HSP ENFP: The Highly Sensitive ENFP

Someone who is an HSP or highly sensitive person, experiences life in a much different way. They are naturally sensitive to the world around them, whether this be through emotions or even physical stimulus. They find themselves rather sensitive to things in ways that make them feel different from the majority of the people around them. Some HSPs will hide these traits, wanting to fit int and avoid standing out too much. Experiencing ridicule for being “too sensitive” is something which can only make those feelings harder to process. Being an HSP does not make someone an emotional mess, it does not make them weak, in a lot of ways it can be used as a strength or tool to connect with people and the world on a much deeper level. Being an HSP is not something which is naturally correlated with personality type, although some might be more commonly seen with these types of behaviors.

ENFPs are often seen as sensitive people to begin with, but that doesn’t make them more prone to being an HSP necessarily. They can often take in more stimuli than people expect, being able to pick up on so many things at once without feeling overwhelmed. But that is why the HSP ENFP might struggle with feeling conflicted, wanting to explore so many things but feeling like they can’t take it all on because it is overwhelming them. Being HSP isn’t just about being sensitive to certain emotions, it is about one’s physical surroundings and various stimuli bogging them down. For the ENFP having to deal with that can be really stressful, and so it is important for them and others to understand what is going on and how to deal with it better.

Emotional Sensitivity

When it comes to being an HSP the ENFP is often more adjusted to their emotional sensitivities than some others might be. They naturally feel things on a deep level and try their best to process this in their own way. The ENFP who is an HSP also finds themselves feeling moved by things like movies and books, but sometimes it makes it hard for them to enjoy things like horror films. They find it hard not to put themselves in the shoes of the people in pain, which makes it difficult to sit through. People who don’t understand this see them as being “too sensitive” when in reality this is not something they can control. This can also make the ENFP very compassionate and understanding of others, especially when they are in pain. This sense of connection can certainly be a strength, even though it might not always feel like one. For the ENFP, feeling things so deeply and having people judge them for it is the worst part. They do their best to process those emotions and that connection to everything around them, but having people act like they are doing something wrong is extremely frustrating. It is not something they can change, and it is not something they SHOULD change. Being an HSP does not make the ENFP weaker, it actually makes them a more understanding person who picks up on things that other people are likely to forget or miss. It makes the ENFP able to see when someone they care for isn’t responding the same as they usually do, and they can often sense when something is wrong.

Physical Sensitivity

Being an HSP makes the ENFP more sensitive to stimuli, which can be the more unnerving part for them. ENFPs are curious people who want to be free to explore and experience so many different things at once. Their minds are always running around in different directions, often thinking about different things at the same time and imagining different potential outcomes. This is something which makes the ENFP naturally curious, they want to be able to jump into new things without hesitation. Sometimes being an HSP can cause them to hold back, since too much coming at them all at once can be draining. They find themselves easily distracted, but also find that when there is too much noise or intense smells or even lights, the ENFP becomes withdrawn. They can go from being social and charming, to wanting to distance themselves and get away from the crowd. This comes from being an HSP, and finding that they are more sensitive to the different stimulus around them. The ENFP might want to be able to keep going or continue diving into this chaos around them, but their mind and body starts to tell them that they might need to recharge or take a step back.

This does however, make the ENFP more aware of the world around them. They can pick up on changes and details in ways that most people couldn’t imagine. They can see things and recognize information where just about anyone else wouldn’t. For someone with such a vivid and active inner mind, this can actually become a strength. ENFPs recognize changes in their environment and can be good at putting together this information to solve problems before they even arise.

How to Cope

For the ENFP an important step towards processing being an HSP, is accepting it and not feeling bad about themselves for it. At first this can feel like a bad thing, especially when people around them don’t understand or appreciate the ENFP in the right way. Having people tell them they are too sensitive or too emotional, can make the ENFP close themselves off and become guarded. They might feel like there is something wrong with them, when in reality that is not true at all. Being an HSP means caring deeply, it means seeing the world in a different way and being able to notice things that no one else can. It may not always feel like a good thing, but ENFPs who learn to be proud of this part of themselves can become more confident and less afraid of what it means. Once they learn to accept it, they can tap into the positive aspects of being an HSP and an ENFP.