What You Provide For Others Based on Your Personality Type

Everyone brings something into the world around them, they do this in a way that can enlightens and enriches others lives. Here is what you provide for others based on your personality type.


INFJs provide a lot for others, especially a warm heart and a shoulder to cry on. They are extremely compassionate, and will empathize with even the most difficult situations. They are the people who will sit beside of their friends for hours, just listening to them cry about what pains them. INFJs will provide a patient ear, and will be excellent at knowing the right words to comfort someone. They care very deeply for others and they instinctively know what people need to help them through the tough times. They also provide a sense of understanding that many other people simply are not capable of. INFJs have a skill for seeing deep inside of peoples souls, and drawing out their inner desires. This helps them guide others on their path, and assist them with whatever they need, in order to feel better.


ENFJs are constantly trying to provide whatever they can for their loved ones. They provide a sense of stability and are always there to assist people with whatever they might need. ENFJs are amazing at helping people, and will often go above and beyond the call of duty. They care very deeply for others and this reflects largely in their actions. ENFJs will always be the people to get the job done, even if the task is difficult and undesirable. They are the friend that will help you move, the friend that will give you a ride to airport, and the friend that will help you organize your messy home. They are always there with a kind word and a helpful hand, always providing whatever they can for others.


INFPs are extremely caring people, with unbelievably warm hearts. They have a powerful moral compass, which they work very hard to follow. Their morality is definitely an inspiration to others, helping everyone see just how important it is to strive to be a good person. INFPs have a goodness deep inside of them that makes them amazing people to be around. This desire to be honest and sincere is something that truly brings light to our world, even in the darkest times. It is not always easy to follow this sense of morality, but it is definitely something to aspire to. They are loyal and compassionate friends, who will always stick by the people they love.


ENFPs provide a sense of imagination and enthusiasm to the world around them. They are positive and excitable individuals, constantly striving to make other people smile. ENFPs have a warmth that is infectious, and will often work hard to make the people they love happy. They provide a sense of joy and positive vibes for the people who are closest to them. They have an incredible creativity that is hard to match, and it is definitely something that allows them to bring happiness into their world. Their constant desire to follow their dreams is an inspiration to others, helping people see that it is possible to achieve even the most difficult goals.


INTPs provide a sense of wisdom and precision to the world around them. They always strive to be as accurate as possible, and have a way of shaking up other peoples world views. This can be a wonderful thing, especially for people who are willing and eager to grow. INTPs are great at seeing logical solutions to problems, and know how to execute them rather well. This ability to see a clear path is something that they can really use to help others. INTPs are also rather imaginative, this combined with their ability to see potential problems, makes them great at giving sincere advice. They may not always be sensitive with their delivery, but this precision and accuracy is definitely something to be valued.


ENTPs are open minded and enthusiastic individuals, providing a challenge to those around them. ENTPs are always eager to try something new and to push past barriers. This desire to shake things up can truly help others learn to grow and develop as people. It can be easy for most people to remain stagnant, but ENTPs simply despise a dull and still life. They will often strive to push people outside of their comforts zones, which helps them to grow and change as people. This is an excellent things and can really help better the lives of the people around the ENTP.


INTJs have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, which is something that really brings a lot to the world around them. They are constantly striving to understand everything on a much deeper level, and are eager to facilitate change in their world. INTJs are constantly searching for new things to research and understand, which often inspires others to become more knowledgeable. They are always willing to help others learn more, especially if those people are eager to do so. INTJs enjoy teaching people, and love the idea of removing ignorance from their world.


ENTJs are extremely motivated individuals, constantly striving to move forward in life. This desire to be productive and efficient, is something that we should all take note of. ENTJs will often push the people around them and will not simply allow them to live a dull life. They will find ways in which others can become better, and will help them implement these plans as well. ENTJs are very hardworking and intelligent people, with a desire to make their world a more efficient place.


ISTJs provide a sense of dependability and honesty for those around them. They are constantly willing and able to do the hard-work that no one else is capable of. They are intelligent and moral individuals, who believe in doing their best no matter what. ISTJs are very reliable and will not go back on their word, because they want to be there for the people in their lives. They are certainly not pushovers, but they are some of the most trustworthy people out there.


ESTJs provide a sense of direction and efficiency for the people around them. If the people they love are lost or seem to be floundering, the ESTJ will swoop in and assist them. They are extremely dependable people, and will always do their best to provide for their family. They do not give up, even when things get hard for them. ESTJs are hardworking and emotionally strong people, who are always willing to push through whatever comes their way. This sense of strength is definitely something to be admired and is something that helps their loved ones when times are hard.


ISFJs provide and sense of warmth and caring for the people around them. They are always willing to be there for people, in whatever capacity they truly need. ISFJs provide harmony as well, and will work hard to ensure that everyone is getting along. They want to be supportive and helpful people, and they definitely accomplish this goal. They are always there for their loved ones, with a kind smile and often delicious baked goods. 😉


ESFJs provide warmth and consideration for those around them. They are constantly striving to provide for their loved ones, and will do whatever it takes to make them happy. ESFJs provide appreciation and unconditional love for those closest to them. They strive to be kind people, always wanting to create harmony and make others happy. They have a powerful sense of emotions, and will often capable of guiding their environment in the right direction in order to make everyone feel more at ease.


ISTPs are very intelligent and precise individuals, with a talent for problem solving. Their ability to find the solution in even the most complex problem, is definitely something that they provide for the world around them. Most of the time when something needs to be fixed, ISTPs are the people we go to for help. Their desire to be accurate is truly something to be valued, and often helps get things done.


ESTPs provide adventure and practicality to the people around them. ESTPs have a skill for making anything fun, and will often turn the most mundane tasks into an adventure. They dislike living their lives in a stagnant or boring place and will always be ready to try something new. They provide a sense of excitement and fun for the people in their lives. Time spent with an ESTP is never boring, and will never lack for enjoyment.


ISFPs are caring people who are always striving to see the beauty in the world around them. Whether they have a talent for art, or a simply an appreciation for everything aesthetic- it is something that others would do well to take note of. ISFPs can often see the beauty in the simplest or darkest of places, and this is a wonderful thing that they can provide for others. Their compassion also makes them amazing listeners, and wonderful people to go to when you are in need of comfort.


ESFPs provide a sense of fun and joy for those around them. They want to make everything exciting and fun for people, and they are definitely great at accomplishing this goal. ESFPs enjoy living in the present moment, soaking up everything that life has to offer. This free-spirited way of life is definitely something that can help lighten to mood around them. Without ESFPs the world would be a much less enjoyable and much more boring place to life.


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