Why Each Personality Type Needs to Take a Break from the Internet

Why Each Personality Type Needs to Take a Break from the Internet

Everyone needs to take a break from the internet sometimes, in order to focus on the physical world around them. The internet is an amazing world, but it can be rather distracting as well. Here is why each personality type needs to take a step back from the internet.


INFJs can spend too much time inside of their inner minds, and because of this the internet is an easy shield for them. When the INFJ is not feeling particularly social, they might use the internet as a way to avoid people. This can be a rut that is easy to get stuck inside of, and would be best if it were broken. If the INFJ finds themselves surfing the internet for too long, they can become easily distracted by the wealth of information available to them. After a while it is important to revisit the world around them, and explore a more physical presence. Instead of neglecting their friendships for texting or messaging conversations, the INFJ needs to step out into the “real” world. They simply need to take a break from the internet, in order to avoid getting caught up and stuck in this other world.


ENFJs enjoy planning things out and setting goals for the future. The internet is a place which makes it extremely easy to search and educate on many different things. ENFJs will often utilize this information in order to make plans, but they can get caught up in this for a while. ENFJs likely live presently in the real world as well, but can become caught up on the possibilities that the internet can offer. If they feel like they have been stuck in the constant planning and researching for too long, the ENFJ needs to take a break and face the many hurdles they have to overcome in the “real” world. ENFJs often have a tight schedule- they are the ones holding everything up around them. Without the ENFJ to balance everything, their physical surroundings might just fall apart.


INFPs can often get caught up in their own inner worlds, and might prefer living there for long periods of time. The internet is a great place to get social interaction, without having to physically see people. This is something INFPs might lean on, so that they don’t have to spend too much time interacting. It often helps them to get the social connection, without having to be trapped in a situation for too long. INFPs can also become distracted by all of the information and exciting things that they find on the web. INFPs can spend a long time diving into the world of the internet, and might entirely forget about some of their real life responsibilities. In order to regain a sense of clarity, they likely need to take a break from the internet. INFPs likely need to disconnect from the internet, for the sake of their own mental health. Becoming trapped in this spiral is something that they need to avoid in order to feel more like themselves again.


ENFPs enjoy reading the different articles on the internet, and love looking through various entertaining videos. They enjoy the possibilities that they can find on the web, but might become sucked into it for too long. They can bounce around from many different websites and explore all of the avenues that they find. They have a tendency to be all or nothing- and because of this the ENFP can become trapped in this other world. In order to feel more like themselves again, the ENFP needs to open up and explore the physical world. They enjoy trying new things, and need to force themselves outside once again. Simply for the sake of their own mental health, it is important for the ENFP to take their exploration into the real world once again. They need to remember their physical self, or else they can become stuck in the different possibilities that they find online.


INTJs can become caught up on the excess of information that they find on the internet. They enjoy being able to research and learn about pretty much every topic that they can. INTJs love knowledge, and of course the internet has plenty of information to tap into. INTJs are often wise enough to realize that much of the information online is false- they might even enjoy playing detective and will sift through the information to find the hidden truth. INTJs can become caught up on the vast world of the internet, and can become far too distracted by absorbing knowledge to actually step out into the real world. They have a rich inner mind, and soaking up new knowledge can only cause them to dig deeper into this world of theirs. INTJs need to take a break from the internet, simply to regain a sense of connection to the world around them. They will do best to focus on some sort of physical activity, in order to pull themselves out of the shell they might be living in.


ENTJs rarely find themselves too caught up on the internet, and will likely know how to balance things in their lives. They enjoy being able to communicate with people and soak up all that the internet has to offer. ENTJs simply find the real world more important, and will not be too distracted to avoid the things that matter to them. If the ENTJ is going through some negative things in their lives, this might cause them to focus more on the internet, than they do on the real world. This avoidance can only last for so long though, and the ENTJ will need to reemerge in order to solve the problems that are arising around them. They need to focus on something physical, so they do not become stuck in a rut. ENTJs might find that arguing with people online is an interesting and fun activity to partake in. They enjoy making the truth known to others, but when they encounter ignorant people they might enjoy proving them wrong. This is a rut they need to avoid, and may need to take a break from the internet if this starts to occur.


The internet can be a rather addicting thing for INTPs, especially since it can provide them with much of what they need. They have plenty of information and knowledge at their fingertips, which makes it easy for INTP to dive in and become lost. They can spend hours researching and learning, or even hours distracted by memes. INTPs can also find connections with people on the internet, and might find this easier than real life social interaction. It helps them connect with people, without having to get caught up on spending too much time with them in person. Since INTPs are introverts, they really require a lot of time by themselves, and the internet allows them this luxury. INTPs simply need to take a step back, because it can be rather easy for them to get stuck in an internet rut. They might even begin to neglect their physical needs, which can be negative for their health. The INTP who is stuck spending too much time on the internet, simply need to find a different and more physical hobby that interests them.


ENTPs can become excited by the various possibilities that the internet offers them, and might become distracted by it rather easily. They enjoy balancing their internet lives, with their real lives, and often know when to take a break. For the ENTP who is focusing too much on cultivating online debates, it might be time to take a break. They enjoy pushing their limits, and the internet is a rather easy place to find buttons to push. ENTPs can become caught up in this other world, and might enjoy correcting various ignorant people online. They might even find themselves enjoying a few troll-like actions, and because of this they will definitely need to take some time away from the internet. If the ENTP becomes too caught up in the various debates they start online, it might be time for them to take a break.


ISTJs can become distracted by the internet because there is so much that they can gain from it. ISTJs will often use the internet as a way to better themselves, and learn about new opportunities. They enjoy being able to grow, and especially enjoy that the internet can help them do this. ISTJs rarely become too distracted by the internet though, and often know when to take a step back. If they find themselves researching for too long, they will likely realize that they need to revisit the real world around them. ISTJs are often skilled at balancing the things in their lives, which makes them skilled at knowing when to step away from the internet.


ESTJs often prefer to focus on the physical world, but can sometimes become distracted by the internet. When an ESTJ finds themselves getting caught up in heated online debates, it might be time for them to take a step back. They have their own morals, and often want to stand by these beliefs. They can become caught up in arguing with people and attempting to prove their points. This can cause the ESTJ to become too frustrated, and they might need to pull themselves away from their phones or computers. They need to focus on the real world, and allow themselves to become less drawn to what they see online.


ISFJs rarely become too distracted by the internet, since they find their family more important. ISFJs might spend a long time communicating with loved ones over the internet, but this certainly is not a bad thing. They enjoy being around loved ones, and will rarely believe that spending time online is more important than this. ISFJs might become distracted by certain accounts that they feel passionate about, like Instagram or even Pinterest. Something that can help them focus on their hobbies, but they often know when it is time to take a step back.


ESFJs enjoy helping people, and the internet can actually be a great place to provide comfort to others. Because of this, the ESFJ might find themselves spending too much time communicating with people online. They generally prefer to live in the real world, but can become just as easily distracted by the internet. The ESFJ who becomes too caught up on helping others online, might need to take a step back. They can become sucked into this other world, simply because they enjoy being able to help others. This can sometimes drain their real lives, and will prevent the ESFJ from focusing on things that need to get done. They will do best to focus on their surroundings, and take some time away from the internet for a while.


ISTPs enjoy learning and absorbing new information, and the internet can be great for this. They also enjoy being able to communicate with friends online, instead of having to spend too much time in their physical presence. They can become rather frustrated if they have to be in social settings for too long, since they truly need time alone to feel energized. ISTPs can gain a lot from spending time on the internet, but also prefer to be physically present. If they become too distracted by the internet, it can actually be upsetting for the ISTP. If they feel like they aren’t participating in the physical world enough, then they definitely need to take a break from the internet.


ESTPs prefer the physical world over the world of the internet, but they can sometimes because distracted by it. They enjoy being able to interact with many different people, and this can sometimes pull them away from the reality. If the ESTP spends too much time focusing on the internet, it is important for them to reconnect with the physical world. They can even utilize the internet as a way to distract themselves from certain hurdles that they need to overcome. If they feel like their lives are spiraling out of control, the ESTP needs to step away from their phones and computers, and face their problems head on.


ISFPs are introverted individuals, and because of this they can become avoidant of people. It can be easier for them to interact with people online, since they can often find more sincere connections this way. ISFPs might struggle to find people who they feel truly understand them, but they have so many more options online. This can be something that causes them to pull away from the world around them, but this isn’t good for the ISFP. They are physical people, and prefer to focus on the present moment. If they feel like they are avoiding their physical surroundings for too long, the ISFP needs to take a break from the internet for a while.


ESFPs rarely find themselves distracted by the internet, and much prefer to real world around them. They often enjoy certain aspect of being online, but rarely become too caught up in this. They know how to balance these things, and might even find themselves bored with the internet rather quickly. ESFPs prefer to be surrounded by people, and enjoy focusing on physical events. This makes it easier for ESFPs to enjoy the internet, without becoming too distracted by it for long periods of time.

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