Which Area Each Personality Type is Confident In

Which Area Each Personality Type is Confident In

It can be difficult to gain confidence in life, but sometimes the best way to develop this is by taking notice of something you are already skilled at. Here is what are each personality type is most likely confident in already.


INFJs are extremely skilled observers, and often take notice of things that other people cannot see. They make incredible advice givers, because they can often sense the direction that a situation is going. This makes INFJs excellent with understanding people, especially those that they care for. The INFJ will pay attention to their loved ones, and notice each little change in their personality. This helps them understand when they are in need of help or simply a shoulder to cry on. INFJs ability to see things before they actually happen, comes from their keen observation skills. It may not be noticed by everyone, but it is a powerful asset.


ENFJs are natural jugglers, constantly handling a large amount of tasks at once. ENFJs are confident in their ability to get things done, and to take care of their loved ones. They do what has to be done, and are not afraid to take on new tasks. ENFJs can see the path in front of them, and will find whatever ways they can to accomplish their goals. They are confident in their ability to handle a crisis, without breaking down or falling apart. ENFJs are capable of steadiness themselves, in order to take care of business.


INFPs are the sensitive souls of the world, and because of this they are very connected to their internal morals. They are often confident in their ability to discover what is right and what is wrong. This also makes INFPs great at finding out the truth, especially when it comes to the people around them. They might give people too many chances, but deep down they know who they can trust. INFPs are skilled at feeling compassion, when the rest of the world has shut themselves down.


ENFPs are extremely skilled at taking on new tasks, without fear of what might happen. While some people are fearful of trying something they have never done before, ENFPs are usually excited for the challenge. They often know where their skills lie, and are comfortable diving into something that can showcase their abilities. ENFPs are also extremely charming people, which makes them great at communicating with people. They can often walk up to someone, and find an easy way to get to know them, without being fearful of how it will go.


There are quite a few things the INTJ is actually confident in, especially if it is something they can research. They are great at understanding situations, and will often prepare themselves before walking into something new. INTJs dislike ignorance, and because of this they strive to learn as much as they can about the world around them. Their intelligence is their greatest gift, one that can truly benefit others if it is shared.


ENTJs are extremely confident when it comes to their ability to lead others. They are intelligent people, who strive to make the most efficient plans possible. When it comes to leading a group into any kind of victory, ENTJs are very comfortable doing this. The ENTJ will not be fearful, but instead will take charge with complete pride and confidence. They know how to handle a group, and will be able to guide them forward.


INTPs have a very active imagination, which they combine with their natural intelligence. They are skilled at understanding new things, and are not afraid to dive into a subject they do not know much about. INTPs are amazing at researching and combining that research with their own personal knowledge. Their logical minds help the INTP become capable of understanding just about everything. INTPs are even great problem solvers, especially when it comes to helping other people. If the INTP is allowed to give advice, they can often help others find solutions to their life problems.


ENTPs are confident in their ability to debate various topics, by backing themselves with facts and knowledge. They enjoy pushing other people buttons, and are extremely skilled at doing this. ENTPs are intelligent individuals, but they desire to continue learning. Debating is just another way to learn and understand the world around them. They realize that it can result in learning from the person you are debating with, but can also help you come to new conclusions about your own knowledge as well. ENTPs are also very skilled at witty responses, which makes them rather charming to most people.


ISTJs are confident in their ability to get things done, since they are so hardworking. They can follow instructions perfectly, and will likely be able to finish their work before anyone else. ISTJs may not be excellent at trying something new, since they want to understand a subject before they dive into it. Once the ISTJ does understand the task at hand though, they will be able to perform it with the utmost efficiency. They love to learn, and if someone is skilled at teaching the ISTJ, they will be able to master their new task.


ESTJs are excellent at commanding a room, and drawing the attention to whatever direction they desire. They know how to instruct people, and are often excellent at teaching others how to do something more efficiently. ESTJs are the kings and queens of efficiency, and become extremely frustrated if things are not being done to the best of their ability. ESTJs are capable of coming into a situation, and changing it to become much more effective.


ISFJs are great at understanding social settings, and are skilled at finding the best way to operate a room. They desire to make peace, and strive for a harmonious environment. They will often find ways to help others get along, which is actually a great skill to have. This makes ISFJs excellent mediators, especially if they pay attention to the details. ISFJs are confident in their ability to care for their loved ones, and provide for whatever needs they have.


ESFJs are naturally confident when it comes to understanding people. They strive to care for their loved ones, and might find that this is their greatest strength. They are often good at just about anything they set their mind to, especially the more stubborn ESFJs. They know how to get things done, and will push themselves until they succeed in their goals. These goals are usually set with the desire to please the ones they love, because the ESFJ simply wants to make the world a better place.


ISTPs are natural problem solvers, which makes them great at many different tasks. They are likely good at fixing things, and can often accomplish this completely by themselves. ISTPs can look at something and simply see the best way to fix it, which is rather impressive. ISTPs are perfectly capable of learning something new, and will dive right into something that other people are afraid of.


ESTPs are often good at many things, especially when it comes to communicating with people. ESTPs are rather charming individuals, and know how to make people like them. They often do whatever it takes to accomplish their goals, which is actually pretty impressive. ESTPs are also confident in their ability to have a good time, and will often take their friends on exciting adventures. ESTPs combine their work ethic, and ability to have fun- making them rather well rounded individuals.


ISFPs are extremely moral people, and this is often their greatest asset. They are excellent observers, and are capable of seeing the beauty in the world around them. There are places where others only see darkness, but the ISFP can often see what truly makes it beautiful. This also makes the ISFP good at reading people, and coming to a conclusion about whether they are good or not.


ESFPs are confident in their ability to make other people smile and laugh. They know how to lighten the mood, especially if others people are bringing it down. ESFPs are fun-loving individuals, who truly hate a negative environment. They will do whatever it takes to make others smile, even if they have to be the butt of the joke. ESFPs can often find a way to stay positive, even when the situation seems dim.

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