Here’s a brief look at how each Enneagram type may appear when they are in an unhealthy state:

1 – The Perfectionist: Unhealthy Ones may become critical and judgmental, both of themselves and others. They may become rigid, inflexible, and excessively focused on perfection, often feeling overwhelmed and frustrated when things don’t meet their high standards.

2 – The Helper: Unhealthy Twos might become excessively needy and dependent on the approval and validation of others. They may struggle with boundary-setting, becoming manipulative and resentful when their efforts to help are not reciprocated in the desired way.

3 – The Achiever: Unhealthy Threes may become overly image-conscious and status-driven, losing touch with their authentic selves. They may excessively pursue external validation and success at the expense of their well-being and genuine relationships.

4 – The Individualist: Unhealthy Fours often experience deep bouts of melancholy and self-pity. They may become wrapped up in their own emotional turmoil, feeling misunderstood and alienated from others. They may struggle with envy and a constant feeling of longing for what is perceived as missing from their lives.

5 – The Investigator: Unhealthy Fives might withdraw into isolation, cutting themselves off emotionally and mentally. They may become overly secretive and guarded, experiencing tremendous anxiety about sharing their knowledge or resources with others.

6 – The Loyalist: Unhealthy Sixes may exhibit high levels of anxiety, paranoia, and distrust. They may become excessively dependent on others for guidance and reassurance, or they may rebel against authority figures due to fear and suspicion.

7 – The Enthusiast: Unhealthy Sevens may engage in impulsive and escapist behaviors as a way to avoid pain or discomfort. They may become restless, constantly seeking new experiences and distractions, often neglecting important responsibilities and relationships.

8 – The Challenger: Unhealthy Eights may exert control and power over others in an aggressive or domineering manner. They may become excessively confrontational, feeling the need to constantly assert their authority and protect themselves from vulnerability.

9 – The Peacemaker: Unhealthy Nines may exhibit a strong tendency to avoid conflict and deny their own desires. They may become complacent, passive-aggressive, and disengaged, often neglecting their own needs and becoming resistant to change or taking necessary action.

It’s crucial to remember that everyone experiences varying levels of health and unhealth within their Enneagram type. These descriptions should serve as a general guideline and not an absolute representation of any individual’s behavior. The Enneagram offers insights into our tendencies and provides a framework for personal growth and self-awareness.


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