Here’s How Low-Key You Are, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s How Low-Key You Are, Based on Your Personality Type

While some people are very reserved, others are over the top and animated. Here is how low-key you are, based on your personality type.


INFJs can definitely appear low-key on the outside, since they are good at keeping their emotions to themselves. INFJs often appear calm even in the face of stressful or difficult situations. When the INFJ is around strangers or people they don’t trust, they will be rather collected and will keep to themselves. While INFJs might appear low-key around certain people, they are entirely different around loved ones and people they trust. The INFJ will likely be passionate and enthusiastic and will enjoy sharing their feelings and thoughts.


ENFJs aren’t viewed as the most low-key people, since they can be rather animated. They are expressive individuals who can seem rather intense at times. They are always working to tend to the needs of others and are usually very busy people. ENFJs aren’t low-key and can sometimes appear a bit dramatic to others. They simply enjoy expressing themselves and feeling connected to the people around them. ENFJs don’t want to feel like they are bothering others, but they are outgoing and social creatures by nature.


INFPs are the type of people who are low-key when they are in public, but entirely different when they are with loved ones. When the INFP is around strangers or people they don’t completely trust, they are reserved and keep to themselves. They will likely seem very quiet and a bit shy, but this isn’t anything like how they behave around the people they care for. When the INFP trusts someone they become rather animated and even a bit goofy sometimes. They enjoy being over the top and want to feel free to express whatever mood they are feeling.


ENFPs are not usually low-key people and can be seen as enthusiastic and animated. When they are feeling a certain mood they won’t simply hold themselves back for the sake of avoiding embarrassment. ENFPs want to feel free to be themselves without constantly worrying what others might think of them. They aren’t afraid of being over the top, and don’t do anything in life halfway. ENFPs put effort into everything and every new experience and want to really find ways to keep themselves feeling challenged and excited.


INTJs can be viewed as low-key people, especially if they want to keep to themselves. In most situations the INTJ would rather keep private and doesn’t enjoy interacting with others all that much. This makes them seem very low-key and somewhat reserved when they are around others. While INTJs can usually rather low-key people, they can become a bit intense when they feel it is necessary to express their point. INTJs dislike witnessing people spreading lies and skewed versions of the truth, and will likely step in the point out what is right.


ENTJs are aggressive and somewhat intense people, which makes them appear much less low-key. They are private though and enjoy keeping much of their personal information to themselves. While ENTJs can be reserved in certain settings, there are times when they can be a bit animated and over the top. When the ENTJ is swept up in the moment they won’t be afraid to be outgoing and larger than life in order to make a point to those around them.


INTPs can definitely be viewed as low-key people, since they keep to themselves most of the time. They don’t enjoy sharing their personal information with others and are often very private. While INTPs are often low-key people, they can also be rather intense at times. When the INTP feels it is necessary to interject and make a point, their precision can be a bit intimidating to others. In most cases though the INTP will be reserved and quiet, and dislikes being forced to share with others.


ENTPs really aren’t low-key people, and are often very expressive. They can be animated and larger than life, especially when they are excited by something. ENTPs don’t mind being center of attention, and actually enjoy being able to experience things that challenge them and push them outside of their comfort zone. For ENTPs it is important to take chances in life, and they certainly don’t want to step back and fade into the background.


ISTJs are definitely low-key people, who keep to themselves most of the time. They often appear relaxed, and will maintain their cool when they are trying to get things done. They are hardworking people who would prefer to focus on accomplishing their goals. While ISTJs are often very low-key people, they do have their moments of being a bit goofy when they are around the right individuals. When it comes to being in public they definitely behave rather calm and collected.


While in some situations the ESTJ will appear rather low-key and steadfast, they can become a bit intense at times. When they are focused on getting things done the ESTJ can be aggressive and over the top. They want to be as efficient as possible and have little patience for people who get in their way. ESTJs especially become frustrated with individuals who are lazy and incapable of doing their jobs.


ISFJs are definitely low-key people, who enjoy maintaining a sense of harmony. They dislike when things become disrupted and do enjoy when their surroundings are calm and happy. ISFJs are reserved people who don’t like to become too openly expressive. They are focused on tending to the needs of others and work hard to be efficient and giving people. ISFJs definitely don’t like to be too over the top, because they enjoy allowing others to shine.


ESFJs can be both low-key and enthusiastic, depending entirely on their surroundings. If their loved ones want them to remain calm and collected, the ESFJ will keep their emotions to themselves. They don’t want to burden others, and are capable of controlling themselves. When the ESFJ is around someone they feel comfortable with, they can be a bit expressive and over the top. For them it entirely depends on their company and how people will react to their behavior.


ISTPs pretty much invented the idea of being low-key, and are seen as calm and collected people. They don’t like to let things get them worked up for no reason, and are great at maintaining a sense of calm. ISTPs are internal people, which is why they keep themselves calm most of the time. Their feelings are kept inside and are not easily expressed to others.


ESTPs are versatile people, who can be seen as low-key or quite the opposite. It entirely depends on their surroundings and their current mood. In most cases though the ESTP is adventurous and rather animated. They aren’t afraid of being center of attention and enjoy when others are watching them. While some people become shy and embarrassed the ESTP enjoys being able to charm others.


ISFPs are often seen as low-key people, but this entirely depends on the company around them. When ISFPs are around people they do not trust they can be rather reserved and even appear shy. When they are with loved ones they can be adventurous, and even expressive. ISFPs enjoy having fun and want to enjoy the present moment. When they are with people they trust and rely on the ISFP can be the opposite of low-key.


ESFPs are definitely not low-key people, and enjoy expressing themselves. They are animated and sometimes over the top individuals who don’t like being stifled. ESFPs enjoy expressing themselves and actually want to be center of attention. They crave affection from others and will often go out of their way to achieve this. ESFPs simply don’t enjoy feeling bored or stuck and want to feel free to experience new things without reservation.

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