INFJ Ni-Ti Loop (Introverted Intuition & Introverted Thinking)

For introverted personality types, going into their loop is when they turn inward to their introverted functions. This isn’t always a bad thing, and sometimes it occurs under stress as a means of helping the person navigate whatever challenges they are facing. At first it can cause them to turn towards parts of themselves they normally would not, applying pressure to a function which isn’t as natural for them. It can help the individual figure some things out they are struggling with, but if this goes on for too long it can certainly become unhealthy for them. When they get stuck in this loop for long periods of time, they definitely need a means of breaking free before it applied too much stress to their weaker functions and leaves them feeling emotionally exhausted.

When they are in their loop, instead of balancing their functions in a healthy combinations, the INFJs neglects their extraverted functions. They become hyper focused on their introverted functions, their Ni and Ti, and this becomes a loop of how they filter information and try to respond to things around them. For the INFJ this loop can be a self-perpetuating and endless cycle, and so it can become rather difficult for them to find the means of breaking free. The loop continues to feed on itself, as the INFJ becomes focused on theories and then searches for facts to back them up. It is important for them to connect with their extraverted functions in order to break out of this, especially their extraverted feeling.

INFJs Typically Rely On Extraverted Feeling

When the INFJ is not caught up in their loop, they use their introverted intuition (Ni) to come up with predictions and conclusions about the future. This is something which is often connected to their extraverted feeling and their desire to take care of those around them. INFJs spend a lot of time inside of their own thoughts, but they are also very connected to their loved ones. They want to make the people around them happy, and care about making a positive difference in the world around them. Being outside of this loop the INFJ is capable of using these functions in a healthy way, and this helps them to balance out their own inner world with the one around them. INFJs have rich inner minds and they do need plenty of time alone, but the thing which pulls them out of becoming trapped inside their thoughts is the fact that they care about connecting with others. They might need time to recharge but INFJs are drawn out of their internal space by the people they love and care for most. They want to have these connections and are happy when they get to share things with the people they love. INFJs are passionate about being able to make others happy, and so they are capable of getting outside of their own heads in order to do so. 

The Ni-Ti Loop in INFJs

When the INFJ is inside of their loop their extraverted feeling (Fe) function becomes neglected entirely. This is when the INFJ finds themselves secluded from others, often intentionally alienating themselves from any interaction. They become so caught up in their introverted functions and don’t find the space or time to connect with the people they love most. They appear to be caught up inside of their inner minds in a somewhat tiresome and endless loop of thoughts. The INFJ uses their introverted intuition to come up with theories and future predictions, but their introverted thinking function will now start to search for facts which can back up these theories. This is something which seems to continue in an endless loop, while the INFJ keeps searching for facts which back up their Ni, and then ultimately the Ni continues to theorize those facts. They become so caught up in analyzing every little detail, to the point where they can overthink themselves into a chronic state of stress and doubt. Instead of filtering their Ni theories through their Fe, the INFJ begins to filter them straight through their Ti. This causes them to never feel truly satisfied with their conclusions, always feeling as if they can perfect them further in order to come to the absolutely perfect results. Of course this doesn’t actually give the INFJ the answers they are looking for, since they are overutilizing a function which they aren’t intended to use in this way. While INFJs to use their introverted thinking function to collect data and facts, when they use it in connection with their Ni and without their Fe, it becomes a mess of over-analyzing and often coming up with somewhat outlandish theories.

How to Escape the INFJ Loop

The most important thing to do when the INFJ is caught up in this loop, is to focus on the function which will break them out of it. Their extraverted feeling function is the key to finding a way free of this seemingly endless loop of internal thoughts. Instead of allowing themselves to become self-pitying and reclusive, the INFJ to needs to seek out other people. They need to focus on helping those around them and find ways of feeling that connection to their Fe. Their extraverted feeling is what makes the INFJ so compassionate and capable of empathy in a way which can be truly impressive. They care about making the people they love happy and will often go above and beyond to accomplish this. When the INFJ is in their loop they might need people who can break them free of this by invading that space they are trying to create. Simply asking them for help can be a start to this, by trying to tap into their Fe. Someone who knows the INFJ well and can connect with their sense of empathy can often help them to gain some clarity on the situation and what they need to do.

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