Here’s Why Someone Has a Crush on You, Based on Your Personality Type

Here’s Why Someone Has a Crush on You, Based on Your Personality Type

Everyone likes to imagine that there is someone out there crushing on them. Here is why someone likely has a crush on you, based on your personality type.


INFJs are mysterious and intuitive people, with deep and complex souls. People are drawn to their unique way of thinking and their unbelievable compassion. INFJs are very supportive people, who know just the right words to give comfort and advice. This ability to help guide people in the right direction, makes them irresistible. They are captivating people, which definitely makes them easy to become infatuated with. The people who develop crushes on INFJs, are often caught up in their dreamy and intuitive personalities.


ENFJs are compassionate people who will do anything for the people they love. Others will develop crushes on them rather easily, since they are charming and affectionate people. It is hard not to fall for someone who is both supportive and intuitive, and is capable of working hard to achieve anything they set their minds to. ENFJs are such capable people, that is seems as if they can do anything at all. It is hard not to develop an infatuation towards someone who anticipates your needs, and is more than capable of making things happen for the ones they love.


INFPs are dreamy people, with in depth and surprising imaginations. People often develop crushes on the INFP because of their depth and their ability to approach things from a unique perspective. INFPs are moral people, who always strive to do what they believe is right. This strength of character is something that many people admire and find themselves completely enamored by. INFPs are kind people with big hearts, which makes them hard to dislike. It can be hard to approach them sometimes, because of their internal nature and their occasionally sky high walls, but it isn’t uncommon for people to harbor secret crushes on the INFP.


ENFPs are fun and enthusiastic people, who have a charm that is hard not to fall for. While people might be a bit afraid to admit their crush, it is rare that the ENFP doesn’t have at least one person who is completely infatuated with them. They have a way of making every experience new and exciting, and know just how to make people open up. This ability to connect with others is an appealing quality, which makes people feel special and important. ENFPs are charismatic individuals, who are pretty hard not to like.


INTJs are intelligent and logical people, who have a hunger for knowledge that is never sated. This ability to retain so much information and maintain their cool, is something that certainly leaves people infatuated with them. Someone who is intrigued by an individual with a sharp intellect, is going to be completely enamored by the INTJ personality. INTJs might not be the most approachable people, so the people who find themselves crushing on them might be a bit shy to announce it.


ENTJs are capable and strong people, which often leads others to feel drawn to them. Their ability to problem solve and get things done is completely appealing to others, especially someone who finds themselves falling for strength. ENTJs don’t give up when they have something they need to get done, and will always push themselves to succeed. This goal-oriented mentality is both appealing and also causes people to feel like they can truly rely on the ENTJ.


INTPs have a mysterious way about them, which often leaves people feeling drawn towards them. While INTPs aren’t always seen as outward or affectionate people, there is so much depth behind their hard exterior. Once someone gets to really see a glimpse inside of their minds, it is hard not to be completely wrapped up in their world. INTPs have a unique way of thinking which makes it difficult to not be completely enraptured by them.


ENTPs are enthusiastic and adventurous people, who enjoy seeking new possibilities. Their charm and wit makes it hard for people not to find them intriguing. Many people develop crushes on the ENTP personality, because they are outgoing and intelligent people. They love constantly moving forward and seeking growth, which can make them seem both mysterious and unreachable. Many people find themselves drawn to their spirit and their sense of humor.


ISTJs are stable and hardworking people, who do whatever they can to provide for their loved ones. This dependability is something that many people admire and find very attractive in the ISTJ. While some people are searching for adventure, others find themselves completely wrapped up in the ISTJs ability to provide for others and get things done. While some people might be flighty, the ISTJ is always willing to do what it takes to ensure that they are a stable and reliable individual.


ESTJs are hardworking and focused people, who do whatever they can to get things done. They are goal-oriented and reliable, which can really be an appealing quality for others. The people who find themselves developing a crush on the ESTJ, are likely drawn to their strength and their work ethic. ESTJs are reliable people who can be rather aggressive when they want to get something done. They are also very protective of their loved ones, and that is definitely an admirable quality that draws people in.


ISFJs are caring and helpful people, who will go out of their way to assist their loved ones. This compassionate nature makes them hard not to fall for. People often develop a crush on ISFJs because they looking for someone supportive and reliable. ISFJs are willing to do whatever it takes to make their loved ones happy, and won’t back out on them no matter what. This level of loyalty is especially appealing for people who have been hurt in the past.


ESFJs are compassionate and giving people, which often draws others to them. Their ability to listen and show support is something that makes others feel loved and appreciated. ESFJs are also outgoing people who enjoy being friendly and getting to know others. This social and charismatic side of them, is also another likely reason that people might find themselves crushing on an ESFJ.


ISTPs are mysterious and internal people, which draws people towards them. Many people find themselves crushing on the cool and carefree demeanor of the ISTP. They seem not to care much what others think of them, which is a very charming quality to possess. ISTPs do whatever they please, without wanting to be held back by the judgements of others. This part of them is extremely appealing to others, and makes it hard not to like the ISTP.


ESTPs are adventurous people which makes others feel instantly drawn towards them. They are naturally charismatic in a way that makes them difficult not to like. ESTPs know how to make themselves lovable to others and have a natural sex appeal that is hard to miss. People often find themselves crushing on their ability to make everything an adventure, and their natural charm.


ISFPs are free-spirits who seek to enjoy the present moment without regrets. While ISFPs want to make the most out of life, they also have very strong inner morals. This kindness and desire to do the right thing, makes people fall for them rather easily. ISFPs have an innocent appearance to their personality, which is hard not to want to protect. People find themselves crushing on the ISFP because of their gentle and loving nature.


ESFPs are fun-loving people who know how to live in the moment and make the most out life. People often find themselves crushing on the ESFPs popularity and their ability to become center of attention. They know how to draw people in, and make it difficult not to become curious about them. ESFPs can make anything fun, which can also help bring up a previously sad or negative mood.

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