Here’s What Makes You Admirable, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s What Makes You Admirable, Based on Your Personality Type 

While most of our articles are meant to give helpful factoids about each type, I decided to take a different approach. Maybe I’m feeling filled with love, or maybe I just felt like a more personal touch. This time I don’t write with a sense of distance, but simply from my own feelings towards each type. So here is what an ESFJ thinks of each type, and what I admire most about you.


It is no secret that I adore the INFJ Personality Type, and admire you all for many reasons. Not only do you understand me like no one else, you have this compassionate and beautiful soul which is unmatchable. Your unique sense of vision is something to be admired and appreciated. You might not approach everything from a light and happy place, but even your darkness has a beauty to it. I admire your warmth and intelligence, but most of all I admire your generosity. You go out of your way for your loved ones and somehow never feel good enough. Trust me, you are more than good enough. What can I say…I’m a bit of an INFJ fangirl.


So when I say you’re like superheroes, I’m actually pretty serious. I understand what it is like to be so focused on caring for others, but you somehow do this and continue to appear pretty close to perfect. You juggle so much all at once without asking for anything in return. You just want to be appreciated for how much you give and I absolutely admire that about you. ENFJs are so strong and somehow you never seem to give up even when the world is on your shoulders. How could we not admire you all? You are incredibly giving and selfless, which are rare qualities these days.


INFPs, sometimes you get the short end of the stick when it comes to representation. I don’t see you as overly sensitive, I see you as strong and caring. You feel things so deeply and you don’t run from the truth. You continue to experience the world on this deep and real level, and somehow you don’t become crippled by these emotions. I admire your kindness and your desire to always do the right thing. I couldn’t imagine always facing my emotions the way you do, and somehow you cope with these feelings in a way that keeps you kind and understanding.


Well…ENFPs, unbelievably lovable, adorable and sometimes incorrigible. You’re stubborn as heck, but you know who you are and that’s unbelievably admirable. I’ve seen your sense of morals, and how you don’t flash them around for everyone to see. You’re always trying to do the right thing, you just don’t need everyone to know about it. I admire your sense of humor, your warmth, your oversized heart and let’s be honest, your unshakable charisma. You make me smile, even when I’m struggling to understand you. ENFPs are amazing and enigmatic people, and these are definitely admirable qualities.


INTJs, I don’t see you as cold and calculating- I see you as strong and helpful. While you are stubborn about your knowledge, you can also give incredible insight to others. I’ve never experienced an INTJ who wasn’t willing to teach me something new, or help me gain perspective that I was lacking. We are very different, but I admire those differences. Your minds are always hungry for more knowledge and you simply desire to remove the harmful beast that is ignorance. The way you view the world is something I admire, and your ability to keep learning and understanding is unmatched.


There are many things I admire about ENTJs, but most of all I cherish your loyalty. You believe in standing by people once you have connected with them, and have this strong disdain for betrayal. I love this about you, and I admire your sense of honesty. I also adore the way that you go after your dreams without allowing anything to stand in your way. I can’t imagine having that sense of determination, so it is certainly something that I admire about the ENTJ Personality.


Obviously I adore INTPs and your sense of imagination. There are many things to admire about this personality type, most of all their unique perspective on the world. You are enigmatic and complex people, with this inner world that is so incredibly awe-inspiring. While on the surface you are logical and analytical, you also possess a kind and deep heart. You feel things so very deeply, even though you fear expressing those feelings. I admire all of these aspects of the INTP Personality, and adore the many sides to them.


There are many things I admire about ENTPs, most of all is your sense of wonder. I love how you never stop imagining or seeking out new hurdles to overcome. I love the way you approach everything with this charming sense of humor, and yet deep down you have the biggest hearts. I personally connect with the fact that you keep your inner romantic hidden, but let’s face it that part of you is pretty strong. You just want to find someone to connect with you and appreciate you for who you are, and that’s an admirable and sincere goal to have.


I know there is so much more to ISTJs than your busy bee work ethic, and those other qualities are the things I admire about you. You want desperately to care for your loved ones, you just so this in a more practical sense. You want to make a real difference for the people around you, and I see and admire that. I also adore the sense of commitment and loyalty that ISTJs possess. These are qualities that are not easy to find, and are things that cannot be praised enough!


There are many things I love about ESTJs, most of all it is your sense of commitment. When you commit to someone or something you never walk away and that is something to be valued and admired. Not many people believe in standing by their commitments, but you don’t simply give up on something because it gets hard. You are strong as well, you are someone we can all lean on when things become challenging.


I admire your kindness and your warmth, I admire your ability to always care for your loved ones. I also admire the ISFJs love for their family and their ability to uphold their valuable traditions. My introverted counterpart, I adore your sense of humility and your direction. Somehow you can always stand by your commitments, and you seem to juggle so much all at once. You do everything for your loved ones, even when it exhausts you.


It’s challenging to say what I admire in my own personality type, but here goes. We love so very hard, and we will do anything for the people in our lives. We give so much of ourselves until we are beyond exhausted, and that is definitely an admirable quality. Instead of just sharing the things about ESFJs I’m proud of, I also want to give you all some advice. Don’t be afraid to actually express your needs sometimes, this is an important lesson to learn. We need to nourish our own souls in order to properly care for the people we love.


Ok well obviously I admire how straight up cool you are. I’m not sure how you do it but you always seem to keep this sense of calm and aloofness. You’re pretty much the coolest personality type, and you don’t even seem to try. Along with your awesome personalities, you have this natural problem solving ability that I admire.


I’ve always seemed to have this natural connection with ESTPs, and I see you for more than just your adventurous side. I also love your ability to make everything fun and exciting, but you also possess a warm and caring heart. Underneath your sense of logic, you just want to feel appreciated by the people around you. Well I appreciate you, and I admire your ability to persist even through the rubble and chaos.


I adore the tender heart of the ISFP, and I admire your sense of caring. You have these strong morals which you never abandon, and this is certainly something to admire. I admire how you love with your entire being, and allow yourself to always follow your heart even when it leads you to unexpected places. You see beauty in the world and in people, even when no one else can see it.


ESFPs seem to get the short end of the stick sometimes, especially when it comes to how they are perceived in the personality world. Well, I am here to say that I absolutely adore you all. You’re so much fun, and you know how to enjoy life. You don’t take yourselves too seriously, which is something a lot of other types could learn from you. Your ability to jump into something new is something that inspires me to take more chances. You have such caring spirits, and you actually will do anything for someone you love. I see this about you, and I admire it completely.

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