The Surprising Qualities of the Male ESTP Personality

The Surprising Qualities of the Male ESTP Personality

ESTPs are adventurous and exciting people, but the ESTP male has their own unique qualities. While they might have some negative stereotypes tied to their personality, they also have many positive and surprising qualities. The ESTP male isn’t just a playful charmer, he is also loving and hardworking. Here are a few surprising qualities of the ESTP male.

They Are Driven

The ESTP male actually has a strong sense of motivation to become successful in life. They are skilled at going after their goals, once they figure out what exactly those goals are. It might take them some times to figure out what they want in life, but they are more than capable of acquiring it. Once the ESTP male discovered what they want to do with their lives, they will do whatever it takes to make to make that happen. They are strong people, who will find help along the way if they have to. They aren’t afraid to seek out assistance from people, often by using their charm and charisma to enlist the help of others.

The ESTP wants to be successful in life, especially when it comes to finding ways to impress their loved ones. They enjoy having the people close to them admire their abilities and their success. ESTPs do enjoy having fun, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of taking things seriously. They will find ways to achieve a certain level of success, even if it is just to prove that they can.

They Do Have a Reckless Side

While they can be rather motivated people, the ESTP male also has a rather reckless side to them. They enjoy living in the present moment, and dread the thought of their lives becoming stagnant. They want to keep moving forward, and enjoy having excitement in their lives. Sometimes the ESTP will break free of their current chains, and try to shake things up. If things get too boring for them, they can start to cause trouble in order to make life a bit more interesting. They will become reckless on their search for adventure and passion, and might make a mess of things.

The ESTP will work to find ways around their mistakes though, and will use their charm to fix their problems. They might be a bit destructive when they are going through their adventurous spouts, but will continue to move forward through the wreckage. Their charm and wit often helps the ESTP through their problems, and motivates them to rebuild much quicker.

They Bury Their Feelings

ESTPs men often struggle when it comes to expressing their own internal emotions. They are comfortable connecting to the emotions of others, and often have a skill for understanding people. This ability to read the emotions of other people, can make the ESTP very skilled at getting what they want from others. Since they can easily read those individuals, the ESTP can find ways to coerce them into helping the ESTP. Although they might be able to read others, they often struggle to pay attention to their own feelings. They don’t always understand their feelings, and will attempt to bury them in most cases. They can be overwhelmed if they attempt to process their own emotions, so instead they will try to focus on logic and reason.

ESTPs are more logical than they are emotional, and prefer to analyze information. They don’t want to get caught up on feelings, since they realize they are not that dependable. They also become uncomfortable if they are forced to express themselves too much, and would prefer to keep those things to themselves. The ESTP male sometimes plays things off in a rather cool manner, for fear of letting themselves become too exposed. They do feel things very deeply, they just don’t want the world to realize this.

They Are Affectionate

The ESTP male is actually surprisingly affectionate towards their loved ones. Once they let someone get close enough to them, they will be nurturing and protective. They want to ensure that the people they care for are happy, and will go above and beyond to accomplish this. They might not always express their feelings in overly emotional ways, but they will find means of caring for people. The ESTP male can be a bit of a hopeless romantic, but this is something that they bury deep inside. It is hard for them to find a partner that keeps them interested and passionate, but when they do it is something they value deeply. The ESTP male enjoys caring for their loved ones, and actually has a nurturing side to their personality.

When the ESTP male truly loves someone’s, they want to ensure that they are happy and protected. They have a tendency to do little things for those people, as ways to express their affection. If they are asked for something, they will likely find a way to bring it to that person. ESTP men are actually loving and affectionate people, who simply want to be appreciated for who they are.

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