Here’s How Each Personality Type Feels About Discord

Here’s How Each Personality Type Feels About Discord

While some people run at the first sign of discord, others are eager to analyze the situation. Here is how each personality type feels about discord.


INFJs definitely dislike any kind of discord, and prefer to keep things peaceful. They tend to avoid arguments with the people they care for, since they would rather not damage the relationship. They do understand that there is a time and place for disturbing the peace though, and will be ready and willing to handle that situation. INFJs simply do not want disharmony when there is no reason for the situation to be shaken up. They want to get along with their loved ones, and prefer to settle disagreements in a calm manner, without doing anything that could damage the relationship.


ENFJs dislike upsetting others and will try to avoid discord as much as they can. They prefer to keep the peace and are happiest when everyone is smiling and getting along. ENFJs main focus is tending to the needs of their loved ones, which often makes them uncomfortable in conflict situations. If they are forced to handle it ENFJs will be willing to settle the situation and calm things down. They are skilled at controlling the mood of a room and often have a natural ability for easing everyone’s emotions.


INFPs definitely do not enjoy conflict or discord, especially when it seems pointless. They have such active inner minds, which makes having intense arguments in their environment is rather uncomfortable for them. They often do not see the point in it, and truly hate seeing people be cruel to one another. They do not mind standing up for what they believe in, and will see that kind of discord as entirely necessary. When family and friends are arguing over pointless subjects, the INFP will become upset by this. They want to see people get along, and hate being in the center of this disruption.


ENFPs generally try to avoid discord, and become uncomfortable when people try to force and argument. They dislike getting into fights with people they care about, and simply feel like it is a waste of energy. The ENFP would rather spend their time focusing on important things, and learning about new subjects. They love to dive into anything new and exciting, and prefer to take life as it comes. Instead of spending their time creating discord, ENFPs would rather be laughing and soaking up the positivity in the world around them. They understand that there is a time for discord, and will be able to handle it when it does come along.


INTJs definitely do not mind discord, as long as it is productive in some way. They enjoy being able to learn from something, but if it is entirely pointless the INTJ will just get annoyed. They will likely shut down the situation very quickly, or find a way to leave and get away from it. INTJs prefer debates and healthy arguments, as a way to learn and understand something more. They also don’t mind putting someone in their place when it is needed, and are often rather skill at this. INTJs would often prefer to be by themselves, which can sometimes make them uncomfortable with discord in their environment.


ENTJs are actually rather comfortable with discord, and don’t become skittish with it. They are strong and independent people, who are naturally good leaders. The ENTJ can often calm a situation down, by simply demanding that the arguments stop. If they feel it is necessary to calm the situation then they will not be afraid to take action. ENTJs sometimes enjoy having a little discord, especially if it helps them learn more about a topic or situation. They are not at all afraid of a little mess, and will be perfectly capable of handling themselves in a tough situation.


INTPs often prefer to be by themselves in their own personal space. They feel more comfortable when they are free to explore their thoughts and analyze information that they have gathered. INTPs do not mind discord, but prefer to keep it to minimum. They will participate in healthy debates, especially if it aids in understanding a subjects further. INTPs understand that sometimes discord is necessary, and will not try to falsely keep the peace in a situation. If they have to be a little uncomfortable in order to be precise and honest, then the INTP is perfectly fine with that.


ENTPs often enjoy a little discord in their lives, and like being able to facilitate debates. ENTPs often feel like they learn more when they are participating in arguments and can really dissect the information this way. They don’t mind this kind of discord and will actually push for it most of the time. ENTPs enjoy pushing boundaries in order to learn and figure out what they enjoy, which can often cause other people to feel uncomfortable. ENTPs will also push the buttons of the people closest to them, in order to figure out what makes them tick. ENTPs are certainly no strangers to discord, and might even enjoy it from time to time.


ISTJs generally aren’t fans of discord, since it often seems like a waste of time. They don’t mind participating in a healthy debate, and are often good at proving other people wrong. ISTJs simply do not feel like constant fighting and bickering serves any purpose, and would much rather focus on more practical things. ISTJs enjoy getting things done, and will often be the backbone of the household. They are hardworking people, with a rather focused mindset.


ESTJs definitely don’t mind a little discord, and have naturally pushy personalities. If they feel like they need to vent about something, then the ESTJ will have a hard time keeping it to themselves. They also are not afraid to argue with people, especially if they want to right some sort of wrong that has been committed. ESTJs are strong-willed individuals, which makes them much less fearful of any arguments or discord.


ISFJs often avoid discord at all costs, and are seen as the peacekeepers of their home or group. They prefer to keep things pleasant, and do not want people fighting around them. The ISFJ will often do whatever it takes to calm the situation and keep the peace in the group. They want to be sure that everyone is happy and getting alone, and will often blame themselves if they cannot fix the problem. ISFJs are kind and compassionate people, who simply want to see their loved ones happy. This desire to care for everyone often makes them shy away from any kind of discord.


ESFJs definitely do not enjoy discord, especially if it bothers their loved ones. They want to be sure that everyone they care for it happy and taken care of, this is their main goal. ESFJs will become very upset if their loved ones are arguing, and will work very hard to keep the peace. They are naturally skilled at altering the emotions of a room, and will use this to keep everyone at ease. ESFJs will often attempt to fix the problem in order to make sure that everyone is calm and no longer fighting. This peacekeeping mentality can be bothersome for some people, but ESFJs simply do it because they care.


ISTPs don’t mind a little discord, and are not averse to mess in their lives. They understand that not everything can be sunshine and rainbows, which makes them willing to handle a little discomfort. ISTPs will definitely try to work through the situation, especially if they feel like something can be learned from it. They dislike feeling as though they are being forced into an argument though, and are also not afraid to walk away if need be. ISTPs dislike anything that is overly dramatic or appears to be a waste of time, but are perfectly fine with healthy debates.


ESTPs do not mind discord, and will often be the ones pushing for a debate. They love being able to inform people, especially when it is a subject they are knowledgeable in. They can actually be a bit argumentative from time to time, but they don’t let it go too far. The ESTP will get into a debate with someone, but they are also good at calming things down if it gets too intense. They still want to maintain their friendships, and want to be sure they don’t upset people too much. The ESTP simply enjoys being able to debate topics and showcase their skills.


ISFPs definitely dislike any kind of discord, and often work hard to avoid it. They would much rather live peaceful and comfortable lives, in their own space. ISFPs can be a bit in their own little world sometimes, simply because it is a rich and enchanting place to be. They have vivid imaginations, and truly love being able to explore this part of themselves. ISFPs want to live happy and peaceful lives, and dislike anything that disrupts this or harms them or their loved ones in any way.


ESFPs do not like discord, and prefer to keep things positive and happy in their lives. They do however like to get their way on most things, and will do what they can to make this happen. ESFPs are more like to cry or become upset than they are to argue or yell at someone. ESFPs want to be loved by the people closest to them, and simply dislike having arguments with these people. Anything that makes the ESFP uncomfortable is not something they want in their lives, which makes them rather avoidant of discord.

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