ESFP In Bed: What the ESFPs Sexual Energy is Like

Sex and sexuality are certainly important parts of being human for most people, and so it is something which can help us understand one another better as well. Whether this be exploring your own sexual desires or understanding your partner on a deeper level, there are certain things which each personality type is more likely to connect with or feel. For some people the idea of casual sex is often unnerving and unpleasant, while for others it can be a great way of self-exploration. Sometimes these specific wants or behaviors can be connected to personality type, while there are also many aspects which aren’t.

ESFPs are very physical people who focus a lot on enjoying the present moment. They don’t like getting hung up on the past or future, instead they want to be able to enjoy the moment they are living in. ESFPs care about connecting with their loved ones, especially when it comes to a romantic relationship. For them sex is often a very important part of their relationship, as expressing themselves physically is something ESFPs value. They need a partner who is capable of being open and comfortable with them, especially when it comes to their sex life. They can be very passionate and enthusiastic lovers, and also care about ensuring that their partner is satisfied and happy with them.

ESFP Sexual Energy

ESFPs can be extremely passionate people when it comes to sex, especially with someone they are very attracted to. The more the ESFP finds themselves connected and drawn to someone, the more comfortable they feel around them. They want to feel like they can be themselves and really express their most intimate desires. ESFPs can be rather adventurous people when it comes to sex, and so they want a partner who is accepting of this. They can become bored somewhat easily when things are the same and constantly perfunctory. They need their sex life to be a bit more playful and open to trying new things. ESFPs are not afraid of being assertive but they need a partner who can be this way as well. They need someone who is capable of opening themselves up to something new, and who is passionate like they are. Being that they are curious people they want to feel like they can explore their sexual side without feeling constantly fearful that they will be judged for it.

ESFPs are also capable of being very giving lovers, and enjoy exploring their partner in every way possible. Since they are so connected to the physical they want to be able to enjoy the moment and enjoy soaking up the presence of their partner. ESFPs will take their time and want to find out exactly what their partner enjoys and what makes them happiest. They want to see them totally satisfied and will actually focus a lot of energy into this. The common misconception is that ESFPs are only focused on themselves, when in reality they spend a lot of time wanting to please those around them, especially someone they care for. When they do care about their partner they will work hard to see them happy and satisfied in the bedroom, and really care about making sure they feel treasured and important. For the ESFP sex can be a great way to make people feel special, taking their time to ensure that they know the ESFP is completely present and focused on their needs. They do want someone who can return this consideration, or else they can feel like they aren’t all that important to them.

ESFP Sexual Intimacy

ESFPs might not always require sexual intimacy, but that doesn’t mean they are strangers to it. They can certainly enjoy just the physical aspect of sex, especially when they are attracted to someone. ESFPs are very connected to the physical and can be drawn to visual beauty in ways that not everyone can. For them this means that sometimes sex is about enjoying the moment and soaking up the positive feelings they experience. Other times though, the ESFP really does want to feel intimate and connected to their partner. When they love someone they want more than just the physical side of sex, instead they want to feel truly close to that person. They want to experience that special kind of intimacy when it comes to sex, and can even use this as a means of expressing that they care. For the ESFP sex can be a great way to feel connected and to express their feelings for someone they love deeply. They have strong inner emotions and they follow them when it comes to making choices, and so this can certainly be connected to sex and wanting to be intimate with someone they love.

ESFP & Casual Sex

While ESFPs might prefer having sex with someone they love, they also can be capable of casual sex in some instances. Since ESFPs live so much in the present, sometimes sex with someone they are attracted to is perfectly enjoyable for them. While other people might feel this is immoral and only want to have sex with someone they love, for the ESFP it isn’t always like this. Of course some ESFPs might feel differently and they certainly prefer to have sex with someone they love, it isn’t something they always require. They can enjoy living in the moment and want to follow whatever feels right rather than having to analyze each action and choice. For the ESFP it can feel like they are caught up in someone’s presence, and so when this happens it feels like much more than just casual sex. Even if they don’t know this person on a deeper level, they can certainly feel something for them based on their instincts and those present emotions.