ENTP Intelligence: How ENTPs Are Smart

When measuring intelligence it is important to remember that each person has their own unique type of intelligence. Just because someone might not be adept when it comes to sciences, doesn’t mean they don’t have an incredible grasp on languages. One person might be book smart, while the other is amazing at solving just about any problem which comes their way. There are so many ways in which people can be intelligent, and recognizing these different ways of using your mind can be an important step towards understanding people better. Just assuming someone isn’t smart because they respond to things differently than you, would be an ignorant thing to believe. 

ENTPs are often seen as intelligent people, especially with the way they express this intelligence. While personality types don’t represent whether someone is intelligent or not, it can show which types or styles of intelligence they are more likely to exhibit. For the ENTP there are so many things they find themselves drawn to, and their minds can be capable of analyzing and understanding many different things. They enjoy learning and want to be able to continue growing as much as they can. Being someone who strives to learn and constantly keep absorbing knowledge does help the ENTP when it comes to outward intelligence. They can remember certain details about things and can analyze information in ways that most people might struggle with.

Problem Solving Skills

ENTPs are amazing at approaching a situation from different angles, which helps them to problem solve in unique ways. Their minds are capable of seeing so many different potential outcomes and possible paths, which gives them a unique perspective. Where others might want to approach the problem from one narrow view, the ENTP is willing to explore different theories and ideas. They enjoy considering the possibilities and don’t want to become stuck in one way of doing things. This is something which helps them to problem solve and figure out a way to deal with a situation that others might be struggling with. They are not afraid to take the path less travelled, instead the ENTP actually enjoys venturing down this untouched terrain. They want to be able to consider things from so many different sides, and this is something which helps them figure out unique ways to really solve problems. It helps them to find the most ideal answers, rather than the ones that everyone has already tried and failed at. ENTPs often take pride in this ability and even enjoy being able to help others solve their problems.

Analytical Intelligence

ENTPs have highly analytical minds and enjoy taking in as much information as possible. Being someone who craves knowledge and learning is something which does help them to amass a lot of information over time. When it comes to things they are passionate about, the ENTP can often remember so many different details and facts, and this is certainly a valuable type of intelligence. They can take in information and want to be able to analyze these things until they understand them on a deeper level. For the ENTP this means not just accepting things at face value, instead they want to dig deeper towards understanding the subject on a more real level. They are highly logical people who want to be able to approach things without bringing in too many emotions. While they still can possess a certain level of emotional intelligence, the ENTP values being able to separate this when they are trying to figure out ways to solve problems or understand a subject better. Being able to sift through information and analyze it until they come up with the most rational and true results, is something which is a valuable type of intelligence for the ENTP. While others might just accept what they hear and read the ENTP values the truth and wants to be sure they aren’t just allowing themselves to be deceived.

Creative Intelligence

ENTPs want to explore possibilities, which makes them rather open-minded when it comes to many things. This doesn’t mean that the ENTP will remain completely open-minded about a subject forever, they simply want to explore the different potential answers before making a decision. ENTPs will consider that just about everything is possible, so that they can really envision what makes the most sense in the end. While they are logical people they also possess deeply creative minds and spirits. For the ENTP being able to consider what could be rather than what obviously is, helps them remain open to uncovering things that others would never be able to see. They value innovation and being able to explore the unknown, and this is something which should truly be valued within the ENTP personality. Being someone who is unafraid to take risks but also values knowledge and truth, helps the ENTP be more capable of discovering things and finding answers that so many people would never be capable of experiencing.

This is why ENTPs also value debate so much, since they actually want to hear what other people have to say. This type of conversation stimulates them and allows the ENTP to work their minds in different ways. They want to be able to consider what other people say, especially if they present logical theories or ideas. This helps the ENTP to explore things from another perspective and they really enjoy being able to do this. They may not accept this information as truth, but the conversation helps them to explore and brainstorm different ideas. For the ENTP working their minds in this way is rewarding, which is why their type of intelligence is often expressed in outward ways which other people can observe more clearly. The ability to see how things could potentially be done better, rather than just how things are currently done, is certainly something which causes the ENTP to stand out from others. They are not afraid of being viewed as different or unusual, and would rather be open to the possibilities around them.


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