help them overcome their negative thoughts.


INTPs are logic minded people who strive to understand the world around them. When INTPs are feeling down they often need their loved ones to show them that they believe in them, without smothering them with feelings. INTPs don’t want a lot of sympathy, since that often makes them feel even worse. They need someone who will help remind them of their accomplishments and how capable they truly are. When the INTP recognized their talents, they will feel more confident in their ability to move forward into the future. Knowing that their loved ones believe in them and will be there no matter what, truly helps the INTP.


ENTPs are intelligent and enthusiastic people, who enjoy being able to explore new things. When ENTPs are feeling down they really need to feel the love and support of the people close to them. They don’t want to feel overwhelmed by emotions though, and dislike when people pry into their feelings. The ENTP wants to feel encouragement by taking on new and exciting hobbies or activities with their loved ones. Being able to explore new possibilities helps the ENTP pull out of their slump and move forward with their lives.


ISTJs are hardworking and driven people, who enjoy moving forward in life. They don’t want to let themselves get too caught up in negative emotions, and often try to suppress them. When the ISTJ is feeling overwhelmed and in need of encouragement, they simply need their loved ones to show them proper support. The ISTJ needs to be reminded of their efforts and that the people they love truly believe in them. ISTJs want to know that their hard work is being recognized, and don’t want to feel like they have failed.


When ESTJs are feeling overwhelmed and a bit down, they need their loved ones to show them support. ESTJs want the people close to them to remind them of how valuable and important they are. They want to know that their hard work is not going to waste, and need to feel special to those around them. ESTJs are constantly trying to provide for their loved ones, and need to be sure that they are being valued. When their loved ones give back to the ESTJ and show them how important they are, they will quickly begin to feel more positive.


ISFJs are caring and giving people, which can sometimes become overwhelming for them. When the ISFJ is feeling a bit down, they need their loved ones to show them plenty of affection. They need to know that their efforts are being recognized, and to be reminded of how much they give to others. The ISFJ does best when their loved ones try to return the favor, and show the ISFJ how much they really mean to others. They can become rather upset if they feel like they aren’t being appreciated, and need to know that they are not wasting their energy.


ESFJs are constantly striving to care for their loved ones, and are very focused on ensuring their happiness. When the ESFJ feels a bit down, it is often important that their loved ones show them support. The ESFJ who is overwhelmed needs to be shown plenty of affection, and appreciation. Their loved ones need to express to the ESFJ how much they appreciate their giving nature. ESFJs want to know that their consideration is not going to waste, and want to be valued for how much they care. ESFJs also do well when they have some sort of goal in mind, and need deadlines in order to motivate and encourage them.


ISTPs are logical and pragmatic people, who enjoy spending plenty of time by themselves. When ISTPs are feeling a bit down, they often do best trying to encourage themselves. They need to focus on the things they enjoy and may even need to try something new in order to break out of their slump. If their loved ones want to help encourage the ISTP, they simply need to find an activity that the ISTP will truly enjoy. They don’t want to be smothered by emotions, and will only become more frustrated if someone attempts to bring out their feelings.


ESTPs are hardworking people who strive to push themselves forward in life. When the ESTP is feeling down they need their loved ones to show them plenty of support. The ESTP needs to be reminded of how important they are, and to have their talents brought to light. If the people close to the ESTP continue to let them know how much they care for and appreciate the ESTP, they will do much better. They need to know how valuable they are, and struggle if their loved ones are not there for them.


ISFPs are caring and gentle souls, who can be somewhat sensitive to the world around them. When ISFPs are feeling down, they need their loved ones more than ever. The ISFP does not need a group of people prodding them, they simply need their closest loved ones to be supportive. They need that special person to help them by expressing their affections and appreciation. The ISFP will also enjoy having their loved one explore something new and exciting with them.


ESFPs are fun loving and positive people, who enjoy making other people smile. When ESFPs are feeling down they truly need their loved ones to show them plenty of support. The ESFP needs to be reminded that they are capable people, who can accomplish anything. They need to know that their loved ones truly believe in them and appreciate the ESFP. Instead of having people get down on the ESFP, they need to help them build themselves up. ESFPs also need to have something positive to look forward too, and to push themselves towards.

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