The Enneagram 621 Tritype, commonly known as the Servant, involves the attributes of type 6 (The Loyalist), type 2 (The Helper), and type 1 (The Perfectionist).

The 6 in this Tritype signifies a deep-rooted need for security and stability. This element of their personality makes them loyal, responsible, and sometimes anxious or defensive due to their anticipation of problems.

Type 2, the Helper, represents a strong drive to help or serve others. People with this type are often empathetic, warm, and sometimes overly accommodating to the point of becoming people-pleasers.

Type 1, the Perfectionist, in this Tritype represents a desire for integrity, moral correctness, and a pursuit of perfection. This can result in a strong sense of discipline, responsibility, but also a tendency toward criticism and rigidity.

Collectively, the 621 Tritype often exhibits characteristics of loyalty, assistance, and a quest for perfection. This Tritype individuals are dedicated to serving others, maintaining stability and security, and pursuing high standards and ideals. However, the exact behavior and emotional patterns can vary greatly depending on multiple factors including personal life experiences, upbringing, and more.


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